Strong Spirit Special Offers!

Below are my Special Offers for sampling a Distant Energy Healing, or for receiving a Personal Medicine Reading.

Special Offers for Distant Energy Healing 

  • Sample my signature Energy Clearing & ReHarmonizing Session (by phone) for only $25 for (Up to ~ 25 minutes)

  • For a limited time, pre-pay for 3 - 25 Minute (Sample) Energy Clearing & ReHarmonizing Sessions for only $65 (Reg. $75)

  • Pre-pay for 3 - 45 Minute Energy Clearing & ReHarmonizing Sessions, and save $5 per session, or $150 total (Reg. $165)

Intuitive Readings Special Offers

Special Offers for Intuitive Readings

  • 1 - Card Power Animal Special only $3.00! (Reg. $7.00) ~ I'll send a photo, and written explanation of the special medicine and message of your chosen power animal, sent via email.

  • Receive a 3- Card Personal Medicine Reading via email for only $17 (Reg. $21)!  This can be animal and/or plant medicine. 

  • Residents near Old Town Scottsdale, AZ can join me during Tea, Reiki & Tarot Thursday's and receive an Intuitive Oracle Reading for only $25! (see below)

Health Coaching Special Offers

Special Offers for Holistic Health Coaching

  • I'm offering Low-Carb / Keto-Hypercarnivore Health Coaching for only $45 per hour for a limited time!  My regular hourly rate is $70!  (By phone, in person, or by Skype)

  • Just need some extra support?  We can work through e-mail.  Ask your questions, and I'll email my recommendations.  I'm requesting a donation of $5-10 per question.  (Reg. rate = $20 for each 15 minute Check-in; Pre-pay for 4, get your 5th FREE.)

Easiest way to take advantage of these special offers: 

Email your questions to  

If you don't hear from me within 1-2 business days, kindly resend, OR text or call me at 480-323-5272 to let me know you have sent an email.  I may need to whitelist you on my email server.

Call, text, or email me to schedule a by phone (or Skype) coaching session.  

Payments can be securely made by phone using Square, via a PayPal invoice, or through this link.  Just write in the correct amount.  

You can also copy/paste the following into your browser:

Special Offers for local residents

Come join us for Tea, Reiki and Tarot Thursday's from 3-6:00 at Barefoot Acupuncture, Pain & Stress Clinic.

Experience how light and clear ~ mentally and physically ~ you are meant to feel! ~ Try a Sample Energy Clearing & ReHarmonizing Special Offer!

Barefoot Acupuncture Special Offers:

Join us for Tea, Reiki and Tarot Thursdays from 3-6:00 pm at our Scottsdale, AZ clinic for a little fun, insight and an energy re-set! 

Special Offers for local Scottsdale, Phoenix, and Tempe, Arizona residents

Join us for Tea, Reiki and Tarot Thursdays from 3-6:00pm at our newly remodeled Scottsdale Barefoot Acupuncture Clinic!  

Need clarity about a particular situation or person?  Wanting insights about  your purpose, and current life direction? Try an Intuitive Oracle/Card Reading.  $25 ($20 cash)

Feeling anxious, stressed, or out of sorts?  Try an Energy Clearing and Re-Harmonizing Session. $25 ($20 cash)

Do both together for  ONLY $45! ($40 cash)

Each session during the Tea, Reiki and Tarot Thursday's is a minimum of 15 minutes~  longer if time permitting.

Read more in the Phoenix Natural Awakenings October 2018 News Brief.

I felt much lighter and more relaxed since the Energy Scan & Clearing Session.  The pressure in my head also went away. ~ Ryan W.

I felt a little wiped out after the Energy Scan/Clearing, but am now feeling much better, as if a weight has lifted.  The reading helped me to get a bigger picture with respect to some family issues that have been really weighing me down.  I feel like I've released some mental clutter, and have made room for better feelings, and to stop trying to make sure everyone else is ok, at the cost of my own self-care. ~Terri T.

My desire for the Tea, Reiki and Tarot Thursday's is to help you to gain the clarity you need, and deserve to experience, to be more present, make more empowered choices, and feel more confident about your current direction.  

The Energy Clearing & Re-Harmonizing  session can help you release a lot of excess energetic 'baggage' that you may be unwittingly carrying around, including non-essential and non-beneficial energies of others ~ while an Intuitive Oracle Reading will provide insights that typically reflect what you already know at a deeper level.  

To sign up online, click the box below. 

Otherwise, contact me directly  at 480-323-5272.

Need an uplifting Celtic Blessing? Just ask!