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  • Self-Empowerment Coaching - Focusing on personal development, manifestation of your greatest goals and desires, overcoming obstacles, positive habit changes, aligning with your Divine Right Livelihood & Right Relationships, increased prosperity, improved health, and any other issues you are desiring to improve.  We work together to help you get from Point A to Point B, following the basic steps outlined in The Strong Spirit Self-Empowerment Plan, Your MAP to Consciously & Effectively Create YOUR Most Illuminated Life. The Self-Empowerment Coaching sessions will include any and all of the following modalities, as intuitively and collectively decided for optimal effectiveness, healing, and personal evolution. 
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  • Hypnotherapy - Use of guided visualizations to help reframe/rewire limiting subconscious beliefs; working with imagery of color and Nature to help ground and restore clarity, confidence, and peace ~ all woven into the Self-Empowerment Plan and coaching services, above, along with the C.O.R.E. system, below.

  • Holistic C.O.R.E. Counseling System - Working with various 'parts' ~ including younger aspects of yourself ~ to help resolve unhealed issues and address the sources of triggers that may be showing up as blocks to your forward movement; meeting your future self having already realized your desired outcomes, and working with your Higher Self for guidance, illumination, wisdom, and greater understanding of why you experienced certain challenges, and your next best steps on your journey to realizing a more desirable, meaningful and satisfying life.  This is the essential foundation covered in The Self-Empowerment Plan book, and my coaching services.
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  • TYTN Low-Carb/Keto/Hypercarnivore Coaching - Our signature Trust Your True Nature (TYTN) Low-Carb/Hypercarnivore Health Coaching will help you learn to trust your inner cues to design the most ideal dietary style to lose weight and/or reach your health goals, whether a higher protein, hypercarnivore diet, a general low-carb diet, gluten-free diet, or a ketogenic diet.
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  • C.O.R.E. Energy ReAlignment - Unique to the C.O.R.E. Counseling system, this powerful energetic clearing is a holistic and transformational experience.  The entire energy field is cleared and smoothed out, chakras are energized and harmonized, and an ultra relaxed and ultra state of consciousness allows for release of all the limiting beliefs to drop as if a bowling ball from the sky, while the seeds of new, positive, self-affirming and loving affirmations and intentions are planted in their place.

  • Transformational Reiki / Energy Healing - A subtle, gentle, and safe, yet often quite powerful form of healing that is performed with my hands above the body, helping clear and harmonize the outer energy field, and personal energy centers.  Any touch is done either at the head/neck area, or around the knees or feet.  This is done at our local Scottsdale Clinic.  (For distance energy healing options, see below.)

  • Energy Clearing & Re-Harmonizing - A personally unique form of energy healing that works well remotely.  The higher energies focused at the third eye literally scan the outer energy field, culling out any discord, then clears and reharmonizes from the head down, correlating with the major endocrine system glands, and corresponding physiological areas.  What is 'cleared' may be old, stuck thoughts and/or emotions, lower vibrational energies, discord, energies from others or due to psychic attacks, past unresolved issues, etc.
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  • CHANNELED HEALING MESSAGES - This is a by phone spiritual coaching session done in the form of a reading that delivers a very uplifting and validating message sharing insights about what is most relevant in your current life path.  May include a brief Energy Clearing & Re-Harmonizing Session.  
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How to best utilize the Strong Spirit Self-Empowerment Coaching Services ~ & Fees

***The Self-Empowerment Coaching & C.O.R.E. Counseling Sessions are most effective when done in blocks of five sessions.  You will learn tools and strategies you can begin to apply on your own.  However, it really is a life's work!  We are all continually getting triggered by old programming, and / or experience obstacles, and seeming set backs.   It is suggested to begin with two blocks of five to really practice the methods, so they become your new automatic responses to coping with any challenges that arise.  Often, people eventually begin to fear that things are "too good!"

Receiving continued coaching support using the C.O.R.E. system, and all the other modalities as an adjunct helps keep you in the driver seat of your life.  Those who commit to the process become ever more liberated, and free to express their greatest gifts in meaningful ways.  It is intended to be liberating and empowering, to help you clarify and manifest your greatest desires and Divine Potential ~ and live a more prosperous life ~ freer of dependency on more expensive standard forms of health care and psychotherapy.  

That being said, I still must advice that this is not intended to replace the advice of your health care practitioners.

Strong Spirit Self-Empowerment Coaching Services & Fees ~  Per Session - $105***

Block of 5 Sessions, pre-paid in one or two installments - $475 (Savings of $50)

Each session is organic, averaging  60-75 minutes, with the first session lasting longer.

More Strong Spirit Self-Empowerment Services 

For those interested in focusing on receiving ongoing energy healing work, which can also help enlighten your being, and help you feel more grounded, safe, clear, centered, open, loving, and at peace, I offer packages separate from the total Strong Spirit Self-Empowerment Coaching Packages.

Personal Medicine Readings are another option for receiving insights, inspiration, and support.  These are affordable, and can be emailed one time, or on a regular basis.

Energy Clearing & Re-Harmonizing, Per Session - $85**

Pre-Pay for three sessions - $225 (Savings of $30) - To be used within 4 months

Pre-Pay for five sessions - $325 (Savings of $60) - To be used within 6 months

**These unique energy healing sessions last about an hour, give or take.  Energy clearing happens in layers.  It is not wise to do more than the 'system' (your collective energy body and subconscious mind) can safely process and assimilate.  Hence, doing at least three sessions within a relatively short period of time, is most effective.  This allows us to safely clear the  non-essential, and non-beneficial energies safely and appropriately, as they surface.   Nothing will be cleared that isn't ready to be cleared!  We discuss what comes up, and ensure you have all questions answered. 

Read more about the Energy Clearing & Re-Harmonizing Session.

Be sure to read about my Special Offers including discounted Energy Re-Harmonzing Sessions,  Coaching packages, and Tea, Reiki & Tarot Thursday's at Barefoot Acupuncture clinic.

How To Schedule

To schedule, or for more information, email me at tracy@strongspiritwoman, or click the above PayPal links first, then email, or call/text me at 480-323-5272 to schedule.  Alternatively, fill out the contact form below.

The PayPal links are provided for convenience, however, I can either send an invoice, or payment can be made safely to me directly using Square payment processor.  

Certain discounted rates are available for local clients.

Local clients can schedule directly online at: or go to our website home page, and at the top, you will see where it says to 'Click Here' to schedule online.  Below is the screen you will find after filling in your name and information.

Click on Tracy Minton on the right, then scroll to look for the appropriate service.  

A Word About Strong Spirit Self-Empowerment Coaching Services 

There is an ongoing benefit that will continue to bear out over time from these sessions, beyond what can ever be specifically identified.  The energy clearing sessions can help you lighten your load, and release a lot of energetic baggage, to the point where ~ for some ~ their entire life trajectory changes course.  

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