Simple Low-Carb Recipes

Our Low-Carb Recipes are very simple, and follow along with the guidelines outlined in The Trust Your True Nature Diet Plan.  Each person will need to determine the amount of carbohydrates that they can safely and healthfully consume, while also choosing the best foods for your particular condition and needs, as I wrote about here.  You can also read more about what constitutes healthy eating, living healthy, and what all is involved in having good physical health in each of the linked respective articles.

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Our Trust Your True Nature (TYTN) Low-Carb Recipes

Greens & Vegetables 

TYTN Low-Carb Recipes for Healthy Snacks or Mini Meals

Fruit Salads

Fruit Salads are very refreshing, and a nice complement to the more savory meats and animal foods.  Enjoy them raw or stewed!

The protein and fat content can be boosted by adding whole-fat cottage cheese, yogurt, or Skyr (a Swedish version of a denser, Greek-sytle yogurt).

 Choose fresh, seasonal and local fruits according to your needs, cravings, and condition.  Those with trouble losing weight may be very insulin resistant.  Fruit may need to be minimized until greater health & weight loss is achieved.

Our Low-Carb Recipes for Healthy Snacks are like super simple mini meals.

Bone Broth & Soups

Bone Broth is probably one of the best Low-Carb Recipes you would benefit from adding into your routine.

The collagen and minerals in the broth from letting bones, a little seaweed and various vegetables gently simmer all day or over night is truly a nutritional powerhouse.  Once made, it can be easily turned into a flavorful soup, such as the Chicken Vegetable Soup shown on the top (R), as a base for sauces, or added to a pan when roasting chicken or turkey.

I have a Bone Broth Using Chicken or Turkey Bones Recipe already up, with a Beef Bone Broth recipe to come, however the procedure is really the same.  (You'll get the basic steps on the Beef Vegetable Soup w/ Jobs Tears recipe here.) The joints and cartilage from chicken and turkeys is super beneficial for your own joints, skin, hair, and digestive health.

I also have an Easy Broccoli Soup, and Creamy Cauliflower Soup recipes (hold outs from my previous vegan recipes) which can be made vegan, or by using the bone broth.

Low-Carb Recipes for Main Entrées

Low-Carb Chicken Recipes

(From top L to R, bottom L to R)

Meaty Low-Carb Recipes w/ More to Come!

More Low-Carb Recipes...

There are more low-carb meal ideas & recipes on the Living Your True Nature blog.  Check out the tags, or also see this page for more meal ideas.

NOTE:  In case any links do not work, I may have merged the blog onto the website, and inadvertently missed updating a link or two.  If so, check the recipe list at the top Navigation, as those recipes are found here in the SSW / Trust Your True Nature website.

Sirloin Steak w/ Pan-Fried Zucchini, Tomato, Onion & Bell Pepper
Cooked Kale & Steak Salad

For those who want vegan recipes...

There are many great recipes for soups, greens, land & sea vegetables, stir-fries, tofu, tempeh, beans and whole grains including  porridge, congees, millet squares, healthy treats and more on my previous books including Basic Macrobiotic Menus & Recipes, & Make Every Bite Count.

While I am not eating these foods at this time because of being too sensitive to excess carbohydrate intake,  the recipes are pretty simple and delicious.  I advocate a lower-carb diet that can be flexible depending upon your condition, health and personal needs.  Some people can tolerate more carbohydrate-rich foods than others.  Getting the bulk of your carbs from vegetables, fruits, and smaller amounts of whole grains or beans is best.  However, always choose low-glycemic carbs from whole grain sources over more refined alternatives.  For example, the more traditional European dense rye and pumpernickel breads are lower glycemic than whole wheat, and beans in general are lower-glycemic than most grains.

If you desire to eat a more moderate versus low-carb diet, and you want to include lentils, beans, or whole grains into your diet on occasion, and / or if you know you tolerate these foods, then you will love the many great recipes in my previous books!  

Tofu, Onion & Red Pepper Stir-Fry
Carrots, Onion & Dulce Seaweed
Quinoa, Kidney Bean & Vegetable Salad
Red Beans, Squash & Kale Tacos on 100% Whole Wheat (or Sprouted Grain) Tortillas

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