Salmon Medicine Pick for Saturday March 2, 2019

Salmon medicine is the first animal message drawn on Saturday, March 2, 2019 to launch my new 'Personal Medicine' series, and upcoming monthly subscription.  

What unique traits, qualities, and attributes come to mind when you think about Salmon?

First off, they are strong!  They have an internal honing device, that drives them to swim upstream, against the current and challenging terrain, to return to its 'home' base.

Salmon Medicine teaches us to trust our gut and inner knowing

According to Medicine Cards, by Jamie Sams and David Carson,

"Salmon is the sacred keeper of wisdom and inner knowing who, despite strong river currents, will always return to the place of its creation.  Its determination is driven by the wisdom of instinct and inner knowing, which yields a sense of purpose that cannot be thwarted by external forces.  Coming full circle, Salmon medicine people finish what they begin, bringing life's events and cycles to closure."

Salmon medicine reminds us to 'trust our instincts,' and that you have a wealth of personal wisdom and inner resources that can be tapped when undergoing challenges in life.  

Salmon hone in on their destination, and with sheer will and determination ~ come what may ~ if not caught or killed first, they arrive.  They are hardwired to return to their source, and place of creation, to maintain the cycle of life.

If you are unsure of a particular choice or path, salmon medicine tells you to 'trust your gut.'  Even when you feel like you are swimming against the currents, as Jessica Swift, author of Animal Allies writes,

"Consider that success might just be over the next hurdle.  Keep going!  Life offers you both easy and wonderful and challenging, painful experiences, which all offer you opportunities to learn, to grow, to be in flow with your own rhythms.  Use them all to become wise and confident."

Salmon Medicine also teaches us that strength and determination can help us accomplish just about anything - staying the course, even when the waters get choppy.

If you have strong Salmon medicine, you already know how to flow with your own natural rhythms, and authentic feelings and desires.  Not everyone is a natural at being guided by their own inner compass.  It can take practice for many of us!  

While it can be helpful to consult others for advice, Salmon medicine reminds us to retain our own power, by trusting our own inner knowing.  Listen to others, but make sure to run it by your own internal felt sense ~ do you resonate with some or all of what you learned from external influences?  

To paraphrase Bruce Lee, 'take what is good, leave the rest, and make it your own.'

No matter how many people tell you, for example, that kale is good for you, if you don't like it, and don't feel good eating it, it's not good for you!  

If you are feeling like you are continually swimming upstream, and are beginning to question your choices, call upon Salmon medicine to help guide you unerringly to your destination.  Allow Salmon to help you reconnect with your own inner compass ~ your inner knowing, and your personal medicine.

Reclaim your authority.  Listen to others with as much neutrality as possible.  Stay open, discerning, and above all, learn to trust yourself.

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