Personal Medicine Readings Connect You with Your
Greater Resources

Personal Medicine Readings can help awaken you to your true spiritual gifts, and a greater awareness of your allies and greater resources in the natural world.  

When we are in the throes of challenging situations, it can seem difficult to think that we have an inner and outer wellspring of resources we can call upon for assistance.   

Personal Medicine Readings help you recognize your inner strengths, hidden feelings, and potential blind spots, while also revealing your path, and recommended courses of action.

Regardless of what your mind, or lower ego voices may be telling you, there is a vast wellspring of wisdom and guidance that can be available to all, however many unconsciously ~ for one reason or another ~ either lack trust, doubt, resist, or block it out.

I share some common signs that indicate Nature (Great Spirit/ God or your Higher Self) is trying to get your attention to help guide or comfort you, along with my various Personal Medicine Readings, below.

There is a longstanding practice among many indigenous populations, including the ancient Celts, the American Indians, and shamans from all around the world to look to Nature for messages in response to a query, or insight.  Our early ancestors revered certain animals for their  various strengths, and would call on, or connect with the spirit of whichever land or sea animal, bird, or specific tree that offered the character traits needed for a particular task, or for guidance or healing medicine.

The website, What's Your Sign, explains the symbolism behind the various animals most revered by the early Celts: 

 "Celtic animals as symbols, just like all symbols, signs or totems hold incredible power and fascination for us all.  More importantly, animal symbols serve as reminders of qualities (i.e. strength, courage, patience) we all want to have. As reminders, these animal signs convey deeper meaning, and also provide us with an illustrative focus - providing an aid on our path to obtaining the qualities of virtue we desire."

Wolves in Winter, courtesy of

Personal Medicine Readings are designed to guide you to recognize your own inherent strengths and gifts, and/or help you to receive the assistance from various 'animal or plant helpers' which bring their personal medicine to you, empowering you with all you need to handle whatever life presents to you.  

They can help supply you with the very traits or virtues most needed in a particular situation, whether to help you deal with a pending court case, boost your confidence during a job interview, or to summon courage to make some needed changes to your relationship, or in any aspect of your life.  

All of Nature is interconnected.  The animals, birds, and plants want to help us forge a more cooperative relationship, teaching us how to live more harmoniously, in ways in which all can better thrive.  

"By understanding the meaning of animal symbols, we can adopt these meanings into our lives. The Celts knew this, and called upon the spirit of the animal that provided them with the insight and qualities they required.  Adopting animal symbols is an honorable and age-old practice of self- improvement. It is a concentrated effort to obtain the desired attributes of the animal itself. Furthermore, it is a pathway to internal investigation. Animals urge us to open ourselves to internal exploration, and ultimately they put us on the path of understanding." ~From What's Your Sign

There are a variety of readings offered, depending on your needs. 

The messages and support provided during any of the different Personal Medicine Readings can  help you navigate challenges, offer support, protection, wisdom, courage, and guidance to align with your happiest and most prosperous life path.  

Your soul knows that when you are aligned and in your 'happy place' ~ you are more open to receiving the bounty of gifts life has in store for you.  You will feel lighter inside.  Your vibration lifts.  This helps you to in turn  help  uplift others.  From a spiritual perspective, it's a win-win scenario.

According to Jamie Sams and David Carson, authors of the Medicine Cards,  

" anything that improves one's connection to the Great Mystery and to all life.  This would include the healing of body, mind, and of spirit.  This medicine is also anything that brings personal power, strength, and understanding.  It is the constant living of life in a way that brings healing to the Earth Mother and to all our associates, family, friends, and fellow creatures."

Personal Medicine Readings remind us of the interconnectedness of all life.  They can teach us how to live more in harmony with Nature's rhythms to experience greater health, balance, and flow in our lives.  

The animals and birds act as guides, or allies, helping us restore a sense of wholeness by bringing in the very qualities needed ~ their unique strengths or 'medicine' ~ to complement your own personal medicine, or weak spots.  

You can invite animal guides and nature helpers to support you at any time.  They can provide helpful insights into any issue or current challenges you are facing.

Several cultures believe that a particular animal guide, or guides, comes to you at birth.  If you never connected with it, it may no longer be around.  However, you can ask to become aware of which specific animal guide has been with you, and encourage it to work more closely with you from now on.  

Simply take time to meditate on your desire to connect, then, without trying too hard, just trust that you will in time receive a sign.  

You may already know at a subconscious level which birds, animals, or specific trees for which you have always most resonated with, or have had extraordinary encounters with ~ a good indication that these helpers are already here assisting you.

One of the Personal Medicine Readings is a 9-card spread, done in a very meditative state, to intuitively draw your primary totem animals, each representing a different aspect of your life.  

This is a sacred spread, typically only done one time, as they represent who you are, your gifts, challenges, and your personal medicine you carry in this life time.

Other spreads are available for seeking insights about new projects, relationships, or what you need for healing or resolution ~ whether physically, mentally/emotionally, or even financially ~ that can be done as often as needed.  

Aside from your primary totem animals, any animal, bird, or special herb or plant can provide assistance at any time, for a variety of purposes.

The interesting significance of these two cards shown is that both Don and I each pulled one card in response to a query about what each of us individually needs to know about our respective online business development. I pulled the crab which also happens to be the sign for Cancer. Don pulled the Big Horn Sheep (or Ram), which also happens to be the sign for Aries. Don is a Cancer, and I am an Aries. Clearly the answer to the query of what we each needed to do was found in the message of each animal, but also in our work together. What are the odds of each simultaneously puling the other's zodiac animal?

A Personal Medicine Reading can help you:

  • Gain insight about your present life focus
  • Tap into your unique gifts and 'personal medicine' in ways that will bring you greater joy, harmony, abundance, and inner peace
  • Boost your confidence
  • Clear obstacles or blocks
  • Restore balance and harmony to aspects of your life that are out of sync
  • Feel more grounded
  • Provide an extra source of strength, courage, focus, clarity, or other needed quality 
  • Provide support while handling difficult situations
  • Tap into what may be occurring subconsciously, causing your present 'obstacle' or life lesson
  • Gain clarity about important decisions
  • Validate your own instincts and intuition
  • Realize that you are not alone, and that you have many resources available to you to help you improve your health, and your life

Types of Personal Medicine Readings

The Personal Medicine Reading is done by email.  The prices reflect emailed readings.  A by phone, or private video reading is also an option for an additional $10 above the prices shown.

I take pictures of your spread, and email that along with the message in response to your particular query, or with respect to your current life path and potential direction.

The best way to do a Personal Medicine Reading is by preparing a question to ask, and determining the level of depth that would be most beneficial for you at the time of the reading.  

Alternatively, you can ask for a general life-path / life-direction reading, OR a reading for personal self-healing ~ whether physically, emotionally, or after a recent separation or loss ~ and for self-reflection when you want to become more aware of your subconscious feelings.

"Our intention, as shamans and healers, is to begin a process for many people who have never understood their connection to our Mother Earth and to all her creatures.  We hope to open a new doorway of understanding  for those who seek the Oneness of all life." ~Jamie Sams & David Carson, authors of Medicine Cards

  • To get started with receiving a Personal Medicine Reading, first clarify what you most desire help with.  Rather than asking yes/no questions, simply ask for greater clarity or insights about X,Y,Z concern or issue.
  • Determine if you feel more drawn to a simpler, or more in-depth reading.  Sometimes simple readings are easier to receive.  More in-depth readings use more cards, pulled to represent various aspects, or directions around the wheel (East, South, West, North, Above, Below, and Within), and the corresponding meaning to each direction.
  • Would you benefit from a reading that can help bring insights into what is needed for healing ~ whether from a nagging physical condition, old emotional wounds, or a recent separation or loss?
  • Are you at a juncture, or end of a cycle, and wanting to take stock of what you recently completed, what still needs resolution, and what medicine you need to create what is next?
  • Do you want to know 2 main animal and 1 main plant ally that can best support you right now?  Choose the 3-card spread.  Or, would you be interested in learning your nine primary totem animals that represent who you are and who is working with you in this lifetime?  Choose the 8-10-card spread.

Personal Medicine Readings -
Pricing, and How to Get Started

I often pull from more than one deck, to cross-reference, looking for patterns.  In general, while I may pull more cards than indicated, you will receive an explanation of the amount of cards indicated at the minimum.  I will email you an overview of your main cards, and any other insights, based on my own intuition, or if other cards were pulled.

You also receive pictures of the spread.

  • One-Card Spread - $7
  • Three-Card Spread - $21
  • Five - Seven-Card Spread - $42
  • Eight - Ten-Card Spread - $55

Contact me by phone or email to arrange for a Personal Medicine Reading.  We will discuss your question or issue of inquiry, then determine which spread would be best.

"Each species of bird, flower, tree, and other forms of nature, has an organizing force behind it that is intelligent and connected to the greater whole, which is God."

~ Jane Toeirin in the Introduction of  Bird Cards ~ The Healing Power of the Bird Kingdom

We are all receiving many messages on a regular basis, however, if we fail to tune in, or receive the message, it is lost on us.  Spirit wants to get your attention, and will do so in ways that make sense for you.  

Stay alert for the following possible signs you may already be receiving:

  • Any extraordinary encounter with a bird or animal that is especially unusual, unexpected, or in sync with something you were just thinking about in your mind, and/or because you were 'too in your head'
  • Trails of feathers, or a special feather found where least expected
  • Finding coins
  • Seeing special cloud formations
  • Always seeing certain numbers, or number sequences
  • Continually hearing a particular song that reminds you of someone
  • Seeing white doves prior to, or just after a loved one, or beloved pet has passed
  • Sudden shifts in the wind, or strong breezes

 "In the spirit of the Wolf Clan, we as teachers have therefore chosen to devise a method of divination to assist each soul to find its personal pathway through the medicine of animals."  

~Jamie Sams and David Carson, authors of the   Medicine Cards.

The animals can help us to see how we may be using our own power in a balanced and  imbalanced way, and how to self-correct.

You are here to liberate your true inner power and divine potential to help you live your most illuminated life possible, and the various messages and wisdom offered by Nature and the animal guides can be among your greatest resources to helping you get from Point A, where you are, to Point B, where you desire to be!  

In addition to the Personal Medicine Readings, I offer Energy Clearing & Re-Harmonizing, along with the Strong Spirit Self-Empowerment Coaching Packages 

Below are a few decks and resources I recommend to learn more about connecting with Nature and the wisdom of the animals.