Amazing Reiki in Scottsdale

Ready for Reiki in Scottsdale, Arizona?  

Reiki is a super safe, loving, and peaceful healing modality that while very subtle and relaxing, can also be very powerful and transformative.  

It simply has to be experienced to better understand how beneficial a Reiki Energy Healing session can be!

You may also want to read more about what to expect during your Reiki in Scottsdale Session, here, and my perspective about Energy Healing, here.  

I also have a unique Energy Clearing & ReHarmonizing Session that can be done at a distance, by phone.

Join me for Reiki in Scottsdale, AZ ~ conveniently located near Old Town in a quiet neighborhood at our affordable Barefoot Acupuncture clinic ~ also considered 'the best nap in town!'

Receive Reiki in Scottsdale and find out for yourself just how restorative this centuries old healing system can be.  

While I am the facilitator of your Reiki energy healing session, your own Higher Self, along with the Higher Healing guides and energies will help you clear your energy field, and release any stuck emotions.  

Excess thoughts, stress, unexpressed grief, and many physical, mental and emotional symptoms and imbalances can be either cleared, greatly reduced, or released.

Clients typically feel much greater inner peace, calm, balance, and as if a weight has been lifted from their shoulders.

While I have been practicing Reiki in Scottsdale for nearly 10 years, I have been a certified Reiki Master since 2-28-2000.  

Sadly, I have not had enough people put to writing their incredible transformations, as I previously was not in a habit of asking for, nor did I have an easy way to collect reviews.  (I do have some testimonials about all my Services, here.)

I feel quite blessed to be of service as a Reiki/Energy Healer, here in Scottsdale, Arizona.  

I realize that as clients lay on the table to receive a healing, it can feel vulnerable, or like being exposed.  This is natural.  However, the loving presence of the Higher energies that help facilitate your healing experience will quickly put you at ease!  

I often am told by clients that they 'knew' I was near one part of their body, but could feel another presence, like another pair of hands on them elsewhere as well!

I take very seriously my responsibility to hold the space, and intend for the highest and most comprehensive, loving, uplifting, and harmonizing healing appropriate for all my clients at every session ~ as I am sure is true of the majority of Reiki practitioners. 

I also do my best to be as clear and pure of a channel of the Divine energy that flows within, through and around us, facilitating the real healing.  I believe that being a highly sensitive and empathic individual who has also experienced plenty of challenges has helped me to be a very understanding and compassionate healing practitioner, especially adept at harmonizing energies.

Try Reiki in Scottsdale!  
Call us at our Barefoot Acupuncture Clinic at 602-954-8016 to schedule!

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Here are a few incentives:

If you are unsure what to expect, contact me for Reiki in Scottsdale to receive a complementary 15-20 minute session!  

If you enjoy it, and would like to help me with a review, that would be greatly appreciated.  You could also make a donation if you desire to have an energy exchange.

Reiki in Scottsdale Summer Special:

Mention you read this page, and receive Reiki in our Scottsdale clinic at a reduced rate!  

Receive a 1 hour Reiki session for only $45 (Reg. $65!)

Receive a 30 Minute Reiki session for only $25 (Reg. $40!)

Sessions include some time for you to fully integrate the more harmonious energy patterns, and discuss whatever may have come up during the session.  It can feel disorienting if getting up too quickly after a session!

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