The Main Components of Physical Health

Having excellent physical health involves several components.  

Learning to adopt healthy diet and lifestyle routines is essential if you want to have a good quality of life, free of debilitating pain, illness, and a lifetime of dependency on synthetic drugs, unnecessary invasive surgeries, and limited mobility.  

Taking care of your self early on in life pays dividends!  Avoid the mistakes made by earlier generations who lacked the appropriate knowledge, and/or through neglect led many to experience  premature aging, crippling, and  physical decline.

Remember, you are never too old to make positive changes that can greatly improve the quality of both your health, and your life.

Strong Spirit Woman (SSW) focuses on four main categories of topics influencing our physical health, and five main qualities that define a healthy body.

To keep things easy to navigate, I've divided the broader topic of physical health into four main categories, outlined below.  

Stress and our predominant thought patterns also have a huge impact on our overall health ~ for good or for ill ~ and will be covered in the Lower Mind/Obstacles section and the Higher Mind/Resources sections.



  • Creating Healthy Lifestyle Habits
  • Using natural, non-toxic body care products (+ product  reviews if demand)
  • Creating home made body care products
  • Healthy skin, hair, and nails


  • Strength Training & Exercise
  • Flexibility Training/Yoga &/or Stretching
  • Coordination, Reflexes, & Postural Alignment
  • Becoming a Demigod/Demigoddess 


Being physically healthy is more than just an absence from dis-ease.

It's having plenty of energy to fuel your dreams, and participate in activities that bring you joy.

It takes dedication, care, mindfulness, patience, motivation, focus,  willingness, and integrity ~ being true to your word and commitments ~ to achieve good physical health.  You simply must learn to value and prioritize taking care of yourself.  What else is there?  

If you want to:

  • enjoy playing with your children
  • participate in athletic and recreational pursuits
  • have  maximum physical freedom and mobility
  • age gracefully
  • minimize or avoid the need for expensive drugs and surgeries
  • exude self-confidence
  • take care of yourself and loved ones in an emergency

Then you will want to begin now ~ wherever you are, with whatever your current condition and resources ~ to take the steps that make sense for you to improve your physical health.

Ready to get a jump start on eating a simple, natural, delicious healthy diet that has been more scientifically proven to help prevent diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and other health issues?

 Eat the foods your ancestors, and earlier generations ate that maintained slim and healthy bodies, and good health relatively free of our modern diseases!  

Learn how to trust your true nature, and eat the right foods for you in The Trust Your True Nature Diet Plan!

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Living healthy also requires having clean and orderly home and work environments.  

Be sure to also learn more about creating a healthy, inviting home sanctuary where you can nurture your dreams!

Having a home that is full of clutter and disarray can also impact your energy.  If you spend a lot of time looking for lost items, you know how much of a time drain being too disorganized can be as well!  

Having  a healthy home soothes us at a soul level.  

Keeping things at least relatively clean and organized is part of our sacred work, although we've been brainwashed into believing that cleaning is either a waste of time, a dreaded chore, or beneath us.  

I don't think of it that way.  Cleaning is what you make of it, and when you engage your senses, and recognize that every item that is in your care has energy, then you are less likely to hang on to those things that have little meaning or value, and sit around collecting dust.

Learn more in the Home Body Section of our SSW Website.

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