Spiritual Mentoring 

The Spiritual Mentoring process is intended to help encourage those searching for answers and support to live as their true nature beckons.  

Through all of my personal life experience, I have found that it is through a surrender to God's Will that we ultimately heal our lives.  

No matter what may appear to be out of balance or in need of improvement ~ be it physical, mental, emotional, professional, financial, or personal relationships ~ until and unless we 'get right with God' our lives may not quite flow in the fullest manner possible, causing a myriad of potential challenges.

If like me, you have spent a lot of time, effort, and financial resources on trying to improve your physical health, and overcome old emotional triggers, low moods, anxiety, or negative mental habits, while simultaneously seeking a greater sense of connectedness, meaning, and purpose ~ then spiritual mentoring (especially combined with the Holistic CORE Counseling process) may be exactly what you were looking for!

I am a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Holistic CORE Counselor, also specializing in affordable low-carbohydrate health coaching.  However, I discovered after decades of trying different diets, and various therapies that acting as if I was the one in charge all the time ~ often going against my true nature ~ brought about mixed results.  

When I opened my heart to a more direct relationship with GOD as my true Father/Creator, it helped me to heal the emotional pain that no other therapy could heal.  It helped me to forgive my human father for not providing me with the support, validation, and unconditional love I craved.  It also helped me to release decades worth of remorse, guilt, and shame that I had unwittingly carried around like dead weight, inhibiting my ability to heal in seemingly non-related areas of my life.

I believe that as long as we continue to experience discontent from living out of alignment with our true nature, Natural Law and God's Divine plan for us, having a full healing in all areas of our lives will be more challenging.  

I decided to offer affordable  spiritual mentoring  to support and guide those who may feel a bit lost, and/or who desire to live a better life.  A spiritual mentor can help you make the best choices possible, avoid distractions and costly mistakes, and learn to trust your true nature.

Would YOU benefit from Spiritual Mentoring Services?

  • Do you struggle to get from Point A, where you are, to Point B, where you would like to be ~ whether 10-20+ pounds lighter, debt-free, in your Right Relationship, Right Home Location, and/or Right Livelihood ~ no mater what diet or strategies you try?

  • Do you often feel like an outsider, not fitting in anywhere?

  • Are you easily overwhelmed, and find yourself often wanting to withdraw, or 'hide' from the world?

  • Do you desire to live a soul-satisfying life, one in which you wake up excited for each day, and enjoy the rewards of feeling valued for your service or contribution?
  • Do you often feel like something is missing, or have deeply held limiting beliefs about your self worth?

These are just a few scenarios describing those who I believe could benefit from the spiritual mentoring process.

In truth, we can all benefit from outside guidance at various times in our lives, especially with one who has gained wisdom from life experience.

As a mentor, I listen to your words, make suggestions, and provoke further thought.  I am here to guide you, using whatever tools seem to be best to help you with your most pressing needs.  I will also be frank, and potentially say things that will challenge long-held beliefs.  

As a spiritual mentor, my aim is to help you feel validated, and  awaken to the best relationship you can possibly have with your Divine Father and Creator for the Ultimate Life Healing.

What all is involved in the spiritual mentoring process?

The Strong Spirit Spiritual Mentoring Process is designed to help you  create the right conditions to experience a more empowering, and fulfilling life.  This may require breaking down the ego's attachments to situations and beliefs that are not really serving your greatest good.  

Sometimes the lower ego needs to be a bit humbled, or broken like Humpty Dumpty, before being put back together as your true, authentic Self.

We have all made many mistakes in life, living in ways that are counter to our true nature, or logos ~ the divine order of the Universe.  Being in alignment with logos is being in alignment with  Natural Law, and God's Will for you.

Spiritual mentoring can help you decide your best path to cultivating a better relationship with God in a way that is true to who you are.  God knows your heart and the best way for you more than any other can know.  

Spiritual mentoring is for anyone who is seeking truth and how to live in harmony with life, finding joy, purpose, peace, and support, no matter how challenging and upside down current culture may appear.  

My spiritual mentoring is not about following any particular religious doctrine, although I believe understanding both scripture, and your own ancestral spiritual traditions can help.  This is also not a feel good new age process promising abundance and manifestation of whatever you desire.  

My spiritual mentoring process is designed to help you discover what God desires for you.  Not what you think you should do, not what you believe others want you to do, not what a particular dogma dictates.  

It takes courage to break free from the many voices that want to tell us what to believe, what to eat, and how to live.  Spiritual mentoring is a means for you to feel supported and safe as you discover what is most meaningful for you.

My desire is to be present, hold space, and share my own hard-won wisdom and training to guide as best as I can with the intention of helping you realize God's true purpose for your life, and to help repent, or heal and forgive all that previously held you back.

What all is included in the Strong Spirit Spiritual Mentoring Process?

  • By phone, heart to heart discussions of what all is going on, and what you find most challenging.  During the conversations I will listen and make suggestions, possibly recommending 'homework' including reading, journaling, or other therapies as needed.  I weave in tools from the Holistic CORE Counseling Process as needed.  A session is roughly +/- 1 hour.

  • Possible follow-up emails or newsletters with tips, positive affirmations, questions to ponder, and/or other surprise additions. This may evolve to be a subscription plan and/or a possible group or forum for folks to gather and create community, shared fellowship and support.

  • Discounts Enjoy a $10 discount for any of my other 60 minute holistic health services, and a $5 discount for any 45 minute session throughout the duration of our spiritual mentoring process, and for an additional 12 months upon completion.

Spiritual mentoring can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly at the same hourly rates of my other holistic healing services.

For a limited time, I am offering spiritual mentoring at a discounted rate of only $47 (reg. $70 per one hour session) for anyone who begins prior to August 31, 2019.

Pre-pay for your first 12 sessions and save another 10%, or nearly $5 per session!  You pay $508, a savings of $56.  I'll even send you an autographed copy of The Strong Spirit Self-Empowerment Plan, including shipping in the U.S. via media male when you pre-pay for 12 sessions.  

I will also be available by email, text, or by phone if needed to answer brief, pertinent questions and or if needing support handling unexpected challenges that may arise ~ throughout the entire process, and beyond.

For those who can't afford to pre-pay in full, a payment plan can be arranged.

If you feel unsure, that's ok, I understand.  Contact me and ask any questions, or to arrange a complementary consultation to determine if this would be a good match for you, and/or if you are excited to get started!

I am willing to help 1 or 2 lucky individuals who are on a super tight budget, but really desire to try the spiritual mentoring process, and believe it could help make positive changes to your life.  Contact me to discuss options, ask questions, or if you are excited to get started! 

Contact me to get started!

For those seeking more specific help with weight/fat loss, improved health and energy, and/or overcoming self-sabotaging habits and/or addictions, you may also want to read about  Affordable Health Coaching, currently being offered at a similar discounted rate. 

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