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Strong Spirit Woman Services are holistically oriented ~ that is they can be customized to address imbalances and improve health, whether physically, mentally/emotionally, or spiritually.  Often, our physical symptoms are a reflection of other areas of our lives that are out of balance.  

When you awaken to who you really are, and learn to trust your true nature,  all the seeming disparate parts of you integrate more cohesively.  Making decisions, achieving goals, and realizing your hearts' desires becomes easier when you are aligned with your divine internal operating system.  Being a wholly integrated being helps you feel more free, empowered, in the flow, self-confident, self-reliant, and at peace.  (For more, read Holistic Healing ~ My Perspective).

Native Shaman healers understood that the true root of all dis-ease is spiritual.  Our greatest infliction is feeling and believing we are separate ~ or abandoned ~ from Spirit, Nature, our Higher/Greater Soul aspects, or God.

'Feeling' is emphasized in italics because it is a feeling or belief that we are separated.  In truth, we are not, but many live their entire life not re-membering Who They Really Are.  

Our thoughts and beliefs, and the way we conduct our lives will determine whether or not we are able to sever the enslavement to our lower ego, and live as a unified being, or not.

It's part of our journey on Earth ~ To awaken to Who We Really Are.  And this is the time of the Great Awakening!  

When you Trust Your True Nature, you no longer have to learn your lessons through crisis and struggle.  You will experience greater flow and ease, and more authentic Self-Expression.  

You will also begin to reclaim dominion in your life ~ regaining emotional control, and more consciously co-creating your life experience.

If you are experiencing road blocks,
or dealing with physical issues, or emotional challenges,
or if you want to experience greater self-confidence and control of your life,
try any of the services listed below to help you break through perceived obstacles, and learn how to trust your true nature, and improve your life.

Becoming a Strong Spirit  Woman, (or a self-actualized human) is a path for those who strive to feel their best, and be the best version of themselves possible.  These people often place a high value on personal freedom.

Anyone interested in exploring beyond their present limited set points and obstacles is welcome and can benefit.

If you desire assistance with any of the following, you are invited to explore all the free content available on this and my husbands Primal Wisdom website.  For those who desire more personal attention, and one-on-one support, you may want to consider trying out any of our available services.  

Our services and main areas of expertise are geared towards helping as many individuals as possible to experience:

  • Freedom from excess weight, and improved body composition
  • Freedom from debilitating mind-sets and outmoded and erroneous beliefs 
  • Freedom from old emotional wounds causing reactionary triggers
  • Greater clarity about your life path
  • Ability to tap into your own inner guidance system, and higher/greater resources
  • More clear, centered, and focused energy and sense of inner peace

We will be writing more about sustainable living practices as we ourselves embark on our own journey to manifesting our life-long dreams to find our piece of land to develop a homestead and be in greater control of our own food source.

Whether you seek greater fitness and a healthier life, or you need help to clear obstacles to greater flow, reduce stress,  or over come excessive worry and anxiety, my Strong Spirit Woman Personal Health/Life Coaching, and Low-Carb Diet Health Coaching sessions can help.  

I also offer special Channeled Guided Healing Readings and Energy Healing sessions,  all which can be done from the comfort of your home, or locally in our Scottsdale, AZ clinic.  If you are in the Scottsdale or Phoenix area, you can also join us for affordable acupuncture, custom Chinese herbs, and nutritional/dietary consultations.

You may also be interested in reading  Holistic Healing, My Perspective.

Read testimonials for my services here.  Testimonials from Barefoot Acupuncture clients on Yelp here.   We have a few reviews on Facebook, and you can also watch a short video of our Google Reviews, below.

Following is a list of my services.  They can be done from anywhere by phone.  

If you live in the Phoenix, or Scottsdale, Arizona area, they can be scheduled at our Barefoot Acupuncture clinic by calling us at 602-954-8016.  
Or call/text me directly at 480-323-5272.

Low-Carb Diet  Health Coaching 

This is geared towards helping with:

  • Excess fat & weight loss, and body recompositioning
  • Coaching to implement the  TYTN Diet Plan which is a plan that focuses on helping you discover the best foods, and the best quantities of the various macronutrients for your particular needs, with an emphasis on nutrient-dense foods, local and seasonal foods, gluten-free and low-glycemic carbohydrates &/or grain-free diets, and foods that best proximate the diets of your ancestry
  • Help with creating a better relationship with food, and ability to trust yourself to eat more intuitively
  • Inspiration to prepare super simple, nutritious and delicious meals
  • Support for overall improvement of health and vitality

For pricing on individual sessions, coaching packages, and to read more about what to expect during your Health Coaching Session,  click here.

Strong Spirit Woman Personal Health/Life Coaching 

All other issues other than food/diet/nutrition.  This can include:

  • Hypnotherapy
  • Guided therapeutic and healing visualizations
  • C.O.R.E. Counseling work with parts (C.O.R.E. = Conscious Own Retrieve/Release and Engage)
  • Lifestyle modification & Creating Healthy Habits
  • Spiritual / personal life coaching
  • Special coaching packages
  • Energetic scanning, clearing and re-harmonizing

Initial session.................................................75-90 min. - $95

Follow-Up Sessions......................................60-70 min. - $75

Energy Scanning, Clearing & Re-Harmonizing:
Energy healing  reharmonizes your energy field, helping you to feel more clear, balanced, and at peace.  

  • 60 min. - $75 / 45 min. - $55 / 30 min. - $45

Special Heart to Heart Talk Session:

  • 60 min. - $65 / 45 min.- $55 / 30 min. $45

Channeled Healing  Readings

Look for my upcoming article on these very unique and special service which combines an  energetic healing with an uplifting channeled message, in a format that is somewhat similar to  a a reading.  These are typically done by phone from the comfort of your home.

I am very clairsentient (my greatest gift of being able to sense and feel energy) and claircognizant (an ability to download information in a 'clear knowing' kind of manner), however I do not consider these readings to be a 'psychic reading' but rather I see myself as a messenger.

They are very insightful ~ guided by our own higher intelligence and wisdom, and personal and universal guides ~ and designed to help you gain clarity about your current life path.  They simply have to be experienced, as you will feel shifts during or after a reading.  

Most people charge well over $100 for a one-hour 'psychic' reading.  I do my best to keep these services as affordable as possible as I would like as many people interested in having access to the higher wisdom and guidance that comes through.

Channeled Healing & Reading - About 60-70 min. - $85

Note About Fees

Most of my services are by the session vs. by the precise hour.  Package deals are available.  Locals are eligible for a $5 cash payment discount as well.

A subscription will be made available soon that will allow ongoing coaching for a very affordable monthly fee.  My goal depending on demand would be to create an online community for group camaraderie and support.  

Topics could focus on health improvement, fitness and body recomposition, emotional freedom, personal development, home and life enhancement projects, spiritual/metaphysical topics, family and community support, cooking and healthy meal and menu suggestions and recipe sharing, and helping us all remain accountable to living our lives as authentically, courageously, and fully as possible.

Services can be pre-paid via Paypal, or by check, or with a credit card by phone.  

Please contact me for details, and to schedule.


90 Minutes - $95

1 hour - $75

 45 Minute -$55

30 Minute -$45

15 Minute - $25

Readings -$85.00

For questions about our services, or to schedule:  602-954-8016, or use the contact form below for my cell phone number, and e-mail.  

You can either pay now for any of the services listed, or contact me at the above number with any questions, and to schedule first.  Once you schedule, simply return to this page to pay prior to our appointment, or you can pay by phone.  The PayPal buttons are here for your convenience.

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To schedule or inquire further about any of our online or in person holistic health services, call our Barefoot Acupuncture Scottsdale office at 602-954-8016.

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