Personal Medicine Readings Reveal Your Spiritual Gifts, Animal Guides &
Nature Allies

Personal Medicine Readings are my favorite readings to do for both myself and others as they can help us connect with our own true spiritual gifts, and greater resources in the natural world.  

When we are in the throes of challenging situations, it can seem difficult to think that we have an inner and outer wellspring of resources we can call upon for assistance.   

Personal Medicine Readings can help you connect with your own inner strengths, and the powers, or 'medicine' of animals, birds, trees, plants, and other natural elements of the Earth.  The medicine of the animals, birds, and Earth elements grounds us into the present moment ~ the only place we have the power to make changes.

There is a longstanding practice among many indigenous populations, including the ancient Celts, the American Indians, and shamans from all around the world to look to Nature for messages in response to a query, or insight.  Our early ancestors revered certain animals for their  various strengths, and would call on, or connect with the spirit of whichever land or sea animal, bird, or specific tree that offered the character traits needed for a particular task, or for guidance or healing.

The website, What's Your Sign, explains the symbolism behind the various animals most revered by the early Celts: 

 "Celtic animals as symbols, just like all symbols, signs or totems hold incredible power and fascination for us all.  More importantly, animal symbols serve as reminders of qualities (i.e. strength, courage, patience) we all want to have. As reminders, these animal signs convey deeper meaning, and also provide us with an illustrative focus - providing an aid on our path to obtaining the qualities of virtue we desire."

Personal Medicine Readings are designed to guide you to recognize your own inherent strengths and gifts, and/or help you to receive the assistance from various 'spirit helpers' which bring their personal medicine to you, empowering you with all you need to handle whatever life presents to you.  

They can help supply you with the very traits or virtues most needed in a particular situation, whether to help you deal with a pending court case, boost your confidence during a job interview, or to summon courage to make some needed changes to your relationship, or in any aspect of your life.  

Wolves in Winter, courtesy of

Personal Medicine Readings remind us of the interconnectedness of all life.  They can teach us how to live more in harmony with Nature's rhythms to experience greater health, balance, and flow in our lives.  

The animals and birds act as guides, helping us restore a sense of wholeness by bringing in the very qualities needed ~ their unique strengths or 'medicine' ~ to complement your own personal medicine, or weak spots.  

Likewise, we can learn how to balance ourselves by consulting the Celtic Tree Oracle Deck, and Earth Magic Oracle Cards.

All of Nature is interconnected.  The animals, birds, and plants want to help us forge a more cooperative relationship, teaching us how to live more harmoniously, in ways in which all can better thrive.  A  Personal Medicine Reading can help initiate a new relationship between you and the many animal and bird guides and Nature Intelligence, or plant and tree Spirits that are an important aspect of our daily lives, even if we do not realize this.  

The messages and support provided during a Personal Medicine Reading can  help you navigate challenges while guiding you to align with your happiest and most prosperous life path.  

Your soul knows that when you are aligned and in your 'happy place' ~ you are more open to receiving the bounty of gifts life has in store for you.  You will feel lighter inside.  Your vibration lifts.  This helps you to in  turn  help  uplift others.  From a spiritual perspective, it's a win-win scenario.

According to Jamie Sams and David Carson, authors of the Medicine Cards, " anything that improves one's connection to the Great Mystery and to all life.  This would include the healing of body, mind, and of spirit.  This medicine is also anything that brings personal power, strength, and understanding.  It is the constant living of life in a way that brings healing to the Earth Mother and to all our associates, family, friends, and fellow creatures.  Native American medicine is an all-encompassing "way of life," for it involves walking on the Earth Mother in perfect harmony with the Universe."

"By understanding the meaning of animal symbols, we can adopt these meanings into our lives. The Celts knew this, and called upon the spirit of the animal that provided them with the insight and qualities they required.

Adopting animal symbols is an honorable and age-old practice of self- improvement. It is a concentrated effort to obtain the desired attributes of the animal itself. Furthermore, it is a pathway to internal investigation. Animals urge us to open ourselves to internal exploration, and ultimately they put us on the path of understanding." ~From What's Your Sign

The Bird Cards:

The Bird Cards oracle is a collaboration of author, artist, and those individuals that provided both the inspiration, and the synchronous links of bringing both Jane Toerien (author) and Joyce Van Dobben (artist) together, despite living on different continents to create this very special deck.  It was a process that unfolded organically, taking both on an unexpected journey of self-discovery while deeply 'listening' or meditating on the powerful medicine or messages offered by each bird in succession, until the 55th 'Bluebird of Happiness' (pictured on cover) came into being.

Michael J. Roads, author of several books which share his own stories of learning to listen to Nature, writes the forward. He was both inspiration through his own works, and the link to bringing Jane and Joyce together.  In the forward, he writes about the process of learning how to 'listen' to the "silent words that flow from Nature."  

He continues, "Listeners are required to close down all their own concepts, ideas, beliefs, expectations, and knowledge about Nature, enabling themselves to become purely receptive and responsive.  Too often, the listener's own agenda gets in the way, such as fears and worries about world events or perceived ecological destruction.  If a person believes that humanity or Nature must be 'saved', and has a desire to 'help' in this process, then the ability to 'listen' is so diluted as it filters through desires and concepts that the resulting words are no more than an echo of the listener's beliefs."

"Each species of bird, flower, tree, and other forms of nature, has an organizing force behind it that is intelligent and connected to the greater whole, which is God."

~ Jane Toeirin in the Introduction of  Bird Cards ~ The Healing Power of the Bird Kingdom

The Animal Medicine Cards:

What more can I say about the Animal Medicine Cards deck other than the medicine of each animal can be brought in to your awareness, providing balance, extra power and resources, and guidance, similar to the Bird Cards?

I can say much more, but will try to be brief.  The Medicine Cards, by Jamie Sams and David Carson,  was my very first oracle deck, purchased originally in 1991 while I was living in Grass Valley, CA.  I instantly fell in love.  

According to the authors, "In the spirit of the Wolf Clan, we as teachers have therefore chosen to devise a method of divination to assist each soul to find its personal pathway through the medicine of animals."  Their teachings were handed down from elders of several tribes, including "the Choctaw, Lakota, Seneca, Aztec, Yaqui, Cheyenne, Cherokee, Iroquois, and Mayan traditions."

The messages of the animals are insightful, to say the least.  I met Carson many years back, and received a reading from him.  Four of the five cards drawn were of the canine family.  The wolf, the fox, the dog, and the coyote.   Every canine related animal in the deck was 'randomly' pulled.  The odds of that were very rare in deed.  I could tell that Carson was as startled as I was by the end of that reading!

A Personal Medicine Reading includes cards from these three beautiful and powerful oracle decks

"Our intention, as shamans and healers, is to begin a process for many people who have never understood their connection to our Mother Earth and to all her creatures.  We hope to open a new doorway of understanding  for those who seek the Oneness of all life." ~Jamie Says & David Carson, authors of Medicine Cards

The Earth Magic Oracle Deck:

The Earth Magic Oracle Deck, by Steven D. Farmer,  is a beautifully illustrated and written oracle deck that brings many elements of the natural world into a light that is very insightful.  

Whether metaphoric or symbolic, the messages in this deck offer an opportunity for self-reflection, and a potential path for restoring greater balance in our lives.  The messages remind us again that we are connected to the natural world, and all life happens in cycles.  When we learn to surrender, and ride the currents of life, trusting in the grander scheme at work that we may not yet see, we experience less stress, and greater ease.

A basic Personal Medicine Reading includes 6 cards:  

  • 1 Bird Guide - message plus affirmation
  • 2 Animal Guides (which may also include members of the winged family)
  • 1 card from the Earth Deck, corresponding to many aspects of Nature and the natural world
  • 1 card from the Celtic Tree Oracle Deck

This spread is designed to help you:

  • Gain insight about your present life focus
  • Bring in the power or medicine of the various cards pulled ~ to help you feel more empowered, or balance a perceived weakness
  • Become more self-reflective about how the many unseen forces coexisting with us impact our lives
  • Feel more grounded
  • Provide an extra source of strength, or other needed quality while handling difficult situations
  • Help you recognize the unlimited potential to face challenges by working cooperatively with the Natural realms, especially the animal and bird guides who are here to be of service to you
  • Tap into what may be occurring subconsciously, causing your present 'obstacle' or life lesson

The Personal Medicine Reading can be done together by phone, or by email.

I also photograph your spread, and send a follow-up email with a brief summary of the personal medicine, message, and insights from each card.  The animal cards also have a reverse message.  I look at both, as it is always helpful to see how we may be potentially using our own power in a balanced and  imbalanced way, and how to self-correct.

I will send  photographs of your Personal Medicine Reading, and a more in-depth explanation when done by email. 

All Intuitive Oracle Readings that involve a 5-6 card spread, can be drawn from a blend of decks.

When we honor that we are part of the Natural world, we can more easily accept that ultimately, every extraordinary or spontaneous occurrence in our lives can be potential messages that our Higher Spirit or Soul wants us to receive.

God ~ the Great Creator, Universal Life Force, or Divine Intelligence ~ wants you to succeed and find your happy place!  You become a better instrument to channel your own authentic voice, gifts, creative expressions, and your Divine Purpose.  

As you share, you serve.  As you serve, you receive even more.

Here is an example of a variation of the Personal Medicine Reading that I recently pulled for myself, just prior to my birthday, using a slightly different combination of decks. 

Feel free to read my brief explanation of how the Personal Medicine Reading provided insights to me at this time period.  

It is just an example to help you better understand how readings can help us receive the feedback we need to either make a more informed, clear decision, or to better understand the purpose of current experiences.  Your Personal Medicine Reading will include much greater detail, especially focusing on the 'medicine' of a special bird message, your power animals, and Nature energies.

Knowledge is key!  Rather than second guess ourselves, or beat ourselves up, these messages can help us relax, trust, and/or take a different approach, whatever may be called for to restore balance, and align us on our most joyful life path.

A recent card spread I pulled for myself just prior to my birthday ~ A slight variation from the Personal Medicine Reading using the Goddess and Ascended Masters Decks along with the Animal Medicine Deck.

This variation of the Personal Medicine Reading, pictured above, was a mini spread that I pulled just prior to my birthday, at the end of March.  I put the cards aside to read more in-depth later, then forgot about them.  We went up north on my birthday, which happened to be the second full moon of the month, a blue moon.  We arrived early and spent a few hours at a local coffee house.  Don was reading a book about shamanism, and had me read a section about learning to commune with the moon.  People who are more sensitive tend to be good at 'listening' to the moon, and any member of the cat family is considered the ideal talisman for these individuals.  Cats are guardians of the night, and can help us be aware of what is hidden and unknown. They can help us learn to communicate and receive messages from the moonlight night.  

When I returned home from our day to revisit my spread, I remembered that I had pulled two cats, Bast, an Egyptian Cat Goddess, and the Black Panther! There is more to this story, and the synchronicities of 'cat' energy that I experienced on my birthday, while traveling home from being up North.  You can read more about it here.

Black Panthers are great animal guardian spirits.  I have had clients 'see' a Black Panther during energy healing sessions.  I mentally send (invite) this powerful cat to be with certain clients that seem in extra need of protection.  The 'medicine' of the Black Panther is learning to embrace the unknown.  She can also teach us to release our fears, and step into the full expression and power of Who We Really Are!

The other cards drawn complemented this over arching message. The Swan reminds us that when we surrender fully to life, and trust implicitly in the Divine plan for us, we enter a state of grace.  We transform from average (the ugly duckling) into the majestical Swan, and float through life with grace.  Perhaps my otherworldly floating sensations reflect my own recent entry into this Divine state of Grace.

Aine is among my favorites.  My middle name is Ann, to which I've begun to vary the spelling to Anya, which is how Aine is pronounced.  A leap of faith will be required for us to move and take steps towards bringing ourselves and greater visions into reality.  

Cordelia reminded me to get out in Nature, which was exactly what we ended up doing all day during our journey north!  Armadillo is another reminder to maintain boundaries.  (I quickly get out of balance when I don't!)

Weasel medicine is powerful medicine, fairly similar to the Black Panther in its ability to know the unknown.  People with Weasel medicine can often detect what others are hiding beneath the surface.  They know there is always more than one side to a story.

Note: A Personal Medicine Reading can be customized, using different decks as I have here if requested, however otherwise they will be as described above.

Receiving  Personal Medicine Readings can help us to become more aware of the many signs, guidance and messages from Nature we are always receiving.  The challenge is to learn to Trust your own hunches or intuition, and engage Nature more fully and wholeheartedly in this exchange.  Messages will come to you in a way that makes sense for you, based on your likes, your temperament, and how you perceive and interpret what Nature presents.  

Some people may see a lot of feathers when most needing confirmation that they are not alone, or perhaps that a 'trail' is being laid out for them to make small, incremental changes.

I have on three separate occasions seen pure white doves just prior to the passing of a beloved pet, friend, or loved one.  I have had extraordinary encounters with hawks, hummingbirds, herons, wolves, bear, and other animals, always reminding me of the omnipotent force of God expressing itself through all life, especially the animals and birds that are One with this Force or Presence.

Even the above cloud formation seemed to be a 'gift' from God indicating a blessing or offering.  Perhaps portending a healing in response to my own prayers, or a gesture of gifts to come.

All Personal Medicine Readings are conducted after taking time to tune in, and deeply listen.  

I feel a strong connection to the Animal, Bird, and Earth-based oracle decks.   The readings are designed to  help you gain clarity to your query, and to draw to yourself the powerful medicine each offers for healing and personal growth.

In addition to the Personal Medicine Reading, I also offer other Intuitive Readings, including Life Path/Celtic Cross Readings, Mythical Readings, and Runes divination, along with Channeled Healing Messages, and Reiki Energy Healing.   Read More.   Fees & Scheduling.

A Personal Medicine Reading can help you:

  • Gain clarity about important decisions
  • Forge a path using your unique gifts and 'personal medicine' that will bring you greater joy, harmony,  abundance, and inner peace
  • Restore balance and harmony to aspects of your life that are out of sync
  • Boost confidence
  • Validate your own instincts and intuition
  • Increase your Trust that you are not alone, and that you have many resources available to you to help you improve your health, and our life

It is my desire to help people connect with their greater resources, especially among the natural world, and receive the guidance needed to make more clear and informed choices.  

I also have a passion to live in the most aligned way possible.  I know this is the path to joy, and I encourage others to find the courage to trust and follow their hearts as well.  If my readings or coaching can assist this process, then I will feel like I am fulfilling part of my own Divine Purpose.