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Strong Spirit Woman Services are focused on helping you cultivate true inner and outer strength.  The primary objective is to help you gear your life to best reflect  your core values.  When you take care of your physical health by eating the most nourishing foods, and create supportive routines and living environments that best nurture your needs, you will find it much easier to create a satisfying, meaningful life, and experience better overall health.  

Learning to trust your true nature and discover Who YOU Really ARE is a liberating experience that can help you improve the quality of your life, live more freely, and realize your Divine Potential.

Strong Spirit Woman Services are holistic ~  they can be customized to address imbalances and improve health, whether physically, mentally/emotionally, or energetically/spiritually.  Often, our physical symptoms are a reflection of other areas of our lives that are out of balance.  

When you awaken to who you really are, and learn to trust your true nature,  all the seeming disparate parts of you integrate more cohesively.  Making decisions, achieving goals, and realizing your hearts' desires becomes easier when you are aligned with your divine internal operating system.  It is both empowering and liberating to FREE the REAL YOU to SHINE!

Being a wholly integrated being will also help you feel more in the flow, self-confident, self-reliant, and at peace.  

(For more, read Holistic Healing ~ My Perspective).

The Strong Spirit Woman (SSW) Services can benefit anyone who is seeking:

  • Coaching for weight loss, better energy, and improved health
  • A better relationship with food, and ability to eat more intuitively
  • Low-Carb Diet & Lifestyle support, including a simple, balanced, and customized approach to implementing an appropriate variation of a low-carb diet for your needs
  • Coaching & Mentoring to help you realize your  personal life goals
  • Clarity and insights about your life path
  • Greater emotional freedom
  • Healing from old traumas, emotional challenge, or recent loss and grief
  • Ongoing self-care to better manage and reduce the effects of being easily overwhelmed for those who are Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs), highly empathic, or introverted
  • Hypnotherapy and/or the use of  guided therapeutic visualizations to help overcome negative habits such as stopping smoking, or inability to sustain financial viability and positive cash flow  
  • To find their Right Partner, and improve all their relationships and  communication skills
  • Greater self-confidence and self-reliance

All services are available for both men and women.

SSW Services are especially beneficial for those interested in more focused training to  shed false identities, limiting beliefs, and negative mindsets.  

Our many 'parts' hold a lot of fear, and can prevent us from fully expressing our gifts  and talents in meaningful, purposeful and prosperous ways.

You will literally 'lighten up' from the inside, and re-member (bring together) all your disparate parts, to become a more fully sovereign being, able to live life on YOUR terms.

We all have an inner saboteur, habitual negative thinking habits, outmoded or erroneous crystalized beliefs, or varied 'parts' that each have different, often conflicting needs.  

When we are splintered, and lack clarity, we will not make forward progress.  Life will pull us in various directions, and we will be as a ship floating in whatever direction the wind blows.  The false and limiting beliefs,  negative mindsets, and unhealed/wounded parts need to be cleared, uprooted, healed, forgiven, re-wired, re-connected and/or re-aligned ~ as per each individual's needs.

This is the sacred and w-holy work we are here to address in order to realize our full and DIVINE POTENTIAL.  There are no skipping steps, and no magic pills that can take the place of doing the real inner work necessary in order to grow and evolve.

If you are experiencing road blocks,
or dealing with physical issues, emotional challenges, or desire  greater clarity,  self-confidence and control of your life, try any of the services listed below to help you break through perceived obstacles, and learn how to trust your true nature, and improve your life.  

The path of the STRONG SPIRIT WOMAN / MAN / OR TRIBE,  is a path for those who strive to feel their best, and be the best version of themselves possible.  These people often place a high value on personal freedom.

Anyone interested in exploring beyond their present limited set points and obstacles is welcome and can benefit!  

Following is a more detailed list of Strong Spirit Woman (SSW) Services.  They can be done remotely from anywhere by phone, and possibly Skype.  

If you live in the Phoenix or Scottsdale, Arizona area, they can be scheduled at our Barefoot Acupuncture clinic by calling us at 602-954-8016.  

Or call/text me directly at 480-323-5272.  

Further discounts may apply for our local clients.

TYTN Low-Carb Lifestyle Health Coaching 

This is geared towards helping with:

  • Weight loss & fat reduction
  • TYTN Low-Carb Lifestyle Coaching to help you make the most instinctually best choices of foods for  your particular condition & needs, with an emphasis on nutrient-dense foods, including eating the animal from 'head-to-toe' plus local and seasonal foods, an elimination diet for those with pain, autoimmune conditions, or a lot of food sensitivities, & gluten- and  grain-free / low-glycemic diets, plus foods that best proximate the diets of your ancestry.
  • Help with creating a better relationship with food, and ability to trust yourself to eat more intuitively
  • Inspiration to prepare super simple, nutritious and delicious meals
  • Support for overall improvement of health and vitality
  • Suggestions for supplemental nutrition and herbs

SSW Personal Development Coaching

Coaching to overcome negative habits and obstacles, gain clarity on one's life direction, improve self-confidence, and/or job or sports performance, and more with the following:

Learn more:  

Energy Healing, My Perspective.

Holistic Healing, My Perspective

Channeled  Healing Messages & Spiritual Guidance

This is a very unique and special service which combines an  energetic healing with an uplifting channeled message, in a format that is somewhat similar to  a a reading.  

These are typically done by phone from the comfort of your home.

They are very uplifting and insightful ~ guided by our own higher intelligence and wisdom, and personal and universal guides ~ and designed to help you gain clarity about your current life path.  

They simply have to be experienced, as they are different for every person, difficult to actually describe, but can help you feel more clear about your best possible action steps.  

Most report feeling a positive shift during or after a reading, which continues over time, and is often described as feeling a big weight lifted.  


While one session can be very helpful, a package deal is the best value.  Those who commit to a course of sessions will reap the greatest rewards.   

Receiving ongoing coaching, healing, spiritual guidance, and support can be a very transformative process, helping usher in greater clarity, focus, ease, flow, joyful connections, and abundance of the good things in life. 

Whenever we strive to improve our lives, we will experience many challenges, and seeming road blocks.  This is a natural part of the process.  However, without the right teacher or coach preparing us, we may get frustrated and  give up just prior to the moment of a total transformation. 

I like to alert my clients  to hang tight when things seem to really get challenging, as I see it as a sign that they may be on the verge of a big breakthrough!

As I often say, "things need to come up to the surface in order to clear."

Challenges will continue to arise.  It is very helpful to have someone who has made the journey help walk you through any potential land mines you may encounter along the way.  

Change requires time.  It must happen organically.  There are many layers and levels involved, beyond just the conscious mind grasping concepts, or simply changing one's diet.  

Having support will ensure proper integration, and ability to process any intense emotions that can naturally arise as part of the process.  You have parts that will resist this process.

However, the greater your obstacles, the greater your rewards once you overcome your greatest stumbling blocks.

You are invited to explore all the free content available on this and my husbands Primal Wisdom website.  We will be continually adding more content, with future e-books and courses for self-study.  Don can also design  customized fitness training programs.  He has a lot of free programs and content on his website.

For those who desire more personal attention, and one-on-one support, you may want to consider trying out any of our available services.  We are committed to keeping our services as affordable as possible, so that those who are earnest about their desire to improve their lives has an opportunity to receive helpful guidance, mentoring and support.  

To ensure the best possible outcomes, I have made the services more affordable the greater the level of commitment.  Click here for FEES & SCHEDULING, and to learn about receiving  a Mini Distance Energy Healing or Intuitive Reading.


Becoming a Strong Spirit Woman or Strong Spirit Man will help free you from what I have now come to recognize as a virus within the operating system.  The virus includes all the ways we've been programmed to live and think that are counter to our TRUE NATURE, and invoke poor health, disillusionment, disconnect, depression, and a fractioning of our Spirit.  

Together, we can support each other, and develop a Strong Spirit Tribe, with a possible future members area.

We are meant to thrive and experience good health, and a good quality of life!

Our services and main areas of expertise are geared towards helping as many individuals as possible to experience:

  • Freedom from excess weight, and improved body composition
  • Freedom from debilitating mind-sets and outmoded and erroneous beliefs 
  • Freedom from old emotional wounds causing reactionary triggers
  • Greater clarity about your life path
  • Ability to tap into your own inner guidance system, and higher/greater resources
  • More clear, centered, and focused energy and sense of inner peace
  • Greater ability to feel confident and safe as an empath, introvert, or highly sensitive person

Whether you seek greater fitness and a healthier life, or you need help to clear obstacles to greater flow, reduce stress,  or over come excessive worry and anxiety,  Strong Spirit Woman Personal Development Coaching, and Low-Carb Diet Health Coaching sessions can help.  

If you still have questions, contact me at our Scottsdale Barefoot Acupuncture number below.  

TYTN Health Coaching, SSW Personal Development CoachingIntuitive Readings and  Energy Healing sessions are all available remotely, from the comfort of your home, or locally in our Scottsdale, AZ clinic.  If you are in the Scottsdale or Phoenix area, you can also join us for affordable acupuncture, custom Chinese herbs, and nutritional/dietary consultations. 

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