Strong Spirit Personal Medicine Coaching

The Strong Spirit Personal Medicine Coaching Special Offer is a way to share my personal medicine with others who may, like me, have been on a life-long quest to create a life that works ~ an illuminated life ~ despite not being driven solely by making money in and of itself, and instead, often feeling like a round peg trying to fit into a square hole.

If like me, you have spent a lot of time, effort, and financial resources on trying to improve your physical health, and overcome old emotional triggers, low moods or negative mental habits, while simultaneously seeking a greater sense of connectedness, meaning, and purpose ~ then YOU may be an ideal candidate for my Strong Spirit Personal Medicine SPECIAL OFFER!  

(And, for a few lucky people, I have an EXTRA Special Personal Medicine Coaching SPECIAL OFFER, described below.)

Would YOU benefit from taking the Strong Spirit Personal Medicine Coaching Special?

If you answer a resounding YES to just one, or more of the following questions, you may benefit from taking the Strong Spirit Personal Medicine Special Introductory Offer.

  • Do you often feel like an outsider, or like a round peg trying to fit into square holes?
  • Are you easily overwhelmed, and find yourself often wanting to withdraw, or 'hide' from the world?
  • Do you desire to make a contribution in meaningful ways?
  • Do you desire to live a soul-satisfying life, one in which you wake up excited for each day?
  • Do you want to really love what you do, and enjoy the rewards of feeling valued for your service or contribution?
  • Do you often feel like something is missing?
  • Do you strongly believe you are meant to be with a particular partner that you have yet to meet, and it consumes all your waking thoughts?
  • Are you searching for your tribe to feel a sense of belonging, or to be among those you can trust implicitly to have your back?
  • Are you just curious about clarifying your personal medicine, and how that can greatly improve the quality of your life?
  • Are you struggling to get from Point A, where you are, to Point B, where you would like to be ~ whether 10-20+ pounds lighter, debt-free, in your Right Relationship, Right Home Location, and/or Right Livelihood?
  • Are you wanting to overcome bad habits, including unhealthy addictions and/or self-sabotaging lifestyle practices, or old unhealed/unresolved emotional issues?

Why is this an introductory offer?

Because we are all a work in progress.  The tools you learn here can be used for the rest of your life.  

However, I learned from direct experience that making positive changes to transform our lives can take time.  In many ways, it never really ends!

How long it takes an individual to make positive transformations, and begin living an authentic, illuminated life depends on the degree of personal inner work, or level of self-reflection already actualized.  

There are no quick fixes ~ whether for weight loss, or self-improvement on any level.  That being said, this is considered by many spiritual teachers to be the time of the Great Awakening.  

Changes can happen rapidly ~ when the conditions are right. 

The Strong Spirit Personal Medicine Coaching Package is designed to help you use your personal medicine, and create the right conditions to experience a more empowering, fulfilling and magical life.

Once you complete the  special introductory Strong Spirit Personal Medicine Coaching Package, you will be more familiar with the process, and can continue on your own, or with my ongoing support ~ at a discounted rate ~ should you decide to do so.

What all is included in the Strong Spirit Personal Medicine Coaching Special Introductory Offer?

  • My Block of 4 Hypnotherapy/Holistic CORE Counseling Sessions which includes 1 - 60 minute session (Reg. $70), plus three separate 45 minute sessions (Reg. $55 each) for only $212 (Saves $23 when pre-paid) ~ to be completed within 3 months 

  • One Energy Scan, Clearing & ReHarmonizing 45 minute session (Reg. $55) ~ also to be completed within 3 months

  • A 32 minute guided meditation, to clear obstacles and limiting beliefs, re-harmonize your energy, and meet your future self having what it is you desire.  (Reg. $20)

  • As part of this Personal Medicine Coaching package special offer, I will be available to answer questions ~ or for help if/when any difficult emotions or issues arise ~ via text, email, or by phone for three full months.  These 'Check-In' sessions are regularly billed at $20 per each 15 minutes.  Up to 4 - 15 minute Check-Ins per month, for each of the 3 months will be included in the Strong Spirit Personal Medicine Coaching Special (Total value $240, or $80 per month)

  • One Personal Medicine Reading ~ 3-4 animal helpers that are here to guide you in reclaiming your own personal medicine (Total value $21) ~ Emailed, or if needed, by phone

  • Special newsletters with tips, questions to ponder, and/or  additional animal or plant medicine cards drawn to connect with for greater insights and support.  Coaching clients will have the option to continue as a special subscriber to the Newsletter to receive exclusive content and special offers ~ including reduced rates for a possible future membership ~ not available otherwise.

  • Discounts on any additional Strong Spirit Holistic Health Coaching Services for the remainder of 2019.  $10 discount for every additional 60 minute session, $5 discount for every additional 45 minute session, or 15 minute Check-In.

  • An autographed copy of The Strong Spirit Self-Empowerment Plan, sent media mail. (Total value $25) 

  • Possible additional video and/or written support, audio meditations, or other surprise additions.

The absolute minimum value of this Personal Medicine Coaching Special Offer is $333, and up to $573 depending on how many Check-In sessions are included.

In addition, I will be sending special newsletters, and offering a $5-10 discount on all of my services for the remainder of the year!

I am offering this Strong Spirit Personal Medicine Coaching Special Introductory Offer for only $297!!! 

To learn about an even MORE amazing deal that I will be offering to a lucky few - keep reading!

I know how much time, money and energy it took for me to finally improve my physical health, experience freedom from negative mental habits including 'worry' and 'anxiety' as a default response, and transcend the old emotional wounds, and personal 'story' that long held me back.

My desire is to help others have access to simple, affordable and effective tools that are empowering, and help individuals transcend mental, emotional and physical dis-ease.

My passion is helping people harmonize every aspect of their lives in the most healthy, uplifting, meaningful ways.

What are you willing to invest in order to help evolve and uplift your least evolved parts that are the key to being able to get from Point A, where you are, to Point B, C and beyond?  

As my teacher, Dr. Hart, the creator of the Holistic CORE Counseling system would always say, "You only evolve as much as your least evolved parts!"

What do you believe the value would be for you to receive the guidance and mentoring that you may have long yearned for if it could help you really transform your life, for the better?

We spend years, if not decades do-ing, eating, or investing in tasks, foods, and limiting ideologies that led to our current conditions.  

It will take time to own our issues, and un-do what no longer serves our greatest possible unfoldment.  

However, your life is worth it!  You will experience much greater flow when you live in harmony with your authentic, core desires and Personal Medicine!

You can remain in status quo, or you can step out of your comfort zone to create something much better.  You simply need to be willing to show up, and commit to the process.

I am willing to help 2-3 lucky individuals who are willing to give this process a try at the most reduced rate possible!

I will allow YOU to decide what the value would be AFTER you have completed the Personal Medicine Coaching Special!  

In exchange for YOUR before/after testimonial, feedback, purchase of my book from Amazon along with a review, AND an estimated amount that you believe it was worth ~ I will offer a lucky few a chance to participate in my newly created and unique Personal Medicine Coaching Special nearly for FREE!  

Donations ~ at whatever level is comfortable, and comes from the heart ~ will be gratefully appreciated.  

The only other stipulation is purchase of my book to be able to leave a review on Amazon.  Read the details here.  Contact me if interested using the email provided in the 2 page doc. explaining the details.  

Ready to get started?  

Are you interested in being one of the lucky few that can help me beta test this awesome, one-of-a-kind Personal Medicine Coaching Special?  

Have questions?  

Please contact me to arrange for a by phone consultation, to discuss the opportunity, and help decide if we would be a good match to work together. 

The spam filters are strong, so if you email, and do not hear back within 1-2 business days, please text me at the number below to alert me that you sent an email.  I will  text or call back as soon as I am able.

Text/call me at 480-323-5272

I look forward to hearing from you!

I am offering my Strong Spirit Personal Medicine Coaching Special Introductory package ~ for little more than the cost of the Hypnotherapy/Holistic CORE Counseling Sessions plus the Energy Clearing & ReHarmonizing, and the Personal Medicine Reading ~ for a limited time, and for a limited number of people.

You pay only $297!  

The Clear, ReHarmonize and Meet Your Future Self meditation / movie, my autographed book, and up to 4 - 15 minute Check-In sessions are included for FREE!  (You only pay for the cost to ship my book)

I'll be available for a FULL THREE MONTHS supporting you every step of the way!  PLUS, you will be able to continue with my services at a $5-10 discount for the remainder of 2019!  

And who knows what else?  I may start a subscription plan, and you'll be invited first ~ perhaps as a guest for the first three months ~ and/or discounts on upcoming guided visualization audio files, however, I'm getting ahead of myself.

For those who are on a tight budget ~ I am offering three tiers for the Strong Spirit Personal Medicine Coaching Special:

  1. Tier 1 - $297 - includes all of the above.

  2. Tier 2 - $211 - includes:  1 - 60 Minute Hypnotherapy / Holistic CORE Counseling Session, 1 - 45 Minute Follow-Up Session,  plus 1 - Energy Clearing & ReHarmonizing Session, the Personal Medicine Reading, plus all the rest.

  3. Tier 3 - $175 - includes  2 - 15 Minute Check-In Sessions each month for 3 months, access to the Clear Obstacles, ReHarmonize & Meet Your Future Self Empowering Guided Meditation, Newsletters/Emailed instructions and surveys to help guide our Check-In sessions, $5-10 discounts on any additional services for the remainder of 2019, and an autographed copy of The Strong Spirit Self-Empowerment Plan, which includes shipping if within the United States.  

Once we have spoken and determined this to be a good fit, you can return here to pay using the links below, or you can pay directly by phone.

Personal Medicine Coaching Special

You may be wondering about the inspiration behind the Personal Medicine Coaching Process...

The inspiration behind Personal Medicine Coaching Special struck me like an 'aha' one day, yet it really was a result of the conditions being right ~ having overcome a lifetime of physical and emotional challenges ~ for everything to finally click into place.

I often felt as if I had been turned sideways in life, and as a result, I spent an enormous amount of my time, energy, and financial resources trying to right myself back up.

I had a myriad of physical, mental, and emotional challenges that plagued me no matter what all I tried.  I devoured self-help books, went to various practitioners, and completed a variety of holistic health certification courses, including some that were more esoteric.

Parallel to my growing 'tool bag' of licenses and certifications was a growing debt.  Despite often being referred to as 'gifted' I struggled to put myself out there.  As I wrote above, I often felt like a round peg trying to fit into a square hole.

Unfortunately, over the years, I 'learned' (as most of us have) to not trust my instincts.  And my more introverted nature caused me to experience growing insecurities, lack of confidence, and self-doubt.  While I was fairly adventurous in my earlier life, I became more timid over time.  

In fact, I would sometimes feel like a paralysis would come over me, which I now understand to be part of the 'fight, flight, or freeze' response to fear.

At one point, I came across a few books that helped me to better understand my introverted brain, and high sensitivities which I realized had contributed, at least in part, to my insecurities, and instinctual desire to withdraw from the world when over stimulated.  (I have these books linked below.)

However, I still was dealing with ongoing health issues, a lack of control over my emotional triggers, and unhealed earlier life traumas, slights, disappointments, and regrets.

To keep this story short, in 2007, while living in New Mexico, I had a minor nervous breakdown.   As a result, I decided to move back home to the Midwest, which ended up being fortuitous timing as my mom ended up going through back surgery.  Since I was pretty engaged in assisting her, I focused on trying to develop an online business, and self-improvement.   

I took stock of my situation, and realized that I was a big part of my own problems.  No matter what had happened in the past, I was the one running the show, and I wasn't always doing so very elegantly!

I had fancied myself to be a very upbeat, positive person ~ which I could be ~ yet, in a moment of radical self-honesty, I realized I had a lot of habitual, negative thought patterns!

I realized that if I wanted to create a better tomorrow, I had to become better today!  I had to upgrade my self-talk, and rewire my deeply held, limiting beliefs.

In 2009,  I completed Dr. Martin Hart's Holistic CORE Counseling certification program, and have been using the tools in everything I do since.  This course is hands down the most worthwhile and valuable program I have ever taken. 

I spent most of my life 'searching' ~ searching for answers, meaning, my Right Partner, Right Home, Right Livelihood, or a better way.  I often asked myself, "Why, if I am so 'gifted' (as I had often been told), did I struggle so much to create a successful and satisfying life?"

A lot of the way society operated never made sense to me, and in fact, many systems in place seemed to be aiding in bringing about the individual and collective demise!  

So many people are riddled with addictions, malaise, stress, lack of personal satisfaction, and endless distractions.  The majority of people will eventually end up on medication, or have body parts removed or replaced.  And the amount of women taking anti-depressants, and/or who are suffering from anxiety, insomnia, and  a general lack of life satisfaction, or dis-ease has risen parallel to the rise in feminism.

For those seeking more specific help with weight/fat loss, improved health and energy, and/or overcoming self-sabotaging habits and/or addictions, you may also want to consider my Holistic Health Coaching Special Offer to see if that is more suited to your need.

Pratt Pier, Lake Michigan, Chicago

Despite limited resources, I managed to move to Arizona in 2010, and began a 300 hour clinical hypnotherapy certification program with Linda Bennet at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts.

Exactly what I needed showed up just in the nick of time.  Of course, some of that was more student loans, but it was as if the seas had parted, and I glided on through  

The process I went through at that time affirmed to me that there really was a sort of 'science' to manifestation.  The many hours, days, and months of literally singing positive affirmations to myself, and doing guided meditations and other inner work paid off.  I could feel the shifts taking place leading to my big break through.

Within 72 hours of landing on Arizona soil, I met my now husband, Don, the man I 'knew' I was meant to meet since I was a teenager, and would sit on Pratt Pier, looking East off Lake Michigan.  He happened to be from Ohio ~ east of my home in Chicago!

The tools I learned from the Holistic CORE Counseling system are woven into the Strong Spirit Personal Medicine Coaching Special, and discussed in The Strong Spirit Self-Empowerment Plan.

I have witnessed miracles ~ with my clients and myself ~ as the old, self-defeating tapes unwind from our psyche, lightening us up to more easily create our most illuminated lives. 

I have also always loved being in Nature.  The trees often provided solace during lonely time periods.  I seemed to have many extraordinary experiences with birds, especially birds of prey, and other animals as well.  I find incorporating Nature's medicine ~ including calling in our spirit animal helpers ~ to be incredibly supportive and empowering.  

Hence, the Strong Spirit Personal Medicine Coaching Special was born, helping marry my love of Nature ~ the birds, trees, animals, and other winged ones ~ with a passion to help myself and others live a more soul-satisfying life by expressing our unique personal medicine.

The good news is, the tools I use from the Holistic Core system are very effective.  You don't have to spend every free moment, for months on end singing positive affirmations to yourself, I promise!

You CAN transcend from lifelong feelings of being flawed, incomplete, or not worthy ~ as I have ~ using the tools I provide throughout all of my Holistic Health Coaching services ~ and especially with my new Personal Medicine Coaching process.

My 'training' ~ including all of what I now call 'life tuition' ~ took an enormous toll on me.  Heart break, debt, loss, regrets, and many disappointments.  Yet, once things finally clicked, it was as if a gust of wind blew all of that old pain and angst from my ceaseless struggles away.

During my ah ha moment, I realized my quest to upgrade my internal operating system, break free, and clarify my personal medicine was training me to eventually help others do the same.  

The Strong Spirit Personal Medicine Coaching program was born as a means of finally sharing my own personal medicine in joyful, meaningful and rewarding ways, in hopes of helping others be spared the massive investment of time and resources that it took me to finally 'Right' myself.

I believe you will enjoy  the Strong Spirit Personal Medicine Coaching process, which is why I am offering it at a special rate.  

In exchange, I would like your feedback and progress.  How did the process help you?  Your testimonials and input are valuable to me, in order to help me to continue to refine and improve all of my Holistic Health Coaching Services, and especially to make this Personal Medicine Coaching process as effective, enjoyable, accessible and rewarding as possible!

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