Simple Low-Carb Healthy Snacks or Mini Meals

Here are a few simple low-carb healthy snacks or mini meals that happen to be among my favorite as of late.  I am sure my favorites will change over time, especially as we reestablish ourselves on a piece of land where we can begin to produce more of our own food.  

Having quick, simple, healthy low-carb snacks, or mini meals, can make all the difference in sustaining a healthy low-carb diet.

Cottage cheese w/ berries, chopped walnuts, & a dusting of stevia.
Waldorf salad w/ sliced 'extra lean' ham, celery, apple, walnuts & gf cheddar cheese, tossed with a little xvoo, sea salt & pepper. Add a squeeze of citrus if desired. A great sweet,sour, savory, juicy, crunchy, & salty blend.
Cottage cheese w/ 1/4-1/2 chopped pear, some blueberries and chopped nuts. It's also excellent w/ fresh peach.
75-100g 'Extra lean' sliced ham w/ 1 oz. grass-fed sharp cheddar cheese, and sliced veg. such as cucumbers, celery, and/or radishes make a super easy snack, and provides a little sodium, important on low-carb diets.

While some of the low-carb healthy snacks pictured above include fruit, it can certainly be eliminated for those needing to restrict all fruit for a period of time, such as those with severe insulin resistance. 

That being said, if you enjoy fruit, especially during summer months, enjoy some fruit!  A little can be included in a healthy low-carb diet.  

I eat vegetables and some fruit, and still maintain less than 50g/day of carbohydrates.  The fruit provides a juicy, sweet balance to life.  

When you eat intuitively, and trust your true nature, you can enjoy the foods your body most craves ~ providing you remain within the broader parameters of the Trust Your True Nature (TYTN) Diet Plan, or the 30-Day Challenge outline (especially avoiding the foods outlined in the Healthy Diet article, here.  

Here are some simple, low-carb healthy snack or mini meal ideas.

First off, whenever possible, purchase 100% pastured animal food products.  Next best choice is locally produced.  After that, look at ingredient labels.  Some commercial brands that are not from your immediate area may have a better product.  For instance, Daisy dairy products which I believe opened a plant recently in Ohio (or is originally from there) has very few ingredients on it's cottage cheese label.  "Cultured skim milk, cream, and salt."

I've read many labels, and they have been among the only, even of those labeled organic, with just these three ingredients.  So, that gets my vote, and my dollar.  Many cottage cheese labels have several ingredients including stabilizers to make it a better final texture.  Likewise with yogurts.  Go for the fewest ingredients.  Sometimes, those products are very affordable too!  While other brands are often on sale for a steal, I am happy to pay more, for less ~ less ingredients that is.

1/2-1  cup of cottage cheese contains 110 cals, 13g of protein, 5g of fat, and 4g of carbs.  It's an ideal base for a quick snack.  Top with chopped fruit, nuts, a dusting of cinnamon, and a tiny pinch of stevia.  Or, pair with more savory flavors, and chopped vegetables.

If you don't have a lot of time to spend preparing meals on a daily basis, make a roast, or roast a big turkey breast.  That way you have super quick, low-carb healthy snacks or mini meals to put together for a few days.

Heat up some broth to have with your roast beef or turkey, and simply add the meat to the broth, or enjoy it on the side.  Roast beef and turkey is often better cold the next day!  Have with some grainy mustard or horseradish if desired.

Another easy low-carb healthy snack or mini meal is smoked turkey drumstick, often sold at supermarkets.  Just slice, pack and go.  It is really delicious, and tastes like a slightly less salty ham.  Turkey meat is very nutritious with an excellent amino acid profile.  The dark meat and skin is also high in minerals like zinc, iron and selenium.

The smoked turkey can also be simmered with chopped onion, cabbage, zucchini & tomato or other vegetables for a delicious, quick low-carb mini meal.  It's also good in omelettes, or bone broth with vegetables for a nice soup.

More Low-Carb, Healthy Snack or Quick Mini Meal Ideas

  • Eggs are super nutrient-dense, easy to cook, and easy to pack.  Have 1-2 hard boiled eggs with 1 oz. of cheese, or 50g of sliced meat like the extra lean ham or some roast beef, chicken or turkey, and a few lettuce leaves, celery, cucumber, or other vegetable.  Cut them up on a bed of lettuce if you prefer a salad.   Or make some deviled eggs!
  • Pickled veggies (homemade best, but Bubbies brand is naturally brined and fermented) with some animal protein of choice, and some broth.
  • Half an apple, sharp cheddar or goat cheese, and a few pecans, hazelnuts, walnuts, or dry roasted almonds.
  • A cucumber salad w/ tomato, red onion, & xvoo, a few black olives, and chopped sardines, tuna, or mackerel.
A pesto made w/ basil and/or parsley & xvoo makes a great dip for LO sirloin steak & veggie sticks.
Simple salad w/ left over (LO) roasted chicken thigh meat
Bubbies pickles and sauerkraut are naturally fermented in a brine, not vinegar.

One of the best things about a low-carb diet is how simple it can be to prepare quick, healthy low-carb snacks and mini meals.  If you stay open, and avoid getting pulled into the 'meat and saturated fats are bad for you' erroneous memes and belief systems, and trust your true nature, you can create simple low-carb healthy snacks or mini meals in a jiffy, with little time required, other than planning ahead to ensure you have easy to grab food on hand, or by spending a little time on the weekend preparing food.

Here is a page sharing  what our version of a healthy, low-carb diet looks like, plus videos of others sharing why a diet that is centered around animal proteins and fats, with some vegetables, nuts, and possibly a little fruit is a healthy diet, filled with nutrient-dense foods that are low-glycemic.

If using dairy products, stick to whole-fat options, such as whole-fat yogurt or cottage cheese.  When able, buy dairy from pastured cows.  

Everything is a matter of choices.  

If some simple foods that you may have previously believed to be not so healthy turn out to be time savers that can help you achieve your weight and health goals, than maybe it wasn't so unhealthful after all!  I know I've done a complete, unexpected turn-around, and I am so glad I did.  I feel more connected now than ever to my true nature, the symbiotic nature of plants + animals + humans, and my own human ancestry.

As a Strong & Smart Spirited Woman, it is important to continue to be discerning when taking in information from outside sources.  Run it by your own actual physical felt senses, internal wisdom or intuition.  

Eat right.  Eat smart.  Train smart.

Make being healthy a top priority.  Find the joy in preparing healthy, simple meals, including these low-carb healthy snacks to help you stay on check with eating to feel your best.

 Be sure to check out our other healthy low-carb recipes, such as those pictured below.  For more helpful information, tips, and recipes, you can also check out The Trust Your True Nature Diet Plan e-book.

Low-Carb Stuffed Peppers w/ Grass-Fed Beef
Burgers wrapped in lettuce w/ all the fixings you desire, good w/ pickles.
Honey-Baked Chicken Drumsticks w/ a salad

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What's your favorite go-to, low-carb healthy snack?  What was your favorite snack when not eating low-carb?  Feel free to share!