Trust Your True Nature to Eat Right, Lose Weight & Improve Your Life!

Learning to trust your true nature can be the most enlightening and empowering act you take in your entire life.  It will help you tap into the wellspring of 'knowing' or intelligence beyond the normal thinking and rationalizing functions of the conscious mind.  

You have resources available to you that you may not be aware of, that are intangible, subtle, yet very powerful.  Once you understand how to tap into these resources ~ your decision making abilities will greatly improve.  

As you learn to trust your true nature, and act on the inner guidance, your entire life can take on new dimensions.  You will become more self-reliant, self-confident, and more capable of envisioning and realizing your greater desires.   

So how do you learn to trust your true nature?  

Let me share a little of my own story to best illustrate how my life began to improve greatly once I learned to trust my own true nature, rather than doubt my own inner knowing, and why I am so passionate about helping you to learn to trust your true nature as well.  

I know it will change your life!

"When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world." ~ John Muir

My husband and I met in 2010, right before my 47th birthday.  I had just relocated to Arizona from the Midwest.  Our story of how we met is pretty remarkable, which I'll share in an upcoming article.  The point here is how that experience taught me how well things go when we trust our true nature.  

Prior to that, and for much of my life, I made choices based on what I thought I was supposed to do, or what I believed was expected of me.

 I also ~ wittingly and unwittingly ~ accepted many beliefs about the world that I learned from school, media, and popular opinion.  I had not always investigated the validity of these various beliefs.  

In fact, I didn't realize until much later how much these beliefs had woven a web through my life that I would later have to unravel.

The consequences of making choices from faulty data and contrary to my own true instincts and desires ~ born out over time ~ were mixed.  

While I don't want to label any of it 'bad' there is definitely a difference in the level of ease and flow ~ or lack thereof ~ when we are operating with our greater resources versus when we are not.

The life experience of not trusting our true nature will look a  lot more like the perpetually unsatisfied Eyeore character from Winnie the Pooh stories ~ living as if always under a dark cloud, despite being surrounded by much beauty, if only he could get outside his own suffering to notice.

Despite what I believe I knew deep within me all along, I learned from a young age how to not trust my true nature.  I felt like I had an inner guidance system, only I created a belief that it was flawed, so I essentially felt as if I were lost in the wilderness without a map and compass to guide me home.  

My inner subtle feelings were messages trying to guide me towards my best path, but they were over powered by the the ruminating of my mind.  The conscious mind can be a source of great intelligence and analytical skills, but our problems arise when we conflate the  fear-based thoughts of our negative ego with 'truth' or evidence of what is real.  As I like to say, we can't always believe everything we think!

After years of soul searching, struggle, and an inability to really get a flow going in my life, I decided it was time to try something radically different ~ that is, I began to actually trust my true nature to guide me.  

When you don't trust your true nature, life can be a lot more challenging.

Learning to trust your true nature means understanding more clearly who you really are  ~ including your connection to Nature, your ancestry and familial lineage, and your divinity and spiritual roots.

All of us are creatures of Nature ~ plants, animals, and humans.  All of our resources are supplied ~ in one form or another ~ by Nature.  Spending time in the forest, or with our bare feet on the grass has been found to have many health benefits.  We certainly feel more 'grounded' and peaceful after spending time outdoors in a beautiful setting, connecting to nature.

Nature has her own set of rules.  We don't necessarily learn these rules growing up.  But whether we are aware of them or not, and whether we believe in them or not, they exist.  These rules are called Natural Law(s).

Harmonizing our life with Nature and honoring who we are, including our ancestral heritage, is like finally uploading the right operating system for creating a more healthy and magical life.  

When we live in discord to Nature's Laws & rhythms, sever our familial bonds, and disassociate from all we have inherited from our ancestral lineage ~ the good and the bad ~ we are like a ship in a great ocean without a mast.  As a result, our energy, moods, and health suffer.  

When you live in  harmony with Nature's Laws ~ and Trust Your True Nature ~ your life will flow. Instead of feeling disconnected and abandoned, you experience greater ease and inner peace.

"Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished." ~ Lao Tzu 

The great part about learning how to trust your true nature, is that you can apply this to every area of your life ~ your diet, exercise routine, lifestyle practices, right livelihood, and more.  

When you more fully embody and express Who You Really Are, or your full Divine potential,  your life will feel more fully integrated, free of internal dissonance and strife.  

Fear no longer halts you in your tracks, but rather you push yourself through previous set points.  

You no longer feel good doing things you think you are 'supposed' to do, or based on your perceptions of the expectations of others, and instead begin to more boldly live life on your terms.  

Black-crowned Night Heron, a stockier heron that lives in colonies, usually in trees near water, with several other pairs. They are more active at night. Photo copyright of Tracy A. Matesz

Learning to trust your true nature will help you align with the right diet and training routines, and the healthiest environments, relationships, and forms of personal expression that best support your growth and evolution.

Once you have a basic understanding of what constitutes healthy eating, and a healthy dietyou can learn to trust your true nature to guide you to the right foods. 

Long before modern medicine, there weren't any men in white lab coats around to tell us humans how to eat based on this or that study.  Knowing the science is useful, but it has limitations.  Studies can be set up poorly, or designed with preconceived outcomes, depending on who is funding the study.  And, the results can be misleading or taken out of context.  

Don and I had previously tried everything from a paleo diet still moderately high in carbohydrates, a high fruit, mostly raw diet which was very low in protein and fat, and a moderate protein and relatively low-fat grain and legume-based macrobiotic diet.  

We have discovered the strengths and pitfalls of following each of these approaches, and have learned how to better determine the best foods for each ourselves, and others.  That is why we developed The Trust Your True Nature Diet Plan as a means for helping people learn to rely more on their intuition and instincts when choosing what foods to eat.  

We absolutely love how simple and delicious our meals are now!

After about 1.5 months of switching to a low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diet, my waist was 25.75 inches. Prior to this, it was 26 inches.
September 2017, age 54. My waist is now 25 inches, and holding.
While I never appeared overweight to others, I had a lot of excess fat on my lower ab, thighs, and buttocks, the areas that people with metabolic syndrome typically store fat. I have no doubt I was pre-diabetic prior to changing to a low-carb diet.

Rather than be a slave to science, and dietary dogma, we now eat according to our true nature, and we can guide you as well.  

Learn how to trust your true nature with our  Health Coaching process to determine the best diet for you.  

There are many theories about how to best train your body.  One thing is certain, your body is designed to move.  And way too many of us are not using our body in all the ways possible.  

We live lifestyles that impede our flexibility, and diminish our core strength.  For healthy bones, prevention of fractures and osteoporosis, and to maintain a healthy vigor and mobility through the decades, you need to engage in some type of fitness.  But which is best?  And how much is necessary?  Can you train too much?  

Many of these questions are addressed on Don's Primal Wisdom website.  

Other ways to care for your body and spirit besides fitness include grounding, connecting to nature, meditation and mindfulness, and organizing and decluttering.

I also offer many services by phone or email. 

A photo collage of the belly and thighs of yours truly ~ not my favorite pictures to show! However, I do this to illustrate the difference in my body composition from the outset, at the end of a 5+ years 'healthy' whole-foods, low-fat, plant-based vegan diet, to a high protein and fat, low-carb diet. These pictures are from May through about Sept, 2017, after only about 5 months on the low-carb diet.

When you trust your true nature, and begin to prioritize activities that you are passionate about, you will experience much greater flow, grace and ease in your life.

You have a master blueprint hard wired within you to create a truly meaningful and magical life, if you will just get out of your own way.  

Once you clear your mind and begin to trust your body, your desires will bubble up more organically.

When you learn how to Trust YOUR TRUE NATURE, you will become a more magnetic attractor and pull to you the right people, resources, and situations to fulfill your Divine purpose.

Fitness facility at a beach in Rogers Park, Chicago. Photo courtesy & copyright of Barbara Pederson

Another change that you will notice when you trust your true nature is your increased levels of discernment, as you start to question everything you hear and learn about history, science, and the world around you.  And I mean everything you think you know to be true may be worthy of further investigation.  

If what you are told contradicts your direct experience, trust your direct experience!

This can be as unsettling as it is liberating.  It takes courage, conviction, self-honesty, and a willingness to face down, and let go the crystalized belief systems that are not in alignment with what is of the greatest Truth, personally and collectively.

Most people are really not up to the task.  Our current cultural trend appears to reward those who submit to the dominant cultural trends, rather than encouraging strength, integrity and valor ~ like our spiritual traditions once did.

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