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Signing up for TYTN Health Coaching can help you demystify among all the conflicting dietary advice to choose the foods that best support you ~ no matter your individual goals or needs.  Whether you desire weight loss, better digestion and assimilation, or improved energy and vitality ~ when you eat the foods that best support human health, your health improves.  

GOD / NATURE / The CREATOR ~ has provided humans with an abundance of natural foods and resources with which to thrive.  You also have a built in inner guidance system that will steer you to the best choices ~ among those foods that Nature has provided ~ that are most balancing to your particular condition and constitution.   You just need to get out of your own way!

While some people are good self-starters, and can read a book or blog and quickly begin to implement changes on their own, others may feel overwhelmed, especially by all the conflicting advice.  That's where working with a coach can help you gain clarity and focus, potentially saving you lots of time, energy, and financial resources by avoiding unnecessary mistakes.

When left to our own devices, many questions can arise while trying to rectify nagging symptoms.  Medical doctors are on strict time budgets, and naturopathic visits can also be quite costly. 

Everyone has different values, which may influence the level of commitment one has towards improving their health.  Those who have experienced chronic and nagging health issues throughout their life are often very motivated to find answers, and make the needed changes that will finally bring results, restoring their own natural state of balance. 

I know my own health challenges are what prompted me to go on a near life-long quest to improve my health, increase my energy, and feel more vital and alive.  I believe it is our natural birthright to experience optimal health.  It is both our training and direct experience of healing our own conditions that we bring to the table during our TYTN Health Coaching sessions.

If you are investing your time and money into improving your health, you want results!  We keep our TYTN Health Coaching Sessions affordable, and customize our recommendations according to what your goals and needs dictate.  This allows the TYTN Health Coaching process to remain an effective and cost-effective alternative to pricier health coaches, and those who lack the appropriate training and direct experience. 

TYTN Health Coaching  can help you better align with your own divine blueprint for thriving health.  It can be difficult to detect which foods are causing inflammation and destruction to your digestive system until they are at least briefly eliminated, then slowly reintroduced.

Thousands of people are finding relief while eating a carnivore diet, free of plant foods.  It can seem counterintuitive, yet plant foods are more problematic than people realize.

Animal foods provide nutrients that are not as easily absorbed, or even available in plants, while plants contain 'anti-nutrients' that block absorption of important minerals, leading to deficiencies that become bigger problems over time.

Collagen-rich, gelatinous home made bone broth
Eggnog ~ High in choline and other essential nutrients. No fancy blender needed!
Egg & Cream Cheese Bake w/ Bacon ~ Low-Carb Breakfast

Our TYTN Health Coaching can help you avoid the mistakes Don and I both made while eating what we believed to be a super nutrient-rich, whole foods, plant-based diet, with daily bunches of kale and other dark leafy greens, a variety of other vegetables, mineral-rich sea veggies, and the so-called healthy whole grains and legumes.

Don and I  invested a lot  of our time, energy, and finances into consuming and promoting a 'healthy' whole-foods, plant-based diet.  We were eating that way to correct health issues we believed were caused by the meat and fat of our previous paleo diet, and finally now understand that it wasn't the meat and fat.  

It was the level of 'healthy' carbohydrates we were still consuming, in the form of a lot of sweet potatoes, winter squashes, and fruits, coupled with a lack of the understanding of how the combination of high carb and higher protein and even a moderately high intake of fat was a bad combination.  

Removing the animal protein and fat did not bring us our anticipated results. In fact, we ended up feeling worse, and prematurely aged ourselves.  My hair was falling out, and rapidly turning grey ~ as was Don's. My skin was drying out, and wrinkling quickly.  Our moods, energy, libido, and vision, and memory retention all diminished.  We also developed dental decay.

Ouch!  These things are increasingly difficult to over come as you age too!

When we finally removed all the whole grains, beans, and sprouted grain breads, and greatly reduced our intake of vegetables and fruits ~ many days going without any ~we began to recover our lost vitality and health.  Don's decades long psoriasis also finally began to improve.

Below are a few excellent books that we recommend for those wanting to learn more, and better understand why we have all been so misled.  You will come to understand ~ as we now do ~ how upside down the world of nutrition has become, and the political and economic interests controlling the flow of information.  

If you want to experience greater health and freedom, you will want to become aware of the forces operating, and to realize that you must be the one to take matters into your own hands.  The Western sick care system can at times be life saving, but more often than not, it can be life destroying.

The TYTN Health Coaching process will help you discover how much, and what types of plant foods ~ if any ~ you best tolerate, and which types are best avoided, including those that most commonly cause food sensitivities, digestive distress, and a greater insulin spike.

Beef & Vegetable Stir Fry ~ how much vegetable you enjoy, and feel good eating is what together we help you to determine
Burger, Bone Broth & Curried Cabbage ~ well cooked vegetables are usually much easier on the digestive system

TYTN Health Coaching can  help you simplify meal time, choosing the most nutrient-dense and ideally most seasonally and locally available foods,  that will help you feel your best, and are within your budget.

You can also check out our healthy low-carb snacks, and recipes,  here on the website, and in The Trust Your True Nature Low-Carb Lifestyle, available in paperbackKindle, and as an instant downloadable PDF/E-book.  The E-book and Kindle color versions also include enticing pictures of the many super simple and delicious recipes.

Separate from our TYTN Health Coaching Sessions, you may also be interested in learning about my other  Services, including   Holistic C.O.R.E. Counseling & Hypnotherapy, & Energy Healing.

All of my Services focus on helping you gain needed clarity, and realize your full potential to create the most enjoyable and desirous life path possible.

The sessions provide spiritual guidance and mentoring, while also helping you to effectively rewire negative mental patterns, & overcome emotional obstacles to improving your health, and realizing your goals, whether for weight loss, or any other personal and professional life goals.

Testimonial from a client who at the time had a macrobiotic consultation.  This client became part of our own impetus to make changes, as she also experienced better results once she switched to eating a very low-carb diet.  After our coaching session, we all changed our diet, having realized the heavy grain, greens and bean-based diets were the source of our ill-health.

"Years ago I became interested in Macrobiotics as a healthy way of eating. I read several books. It all looked complicated at the time and I let the idea go. I started acupuncture treatment at Barefoot Acupuncture and saw that Tracy and Don supported (Ancestral) Macrobiotics. ...I had a (Macrobiotic) Health consult with Tracy. Her knowledge and approach gave me an new view and I was able to implement preparing, cooking and eating in a Macrobiotic style. Ongoing help and tips from Tracy has made the process much easier. Tracy's support has been so helpful to me, allowing me to enjoy this new way of eating. Tracy and Don's books on Macrobiotic eating have been a great guide. Tracy took a subject that could seem complicated and overwhelming and made it simpler and easier to understand and implement." ~ LHG, Phoenix, AZ

During the TYTN Health Coaching sessions, we will emphasize the most nutrient-dense, whole, natural foods to help you lose any excess weight, and restore balanced moods, energy, and health as swiftly and safely as possible.

"I enjoyed my (low-carb diet) coaching session with Tracy.  It was exactly what I wanted. Instead of just emailing me with a standard list of recommendations, Tracy made suggestions that seemed easy to implement, customized to my needs. It was exactly what I wanted." ~Anna D, Tempe, AZ

Want to jump in and begin implementing a healthy low-carb diet right away?   Are you a good self-starter?  Do you prefer to learn the basics on your own, and contact me later if you need further support?

Get started now with  The Trust Your True Nature Low-Carb Lifestyle ~ A healthy low-carb diet plan outlining what to eat freely, what to eat with caution, and what to either greatly minimize, or avoid, along with simple recipes  to help you learn how to implement a simple, healthy low-carb diet plan.

Available in print, Kindle, or E-book.  Color versions includes food photos!

You may also enjoy Primal Fasting, by Don Matesz.

For the instant downloadable e-book including the enticing color food photos, click the link below.


Ready to get started with  TYTN Health Coaching?  Questions?  Here is how to make contact.

Call us at our Scottsdale office at 602-954-8016. 

Questions?  Feel free to call, or email me at tracy@strongspiritwoman.com.

Be sure to check out Don's site to learn more about sensible strength or body-weight resistance training, and improving mobility.

It's a relatively recent phenomena to be able to consume foods out of season, imported from an entirely different bioregion, thousands of miles away ~ and it's happening at the expense of valuable resources, including oil while increasing pollution.  

While many vegans speak out against animal cruelty, they fail to pay attention to the impact of their own diet when relying on imported foods, and man altered plant foods that are grown in mineral and top soil depleting conditions.

Eating foods out of season, that are not from our local or similar bioregion can incrementally weaken our immune system over time.  It weakens the environment as well. 

You will learn through the TYTN Health Coaching how to make more appropriate choices so you maintain vitality, and  healthy immunity throughout the year.

Once you are at a healthy base point, and understand the basics of healthy eating and a healthy diet, your intuitive cravings should guide you to the best choices.  

You can finally feel relieved as you liberate yourself from all the dietary dogma, and feel confident in knowing that there is no better expert for you then YOU!

If you have a lot of environmental allergies, you will want to get offensive chemicals out of your home as well!

These dish cleaning detergents, pods, or liquid soap are made with very clean, pure ingredients, smell fresh, and work great.  They come with rave reviews.  Puracy liquid soap is sulfate-free, and made in Texas.  They are all pretty affordable, and very worth the price.

Most house cleaning products, and personal body care products are laden with chemicals, petroleum, dyes, and other synthetic elements that are harmful for health.  Some have been studied and shown to be immuno-suppressors.

Inhaling their fumes, and using chemical-laden products on your body or scalp on a regular basis can be impacting your health in many ways you may not suspect, including making you more susceptible to allergies.

Even synthetic dryer sheets, or aluminum-containing deodorants are not natural, and best avoided.

When appropriate, other lifestyle recommendations can be made during the TYTN Health Coaching sessions as they may pertain to improving your overall health.

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