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Self-Empowerment Coaching & the Holistic C.O.R.E. Counseling System is especially beneficial for those ready to make positive changes in their lives, yet realize they have blind spots they need help moving through.  As much as we like to believe we can  handle things ourselves, successful people understand the value in receiving outside support.  

It can be very difficult to  overcome our ingrained patterns, obstacles, and saboteurs on our own.  We  have many 'parts' that comprise our personality, including our ego.  Some of our 'lesser' parts may resist the positive changes we are trying to make to improve our lives.  Other parts may be holding onto unhealed disappointments, slights, neglects, and/or trauma.  When triggered, it can cause us to regress, and react emotionally, rather than respond consciously.  When this goes on unchecked, we begin to feel out of control, and lose confidence.  

We have more than just lesser parts.  We also have greater parts ~ aspect of ourselves that are far more powerful and resourceful than most realize.   The Strong Spirit Self-Empowerment Coaching & Holistic C.O.R.E. Counseling system will help you to tap into your true treasures, and connect with your allies, and greater parts. 

You will learn effective tools that you can apply throughout your life, including how to evolve your lesser parts so they no longer weigh you down, and hold you back from realizing your goals and dreams.

It will feel good to be in the drivers seat of your life, focused forward to where you desire to be, rather than continually seeing life through rearview mirror of your past mistakes.

Dr. Hart, founder of the American Society of Alternative Therapists (ASAT), and the Holistic  C.O.R.E. Counseling & Education system which forms the foundation of my work summarizes it by stating, "You only evolve as much as your least evolved parts."  

The Strong Spirit Self-Empowerment Coaching Services can help you evolve your parts, and consciously create your most illuminated life.

Strong Spirit Self-Empowerment Coaching & C.O.R.E. Counseling System can help you more effectively realize your goals.

During the Strong Spirit Self-Empowerment Coaching process, we work together to uproot or reframe any old, limiting belief systems,  and align your thoughts and actions  with your core values.

You will be inspired to create more supportive lifestyle habits, and take steps to clear what no longer serves you, while envisioning yourself already having realized your more ideal life.

I have designed the Strong Spirit Self-Empowerment Coaching Services to help you envision and align with what  I call your most illumined path ~ the path that will be the most supportive of your true nature, and your Soul's Divine Mission and full potential.  You can experience a better quality of life, and live with greater contentment, sense of purpose, vitality, and joy ~ if you choose to ~ and are willing to do the necessary inner work.  You are the driver of your life.

Your Spirit wants you to live where you are most at home ~ physically, geographically and within your heart ~ so you will be most likely to express yourself and share your gifts.  This in turn will improve your health and entire quality of life.

Isn't it time you got your ducks in a row?

Life is like a series of initiations.  Ideally, we learn to cultivate mastery of our physical, mental, and emotional health ~ releasing all that is not in accord with who we really are, so that we can more effortlessly arrive at where we really want to be.

The Strong Spirit Self-Empowerment Coaching & C.O.R.E. Counseling System will meet you at whatever level you are ready to begin.

Here are just a few ways you can benefit from the Strong Spirit Self-Empowerment Coaching & C.O.R.E. Counseling Services, depending on your needs & goals:

  • Help with overcoming any emotional issues that are blocking forward momentum in your life, including achieving desired weight loss, better financial flow, professional success, fitness goals+++
  • Becoming a better attractor for your ideal relationship
  • Improved communication 
  • Greater self-confidence
  • Tools to better manage emotional triggers 
  • Re-wire habitual negative mental thought patterns
  • Re-frame earlier life struggles & regrets that are still impacting your present day life experience
  • Overcome other inexplicable obstacles to experiencing greater sense of peace and contentment
  • Clarity of your most illumined path
  • Overcome addictive behaviors

My coaching and hypnotherapy services are improvised to best serve your needs.  

For those specifically desiring weight loss, or dietary improvements, the Trust Your True Nature (TYTN) Health Coaching sessions are geared towards helping you fully understand which foods are best for you and why, and how you can learn to tune in and choose foods more intuitively ~ and trust your true nature!  We also look at what underlying emotions may be sabotaging your successful weight loss, and use guided visualizations, the C.O.R.E. work, and energy healing as appropriate for your individual needs.

All Self-Empowerment Coaching & C.O.R.E Counseling Services, including the TYTN Health Coaching are available remotely, by phone or Skype from the comfort of your own home, or in person at our Scottsdale, Arizona clinic.

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Me doing a Stiff-Legged Deadlift. You can't see the bar in the photo. Strength & mobility are important as we age! Age at time of photo: 50.

Every individual is at a different place in life.  The first level of initiation in most people's healing journey is mastery of the physical self.  Improving physical health is of upmost importance in order to feel well enough to not just get through your days, but to thrive.  

We are not able to pursue our goals very effectively when we lack vitality and motivation, or while focusing all our energy on healing from a diseased state.  The primary goals at this stage should be on improving health, vitality, and fitness to cultivate the strength and stamina required to fuel our dreams, and live a better quality of life, especially as we age.

The Strong Spirit Self-Empowerment Coaching Services weaves together Hypnosis therapy with guided therapeutic visualizations, talk therapy, Energy Healing,  Holistic C.O.R.E. Counseling education and mentoring/coaching in a safe and supportive environment.

The Strong Spirit Self-Empowerment Plan, Your MAP to Consciously & Effectively Create Your Most Illuminated Life will be available November, 2018!

Even when we have things in order, and we are on track with our diet and fitness routines, questions still arise.  Challenges can set us back, whether from unexpected losses, career changes, or issues with family.  

On these occasions, it may be helpful to receive an Energy Clearing & Re-Harmonizing or Channeled Healing Message  to help you clarify your options, better understand your current situation, receive validation, and/or to regroup.  

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Living healthy is more than just an absence of dis-ease.  It's also having plenty of energy to fuel your dreams, and participate in activities that bring you joy.

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