The Main Components of Physical Health

Having excellent physical health involves several components.  

Healthy living is essential if you want to have a good quality of life, free of debilitating pain, illness, and a lifetime of dependency on synthetic drugs, unnecessary invasive surgeries, and limited mobility.  

What exactly constitutes healthy living?  

Being in good physical health requires getting adequate and appropriate nutrition, physical movement, and cultivating healthy lifestyle habits that best support your ability to thrive.  

Good health is more than absence of dis-ease, for which few among us actually are fortunate enough to experience.  It is having a positive mindset, healthy emotional states, self-confidence, and a sense of connectedness ~ connection to family, friends, and an extended 'tribe' of people for which you share a cultural heritage and similar values.  

Having a spiritual practice and connection to Nature are also vitally important aspects to having excellent mind-body health ~ ultimately perhaps the most important once a good nutritional foundation has been established.

Let's break all this down.

The Strong Spirit Path focuses on four main categories influencing our physical health, and five main qualities that define a healthy body.

The four main categories which influences our physical health are as follows:


  • Healthy Eating - Discusses the principles of healthy eating, and signs of nutritional deficiency 
  • Healthy Low-Carb Diet - outlines appropriate foods that best support human health, and the nutritionally devoid and processed foods that rob you of your health that we ALL should AVOID or greatly minimize 
  • The 30-Day Hypercarnivore Challenge ~ a great way to re-set your fasting glucose and insulin, and simplify your diet to better determine which foods actually support your health, and which may not.  (Available as a FREE E-Book!)
  • Our personal TYTN Low-Carb Lifestyle - Includes a look at before and after pictures of my own fat loss, and body recomposition going from a produce-rich, whole-foods, plant-based diet to a low-carb, ketogenic/hypercarnivore diet.
  • The Trust Your True Nature Low-Carb Lifestyle book
  • Low-Carb Recipes - Overview of several of our delicious recipes found here on the SSW website



  • Creating Healthy Lifestyle Habits - Includes maintaining a relatively clean and organized home environment
  • Using natural, non-toxic home &  body care products 
  • Meditation & Mindfulness or use of guided therapeutic visualizations, or any activity or practice that can help you still your mind
  • Positive Thinking and Affirmations
  • Emotional Freedom & Balanced Moods ~ The Strong Spirit Self-Empowerment Process utilizes Holistic C.O.R.E. Counseling System and practices to help overcome debilitating and unresolved emotional reactions and triggers, to more consciously create your more desired outcomes, while a ketogenic and/or low-carb/hypercarnivore diet and the use of exogenous ketones can greatly improve moods, motivation, focus, and productivity


  • Connecting with Nature
  • Grounding
  • Leisure activities and maintaining interactions with family, friends, and like-minded people for which you share values, and can feel safe to express your true self
  • Rest

Qualities Of A Healthy Body

  • Appropriate muscular development and percentage of lean body mass
  • Flexibility and mobility of all joints - ability to move and use the body as Nature intended
  • Postural integrity and alignment
  • Coordination 
  • Endurance

Being physically healthy is more than just an absence from dis-ease.

Having excellent health also means being in your 'Right Alignment' ~ feeling rooted and connected, creating a livelihood that is aligned with your values, enjoying healthy relationships ~ and having plenty of energy to participate in activities that bring you joy, and fuel your dreams.

It takes dedication, perseverance, and integrity ~ being true to your word and commitments ~ to achieve good physical health.  However, making your health a priority can save you money, and help you improve the quality of your life, and that of your loved ones.

If you want to:

  • enjoy playing with your children
  • participate in athletic and recreational pursuits
  • have  maximum physical freedom and mobility
  • age gracefully
  • minimize or avoid the need for expensive drugs and surgeries, and senior care
  • exude self-confidence
  • take care of yourself and loved ones in an emergency
  • pursue your dreams

Then you will want to begin now ~ wherever you are, with whatever your current condition and resources ~ to take the steps that make sense for you to improve your physical health.

Video: How To Lose Weight, Part 1 ~ Begin with A Vision

Taking care of your self early on in life pays dividends!  Avoid the mistakes made by earlier generations who lacked the appropriate knowledge, and/or through neglect led many to experience  premature aging, crippling, and  physical decline.

Remember, you are never too old to make positive changes that can greatly improve the quality of both your health, and your life.

Ready to get a jump start on eating a simple, natural, delicious healthy diet that has been more scientifically proven to help prevent diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and other health issues than what the mainstream talking heads purport?

Eat the foods your ancestors, and earlier generations ate that maintained slim and healthy bodies, and good health relatively free of our modern diseases!  

Learn how to trust your true nature, and eat the right foods for you in The Trust Your True Nature Low-Carb Lifestyle, available in paperback, Kindle, and e-book formats, with or without color photos.

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Having a clean, organized, and decluttered home environment will help save time, and can improve your clarity, focus, and moods!  Hoarding may also be associated with 'holding on' to excess weight as well as excess 'things.'

A warm, inviting, simple and nurturing home environment that is arranged to reflect your personality and needs can not only help improve your physical health, it can inspire greater creativity and  self-expression, and soothe your very soul.

Greater flow = better ability to attract all your heart and soul most desires of meaningful work, better financial flow, and loving relationships.  

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