Cultivating a Strong Spirit

Having a strong spirit  signifies many things, most importantly it is a title that we can reach for, and do our best to honor by how we live our lives.  

Having a strong spirit is about having integrity.  Integrity simply means being integrated, or 'whole.'  When we are living as a unified being, our thoughts, words, and deeds are in alignment.  When we are in alignment ~ we are more cohesive, or unified, which is a source of strength.  

When we are divided, we are weak. 

It is difficult to make progress in life if we have parts that are in conflict with one another.  This is called cognitive dissonance.  If we want to get to Point A ~ and become a strong spirit ~ we need to resolve our past wounds to help evolve our lesser parts that hold us back.  It's like letting go of clutter.  We can reach our destination more elegantly when we first lighten our load, by first coming to peace with our past seeming mistakes, slights, wounds, and old traumas.

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One of the primary motivations for creating the Strong Spirit Woman website is to encourage  those interested in realizing their full and divine potential by strengthening their body and mind,  and harmonizing their inner and outer lives.  

In order to experience sovereignty, we must first awaken ~ become aware ~ of all the ways we are not free.  It's similar to the twelve-step program for Alcoholics Anonymous ~ those wanting to follow the Strong Spirit Path must first become conscious of, and own (the first two parts of the Holistic C.O.R.E. Counseling system) the dysfunctional aspects of your mind, and your life.

Healing is an integral process that involves unraveling what is not authentic,  so the true light within can shine.  Ultimately, improving your diet, and strengthening your body is just the beginning of  a sometimes arduous or challenging journey to a state of wholeness.  Mastery of the mind is a key component that defines being on The Strong Spirit Path.   It requires a willingness  to face the many ways your  mind and spirit have been fractured, and the wherewithal to discern where you have leaked your power, and call it back.

When we are living harmonious to our true nature ~ with care, integrity, and mindfulness in all we do ~ we will experience greater joy, freedom, and more vibrant health.

"The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself." ~ Mark Twain

Being on The Strong Spirit Path  requires us to  break free from what I have come to call 'alien' belief systems ~ ideologies that have been indoctrinated into our psyche for much of our lives that we accept without question.  Upon deeper scrutinization, we find that much of what we have been led to believe ~ about our health, our history, and much more ~  actually  runs contrary to reality, and the ability for humans to actually succeed and thrive.  

Women ~ both young and old ~  have been especially taken off course from the traditional ways in which our natural strengths were best applied, and for which we found a sense of meaning and purposefulness.  

I believe that in modern civilization, we women often overlook  our true source of power, strength, and  personal fulfillment while chasing a nebulous identity  that runs counter to our natural wiring.

A growing number of women are on anti-depressants, or are riddled with anxiety, insomnia, digestive issues, and/or hormonal imbalances.  The rise in 'feminism' has not been found to have helped women experience  greater joy, meaning, or health.  

In fact, the opposite  may be true.(1),(2) 

How do I get started on The Strong Spirit Path?

As a holistic health practitioner, and one who has been very focused on  transforming my own life, I have spent years learning what it takes to manifest our dreams, and realize our ideal visions for ourselves, and our lives.  I had a fairly challenging life, which you can read about here.  I believe it was precisely my own challenges that taught me how to become a Strong Spirit ~ although, perhaps the Strong Spirit was within me all along, and it took the 'challenges' to cull it out.

What each of us needs to most focus on will vary depending on our life experiences and training, however in order to become a truly sovereign being, there are certain steps that are involved to free ourselves from limiting and alien belief systems that hold us back, and old emotional wounds that keep us stuck.  

We also must learn to eat right and take care of both our physical health, our mental thoughts and emotional triggers, and our home spaces.

Our modern, unnatural diets are destroying our mental, physical, and reproductive health, creating far diminished, devolved, and prematurely degenerating versions of ourselves.

There can be incalculable pleasure derived from both learning about and honoring ones roots,  fostering new life, and eating and living in harmony with our True Nature.  

When this is clearly understood, bypassing beliefs to the contrary that we have sadly inherited, it can feel like a light bulb goes on, and something primal and vital awakens within.

Walking The Strong Spirit Path Involves:

  • Recognizing where you are not really free
  • De-Programming what is not in alignment with Who You Really Are ~ your CORE authentic self
  • Unplugging from activities, situations, & people  that are no longer serving your greatest good
  • Awakening (& trusting) your True Nature
  • Sharpening your powers of discernment
  • Embracing your inner apex predator ~ especially towards your own limiting & negating beliefs 
  • Cultivating greater self-reliance
  • Living consciously, with honesty & integrity
  • Creating nurturing, efficient & organized  home environments that are harmonious to one's needs
  • Reverence for family,  with pride in your ancestry & tribe of origin
  • Respect and desire to support the right for ALL people to have pride in their heritage
  • Expressing your gifts and sharing your knowledge in meaningful ways

The Strong Spirit Path emphasizes living with fortitude, aligned with your TRUE Nature, and CORE authentic Self.  

As you elevate the quality of your personal life, the quality of your relationships ~ with partners, children, parents, peers, and extended family & tribe ~ will also be elevated.  

"When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world" ~ John Muir

Equally important to training your body and mind, The Strong Spirit Path encourages connecting with your roots, living simply and within your means, cultivating greater self-reliance and resourcefulness, and creating nurturing and inviting home spaces ~ all components  that will best help you  live a fully integrated, meaningful & satisfying life.

Please enjoy the information on this, and my husband's companion site as we continue to expand and add written, audio, and video content!   

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