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The TYTN Low-Carb Lifestyle ~ Unleash Your Inner Carnivore and Restore Your Health is NOW AVAILABLE in paperback from Amazon for only $8.99!  

The book was briefly made available, both in print and in e-book format albeit a bit prematurely.  Upon further review, some needed changes were made.  One major change is removing all the food photos.  While they add a lot when viewed in color, they do not look good in black and white.  Adding color photos required me to charge a minimum of $31.00 per book, as per Amazon regulations.  I prefer that this book be made available at an affordable price ~ ONLY $8.99 ~ to reach as wide an audience as possible.  Both Don and I believe many can benefit from adopting a low-carb diet plan, especially when applying the very flexible strategies outlined in this book.

Because I am so eager to get as many people to improve their health by adopting a personal, customized low-carb diet, I am also NOW OFFERING A FREE E-BOOK PDF VERSION!  

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I have added the pictures back into the Kindle and the FREE E-BOOK versions of the book.  I personally believe the photos add a lot of inspiration, and a nice added visual to complement the super simple and delicious recipes!

The Trust Your True Nature (TYTN)  Low-Carb Lifestyle  is based on the traditional foods consumed by humans for thousands of years, prior to the Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions.  It is an outline for a healthy diet, but can be modified according to one's personal needs and health goals.  The book features many super simple meal suggestions and recipes that are quick to prepare, delicious and satisfying.  

I also share a bit of our own health journey as we experimented with the entire spectrum of dietary styles, most recently a very produce-rich, plant-based, and higher protein macrobiotic diet.

While this is a low-carb diet plan, it is not based on rigid rules of what you should or should not consume, nor is it a precise formulaic approach.  

I do not give specific meal plans, nor make strict recommendations of the total amount of macronutrients ~ proteins, fats, and carbs ~ that each person should eat, as each person has different needs.

It's about helping you learn to eat more instinctually, and let your body guide you to your most optimal food selections.

Instead, I share my own experiences, how to customize according to your needs, and what to expect.  

I outline a basic plan, and encourage readers most of all to learn to be guided by their own sensory and internal cues.  The simpler your diet, the easier it is to determine which foods you best tolerate, and which you may not.

We believe learning to Trust Your True Nature is a more empowering approach, after all, don't you want to become more in control of your health destiny?  Wouldn't it be nice to have an instinctual knowing to guide you, rather than relying on so-called expert opinions?  

We  are hard-wired to know what we need to support our health.  All animals are, and we are human animals.  We have been equipped with  sensory organs that can guide us towards the right foods and life situations.  All we need to do is get our mind out of the way, and let our body be the guide!

Often, what the so-called experts tell you is misleading, reductionistic, or simply not backed by the actual evidence that has existed for several decades, if not longer, but kept from the mainstream public.

The TYTN Low-Carb Lifestyle is intended for the larger audience of people desiring to improve their health, while still unwinding from mainstream ideologies. 

In truth, the primary and most essential basic foods we are meant to consume as human carnivores ~ the flesh, organs, and  fat of animals, including raw dairy products  ~ are the foods modern and ancient primitive societies have consumed throughout history while maintaining excellent physical health.  

Eating in a manner that we are actually intended to eat will help us maintain the integrity of our teeth, bones, vision, vitality and reproductive health, while helping us live free of dis-ease ~ the level of health we are actually meant to experience.  We are here because our ancestors ate these foods, as these foods support fertility.

It is only by consuming what is most suitable for our health that our full capacity for health and vitality will blossom.  When we align ourselves in all ways, including our right diet, we become more aligned in ALL ways, establishing the foundation required to realize our full and divine potential and divine purpose.

Foods included in The TYTN 
Low-Carb Lifestyle ~ Unleash Your Inner Carnivore & Restore Your Health!

The TYTN Low-Carb Lifestyle  includes animal foods as primary staple food choices.  Animal foods provide important nutrients, like iron, zinc, selenium, choline, and many B vitamins that can easily become deficient for long term vegans.  They are in a more bio-available form, and easier to assimilate.  (I list a few common symptoms of deficiency here.)

For many years, I believed the many advocates of vegan and vegetarian diets claiming that other than having Vitamin B12 levels checked, and getting adequate sun exposure, you can easily meet your needs  from a well planned vegan diet.

However, whole grains, whole or refined grain products, beans and legumes, and even nuts, seeds, and many greens and vegetables contain phytic acids that block absorption of many of these nutrients, causing subtle, low-level deficiencies which can show up as significant symptoms over time. 

Based on our own experiences and recent research, we no longer recommend a vegan diet for anyone  long-term.  

The insulin effect on the body from consuming excess carbohydrates ~ including so-called 'healthy' carbs, like grains, pastas,  potatoes, and even excess fruits and vegetables ~ are a more likely source for obesity, diabetes, and many other of our 'diseases of civilization.'

As I wrote in The TYTN Low-Carb Lifestyle, while it is ideal to choose the best quality foods you can budget, just do your best!  It's all about choices, and your choices can change over time.

When able, either support local farmers, get on herd share programs, or start your own homestead!

The TYTN Low-Carb Lifestyle outline is as follows:

  • Primary staple foods that can be eaten freely
  • Supplementary foods that can be enjoyed with caution, as per individual tolerance
  • Foods that are greatly minimized
  • Foods that are generally best to exclude for most of us, most of the time because they are either of very low nutritional value, or are known to be harmful to health
  • The TYTN Lifestyle Plan Basics
  • What to expect
  • Meal and Snack ideas
  • Beverages
  • Final Thoughts
  • Resources and links to more recipes

The TYTN  Low-Carb Lifestyle ~ Unleash Your Inner Carnivore and Restore Your Health,  is simple to read with larger print typeface.  

The Kindle version includes the original food photos, and some new added bonus pictures.  

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Learn how to marinate and season meats so they come out perfectly tender and juicy.

Never Tire of Eggs ~ One of  Nature's Most Nutritionally Balanced Foods

Learn how uncomplicated and enjoyable our simple meals can be, like our healthy low-carb snack recipes found here, and in The TYTN Low-Carb Lifestyle.  

Grab your favorite stainless steel containers to take your delicious soups and snacks with you to go ~ like we do every work day ~ and save money from eating out, while minimizing waste in our already over-flowing landfills!  It's a win-win!  

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You can also learn how to make these super easy, four-ingredient Hemp, Chocolate Almond Power Bars ~ original recipe by Don.

In The TYTN Low-Carb Lifestyle, you can also learn how to customize your diet to best suit your needs, such as:

  • Who may do better eating more frequent meals, versus fewer meals
  • Who may better tolerate a higher consumption of carbohydrates
  • My simple formula for successful weight loss
  • How we often eat a higher protein, or 'hypercarnivore ketogenic diet' ~ with vegetables used like condiments
  • And more!

After five+ years eating what I thought was a super nutrient-dense diet, I found myself prematurely aging, with dry skin, and ongoing loss of motivation and fatigue.

I rationalized these symptoms away, preferring to stick to the belief that eating animals was bad for our health.  I figured I live in a dry climate, so my skin is dry.  I am working hard, so I'm tired.

I learned never to doubt my own true nature, and the messages my body was sending me through my various symptoms, including ongoing phlegm congestion, horrible allergies, and lots of twitchy joint pain, to name a few.

Paperback only $8.99!

Kindle version w/ color photos only $7.50!

Most startling is that I had a difficult time gaining muscle mass, and losing body fat while eating a low-fat diet!  

Here is a look at the changes I made in only a few months of eating a low-carbohydrate, high-fat diet.  I have chronicled my journey and show more pictures of my progress in my LivingYourTrueNature blog.

Learn how easy and enjoyable this lifestyle can be by reading more in The Trust Your True Nature Low-Carb Lifestyle ~ Unleash Your Inner Carnivore and Restore Your Health!  

All support received from your trust in purchasing this is greatly appreciated.  

I am available to help coach you or would love to hear about your own success stories!

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Check out The Trust Your True Nature  Low-Carb Lifestyle I know you'll enjoy this book, and achieve great results if you follow the TYTN Low-Carb Lifestyle and Diet Plan basic outline.

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The key to The TYTN Low-Carb Lifestyle  is to eat consciously and judiciously.  

The diet can be as produce-rich as you tolerate.  Some people love to eat lots of greens and vegetables, others do not.  Eat enough for you.  

Many people are improving their health by avoiding them all together!  I know that seems counter to what we have all been taught, but there are actually many anti-nutrients in these seemingly benign, modern, man-made foods.  Trust your true nature!

Chx thighs marinated in lemon, cooked on stove top iron grill pan, served w/ big vegetable medley stir fry.
Simple pan-fried (or baked) cod w/ a bell pepper relish, and chopped radish greens salad




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