What Is A Reiki Healing Session Like?

A Reiki Healing Session is a wonderfully relaxing therapy that is often the perfect antidote to our stressful lives.  It can feel like pushing the reset button.  Most clients leave feeling more connected, calm, and at peace ~ the way we are meant to feel!

While receiving an energy healing is very gentle, safe, and soothing to the spirit, it can also be powerfully transformative, with changes that occur over time.  

Sunrise - Photo copyright of Tracy Minton-Matesz

Reiki is a form of energy healing that helps harmonize the energy within, through and around you, helping you feel more clear, centered, and connected to your own self.  

There are many approaches to Reiki and energy healing therapies that go by different names.  Some people lay their hands in various positions over the body, around the head, over the lungs, heart, and liver area, and perhaps by the knees or feet.

Although that is how traditional Reiki is now taught, it is not the method that I employ when doing an energy healing session, nor was it necessarily part of the original forms of energy healing.

What to expect during a Reiki Healing Session

A Reiki session generally involves lying on a table in a pleasant space, with dim lighting and pleasant music.  Each Reiki practitioner brings their own gifts and tools to the Reiki table, such as essential oils, crystals, or sound healing bowls.  

I typically start with my hands above the client's body several inches to sense the energy field surrounding the body.  

Think of the area around your body like a satellite dish that can collect debris from falling leaves, snow, or other elements.  Your television signal will be less clear if the debris remains.  Once you clean it out, better clarity and reception returns.

The currents of energy around your body can be felt similar to the updraft that birds feel when taking flight.  When there is a lot of 'noise' or disturbance in the field, it will feel like being in an airplane during a choppy flight.  

Once the energy around your body feels more clear, I may at that point place my hands under your head or neck, or around your knees or feet, if I feel drawn to do so.  Otherwise, I continue to work with my hands over your head or chest area, either sensing energy around the major endocrine glands, or simply intending for various colors or healing energies from the higher, unseen realms to restore balance to your entire being on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.

Black Capped Night Heron along the greenbelt. Photo copyright of Tracy Minton-Matesz.

Everything is a form of energy.   Some things have a denser vibration, some lighter.  A small percentage of people are more empathic or highly sensitive, sensing the energies around them almost too much.  It can cause them to easily get overwhelmed, and withdraw.  

Returning to our analogy of the satellite dish, much of the accumulated debris can be from unfinished business, unresolved issues, or old unhealed slights or disappointments.  When we lack clear boundaries, we are like a sponge picking up all the aches, pains, and negative mindsets of others.

Left unchecked, your signals will not be as sharp.  You may feel mentally 'muddy' and more irritable, without really understanding why.  You may feel a pervasive sense of disquiet that erodes your mood, and impacts your daily life. You may even have inexplicable headaches, body aches, digestive issues, or poor sleep. 

A Reiki energy healing session can help you clear the cobwebs and mental debris, including the accumulated struggles or 'energies' of others, and harmonize your own internal energy centers (also referred to as chakras) which correspond with your endocrine glands, helping restore harmony and peace.

It really is like hitting the reset button, only better!  

You may find an increasing sense of relief over time, as issues that are no longer useful or pertinent to your personal growth may unravel energetically, without your ever really even knowing!

Reiki healing can literally transform your life when you are able to regain enough clarity to have a major breakthrough, letting go of the situations and even people that were bringing you down, and simultaneously initiating new and wonderful projects or changes into your life.  

This can completely alter the trajectory you were on, catapulting you into the direction of your most illuminated/desirous life path.

A Reiki Energy Healing Session is enjoyable for all, but is especially ideal for those who are highly sensitive, empathic, introverted, and easily over stimulated by the constant buzz of the modern 'civilized' world.

A Reiki Healing Session can be done in person, at our Scottsdale, Arizona clinic, or remotely from anywhere.  I can also do distant healing, from anywhere which is equally effective.  

Afterwards, I send an email sharing any information and potential messages that I received.  

At that point you can contact me if you have further questions.  Within a few days, if you notice anything out of the ordinary, including possibly feeling more emotional than normal (which to me is a good thing as things are moving!) ~ you can contact me again if desired with questions, or for reassurance.


Sunrise on the field next to our home. Photo copyright of Tracy Minton-Matesz

When doing Reiki healing sessions, Reiki practitioners often (silently) call in various guides, angels, archangels, or other religious deities.  This will differ from practitioner to practitioner, and according to what may be most appropriate for each client.

I call in  ~ first and foremost ~ your own Higher Self.  Your Higher Self  is a more resourceful aspect of who you are, and 'knows' what you best need at any given moment more than any other human person could ever know.  It is my belief that your Higher Self aspect is your spiritual source, and true 'healer.'

Your Higher Self communicates to you in many ways.  Your experiences and/or symptoms are like messages.  When feeling depressed, anxious, stressed, overly sensitive, moody or dissatisfied, your Higher Self is signaling to you through your discomforts that something is amiss or out of alignment.

Your Higher Self is one of your most powerful resources, and a Reiki Healing Session can help you feel more connected with this source.  This is mostly felt as a profound sense of relaxation, connectedness, and peace.

Howling White Wolf photo courtesy of Pexels.com.

The imagination is a powerful tool, only limited by what we can think to ask for.  As a Reiki practitioner/energy healer, I have found many clients to actually see the colors, or even nature, animal, or other guides I mentally called forth during the Reiki healing, without my ever mentioning what I had invoked.

We are part of Nature.  Nature is a form of Intelligence. We can work with Nature to further help release our burdens, restore balance, and feel sourced with the archetypal Divine Mother Earth /Father Creator Presence.  The Nature energies can literally help us to lighten up.  Connecting with Nature, and grounding are also important steps to take to alleviate excess stress, and rejuvenate our spirits.

While some may question these beliefs, shamans and indigenous populations world wide including our pagan/pre-Christian European ancestors and the Celtic Druids have directly communed with the Nature devas and natural world for thousands of years, in a give and take relationship that allowed for a sustainable and harmonious balance between Nature and all her creatures, including humanity.  

The original spiritual practices of our distant ancestors extends back as much as 25,000 years according to some findings, and is quite similar to the indigenous spiritual practices of many Native American, Asian, South American, Vedic, Taoist, and other populations. Shamanic healing and energy healing was included as part of these respective traditional practices, however the Usui Reiki healing system itself is Japanese in origin.

While I have been trained in the Usui Reiki lineage, my own roots are aligned with the Nature and Earth-centered teachings and healing methods of my own heritage.

The Energy Field of the Body

The body emits energy that can be read, when one is still enough to 'listen.'  The discord felt within, whether as a result of unexpressed, or unresolved emotions, or physical imbalances can be detected during a Reiki healing session.  

Many other intuitive insights and connections to loved ones who have passed over have also occurred during a Reiki energy healing session.  

Like the still water reflecting a more ethereal image of the Great Blue Heron in the image to the right, either the energy centers, or my own physical felt sensations will mirror back to me the messages that the body or 'system' is ready to release, resolve, or 're-wire' to restore a more peaceful and harmoniously aligned energetic system, the matrix of your being-ness.

Many clients come in looking fatigued, down, burnt out, or just blah.  They leave bright, chipper, and more like their normal self.  

The most noticeable difference is often in the eyes!  It is amazing how clear and bright they can become after a good energy clearing and rebalancing Reiki healing session!

When studying traditional Usui Reiki, students learn the five precepts that are like a code of ethics to live by, as best as possible, however these are not quite the same values and code of ethics of other spiritual traditions, with my amendments below:

  • Just for today, do not worry
  • Just for today, do not anger
  • Honor your parents, teachers, and elders
  • Earn your living honestly
  • Show gratitude to every living thing

There is a time and place where the expression of anger is appropriate.  It is the stifling of our true emotions, especially when warranted that can lead to a lot of stress and health issues.  Learning how to effectively channel our anger is key, rather than continually venting out angrily.  However, to stifle anger when there are unjust acts being committed is potentially enabling to wrong behaviors.  

Likewise, have gratitude for all the blessings in your life, and express care for those deserving of your care.  However, maintain appropriate boundaries, and know when your care giving has extended into an imbalanced state, that is weakening or draining your energy!

My background as a Reiki Healing Practitioner:

Reiki is a form of energy healing, which simply stands for 'Universal' (Rei) 'Life Force' (ki).  Reiki practitioners take several levels of classes, and receive an 'attunement' during each class.  I received my first attunement in 1987.  I have since gone through each level of Reiki training twice, and have also taught Reiki classes.  I have also received training in other energy healing systems, including a process called Re-An, and Magnified Healing.

As someone who has trained in a variety of other modalities, including acupuncture and reflexology, I weave all I know about physical and emotional health into the Reiki healing sessions.  I have found that  it can be the unseen disturbances in our energy field that can most cause us to feel out of whack.  

While doing an energy healing, I often put the intention out there to also heal your entire ancestral line.  There is often a sense of pulling out 'dark' energies, or energies that do not belong to the client.  I take the upmost care to help shield and protect the client, while calling on the energetic helpers to help escort any unwanted energies to the light, or back to the earth.

While this may all sound crazy to some, the energies are strongly felt, and the shift afterwards undeniable.  Since my own psychic gifts include having clear and strong feelings (clarsentient) or clear knowing (clarcognizant), I myself do not so much see as I do feel or have an inner knowing that I work with.  It is like developing an entirely new language to describe the feeling states, something that I have developed over time and with experience.

I believe it is my ability to get very still and do what I call deep listening that helps me intuit or pick up the messages of the body.  

Like a 'body whisperer' or 'Spirit Tracer' ~ a term I like as I once had a friend that nick-named me 'Tracer' ~ I work from the purist place possible to feel and interpret without filters, helping the client connect the dots to what makes sense.  

In the end, all that matters is that the client leaves feeling much better than when they arrived!

I feel blessed and honored to be able to serve others during these Reiki healing sessions.  I am often humbled as to the greatness I sense or feel of the spiritual energy of my clients.

I have always been a highly sensitive person (also called HSP),  as well as introverted and highly empathic.  These traits made a lot of things in my life quite difficult when growing up.  I have learned to embrace my seeming 'curse' and use it as a gift.  However, as other highly sensitive people may know, it is easy to get overwhelmed in a highly stimulating world.  There are certain lifestyle practices that can help the more sensitive types to cope, and not have to totally withdraw from life, tempting that it may be at times.  

For those who are highly sensitive, or introverted, I have linked to a few highly recommended books below.

Because of my own experience, I have found that highly sensitive, empathic, and introverted people  respond especially well to energy healing.  

I highly recommend trying to budget a regular Reiki Healing Session if you are dealing with grief, stress, anxiety, or are highly sensitive as mentioned.  It can be an excellent self-care strategy.  We all need outside care and support ideally on a regular basis!  We are so ready to give to others, but often overlook giving back to our own selves!

If you have more questions, you may enjoy reading Energy Healing, My Perspective.

 As mentioned above, a Reiki Healing Session is available locally in our Scottsdale clinic.  I am also able to do an energy clearing and healing remotely.  We would arrange a time, and I would either work with you by phone, or let you know when I am doing the healing, then discuss what came up by phone or email afterwards.

For more information, or to schedule a Reiki Healing,  you can contact me in the following ways:

*At our Scottsdale clinic at 602-954-8016
*Text/call my cell directly at 480-323-5272
*Email me at tracy@strongspiritwoman.com 

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