Low-Carb Hypercarnivore Coaching

Our Low-Carb Hypercarnivore Coaching is a unique style of eating that focuses on including 70% or greater total calories from animal foods which contain essential nutrients that best support human health not found in plant foods.

We (Don and I) coach clients with some nutritional basics, outline a super simple plan, then tweak it as needed, for maximum results.  We offer our combined direct experiences, and the extensive research outlined in Don's latest book,  The Hypercarnivore Diet.  

Our Low-Carb Hypercarnivore Coaching is designed to help you be fully supported as you acclimate to a new way of eating, while achieving your health and weight loss, weight gain, or weight management goals.  It is customizable for your needs, budget, time constraints, current condition, health goals, and level of motivation and self-discipline.

We encourage people to learn to trust their true nature, and instincts, avoiding the dogma and rigid rules currently prevalent among many one-size-fits-all dietary approaches.

Low-Carb Hypercarnivore Coaching can help you feel more motivated, inspired and supported to make the appropriate changes, and realize your health goals.

We help each individual customize their best choices of animal and plant foods, quantities of fat, protein, and carbohydrates, and recommendations for supplements, based on health history and health goals.

We generally recommend  'meats and sweets' ~ or meat plus seasonal fruits.  Early humans consumed a much higher ratio of potassium to sodium than modern conventional diets.  Getting adequate potassium is especially important on a low-carbohydrate diet.

Animal foods provide the most bioavailable nutrients, such as iron, zinc, several B vitamins, amino acids, essential fatty acids, Vitamin A, forms of Vitamin D, K2, and more. 

Fruits are higher in minerals, including potassium and carotenoids than animal foods, and may provide the right type of fiber for optimal digestive health.  They also contain less potential toxins, such as oxalate acid, than greens and vegetables, most of which are hybridized versions of the original plant, including kale and broccoli.

During a Low-Carb Hypercarnivore Coaching Session, we can help you determine the types and amounts of animal and plant foods that best help you thrive, and according to your tolerance. 

We are passionate about optimizing our  ability to age gracefully, and maintain strength and flexibility, and freedom from chronic disease throughout our lifetime.  We would love to help you do the same!

My body composition transformation after one year following our Keto-Hypercarnivore diet! We went from high-carb, low-fat, produce-rich, plant-based to low-carb, hypercarnivore.

Receiving a Low-Carb Hypercarnivore Coaching session can help you gain clarity and focus, potentially saving you lots of time, energy, and financial resources by avoiding unnecessary mistakes.  

Don and I have direct experience in a wide variety of dietary approaches.  We have done extensive research, and will make recommendations of any supplements or herbal remedies that may be helpful during your coaching sessions.  

Our own low-carb/hypercarnivore Diet changes according to our individual health conditions, goals, and natural seasonal cravings. 

Low-Carb Hypercarnivore Coaching is an excellent alternative for those desiring one on one attention and accountability, and who prefer to avoid invasive procedures and costly pharmaceuticals which often fail to address the root problem ~ your biological needs for the most nutritious and bioavailable nutrients in the correct forms. 

During a Low-Carb Hypercarnivore Coaching session, we do not diagnose, nor are we a replacement for your standard medical care.

Don, 2018, age 57, had a 2.5 inch reduction in his waist circumference after 1 year following our low-carb, keto-hypercarnivore diet.

Every one of us has a Divine Blueprint for thriving, radiant health encoded within.   Likewise, our family history, ancestry, and DNA can predict a propensity for certain health outcomes and risks.  

The precarious balance between whether we express a weakened condition, or our Divine Blueprint for optimal health depends on many factors, primarily our day to day diet and lifestyle choices, how well we manage challenges and stress, and whether we are living in alignment with logos, or not!

If we eat the right foods, and live in harmony with our true nature, we can be more free to create a destiny of our choosing, and avoid foregone conclusions, including those written into our DNA.

The intention of our Low-Carb Hypercarnivore Coaching sessions is to help you activate your Divine Blueprint for health!

Unlock your Divine Blueprint for your most ideal body composition, and vibrant health!  

We will support you in discovering which foods help you to best thrive throughout the Coaching Process.

Photo taken 2018, age 55, ~ 1 year on our low-carb / hypercarnivore diet.


During a Low-Carb Hypercarnivore Coaching session, our goal is to help you recover lost vitality, reduce your fasting glucose and insulin levels, improve digestion, elimination, hormone and blood sugar balance, increase lean body mass, and lose excess fat ~ or whatever is needed per each individual.  Over time, you will experience stronger bones, teeth, greater vitality and immunity from diseases.

For those who are highly self-motivated, you may want to read The Trust Your True Nature Low-Carb Lifestyle, or  The Hypercarnivore Diet, by Don Matesz, scheduling a coaching session as needed when questions arise.  You can also download a FREE copy of The Hypercarnivore 30-Day Challenge

If you are ready to get started on a low-carb, hypercarnivore diet, I am currently offering very special hourly rates.  Read More

What brought Don & I to our Low-Carb Hypercarnivore Coaching approach?

Don and I discovered through direct experience just how ineffective diets were that excluded animal foods ~ despite focusing on tons of those 'healthy' dark leafy greens, and a variety of land and sea vegetables, in addition to whole grains and beans.  We not only did not realize our health goals, we had a decline in our vitality, skin, hair, vision, memory, focus, motivation, and more.

It can take patience to determine one's ideal balance of foods.  We can help you find what will work best for you during the low-carb hypercarnivore coaching process.

Don and I both obtained a Masters Degree in Oriental Medicine which helps us see health through a more time-honored, holistic lens ~ missing in our modern health care institutions.

We bring all of our training and experience to the table during our Low-Carb Hypercarnivore Coaching sessions.

Slow Roasted Beef with Fermented Red Cabbage & Onions
Pan-Fried Wild Salmon w/ Saute├ęd Onion & Pepper Medley
Pan-Fired Coconut-Herb Chicken
Soft & Creamy Scrambled Eggs & Bacon are a super easy and healthy breakfast!

Don shows the condition of his psoriasis at the end of our 5+ years eating a produce-rich, plant-based diet, and 6 months later following a low-carb, keto-hypercarnivore diet.

Here is one video of a series explaining why we switched from plant-based, to low-carb, keto / hypercarnivore.




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Many people have yet to experience the amazing benefits of being in ketosis.  Even those following a low-carb, ketogenic or hypercarnivore diet may not realize just how good you can feel ~ as I found out when I first tried the Pruvit exogenous ketones.  My brain felt more clear, sharp, and focused.  I even felt more uplifted and nearly elated! The results surprised me!

Taking Pruvit's exogenous ketones can help:

  • Elevate moods
  • Suppress appetite, and minimize unhealthful cravings
  • Increase clarity and focus
  • Improve sleep
  • Assist with realizing your ideal body composition
  • Provide the heightened experience of ketosis despite not following a strict, low-carb diet

Read more about what I experienced during my 10-Day trial 'Experience Pack' here, or watch a cute, short, 4 minute video to learn more about the benefits of exogenous ketones, here.

I will be available for ongoing coaching and support for those who purchase ketones.  Contact me if interested, or to learn more.

Here are a couple testimonials from my coaching process ~ from greatly simplifying a macrobiotic diet, to beginning our Carnivore Diet Coaching ~ clients appreciate how simple, and individualized  we make this way of eating.

"I enjoyed my (low-carb diet) coaching session with Tracy.  It was exactly what I wanted. Instead of just emailing me with a standard list of recommendations, Tracy made suggestions that seemed easy to implement, customized to my needs. It was exactly what I wanted." ~Anna D, Tempe, AZ

Testimonial from a client who at the time had a macrobiotic consultation.  This client became part of our own impetus to make changes, as she also experienced better results once she switched to eating a very low-carb diet.  After our coaching session, we all changed our diet, having realized the heavy grain, greens and bean-based diets were the source of our ill-health.

"Years ago I became interested in Macrobiotics as a healthy way of eating. I read several books. It all looked complicated at the time and I let the idea go. I started acupuncture treatment at Barefoot Acupuncture and saw that Tracy and Don supported (Ancestral) Macrobiotics. ...I had a (Macrobiotic) Health consult with Tracy. Her knowledge and approach gave me an new view and I was able to implement preparing, cooking and eating in a Macrobiotic style. Ongoing help and tips from Tracy has made the process much easier. Tracy's support has been so helpful to me, allowing me to enjoy this new way of eating. Tracy and Don's books on Macrobiotic eating have been a great guide. Tracy took a subject that could seem complicated and overwhelming and made it simpler and easier to understand and implement." ~ LHG, Phoenix, AZ

Ready to get started with Low-Carb Hypercarnivore Coaching?  Questions?  Click here to make contact.

Local residents can schedule by calling us at our Scottsdale office at 602-954-8016.  

Be sure to check out Don's site to learn more about sensible strength or body-weight resistance training, and improving mobility.

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