Life Path Readings Are available by phone or email

Life Path Readings are an excellent way to gain greater insights into your current situation, or help you better choose among various options you may be considering.  They can be very uplifting, yet direct, letting us know our potential obstacles or blind spots.  

A  reading will also clarify the many influences acting upon your issue or situation in question.  The recent past, and the upcoming future energies or themes are identified, along with the internal (subconscious) and external (others opinions, or conscious thoughts) influencing the situation.

Receiving a Life Path Reading can help validate your own inner knowing, and give you the confidence you need to move forward with a particular direction.  Or, the cards may reveal that your project or idea needs a bit more time to incubate, before  coming to fruition.

A recent Life Path Reading using the Angel Tarot. The Celtic Cross spread has been somewhat bunched together for the purpose of taking the picture.

I have two main decks I typically use for a Life Path Reading.  Both decks are quite insightful and revealing.  My primary deck for the Life Path Reading is the Osho Zen Deck (pictured below), as it is very direct and spot on.  I have used it for many years.  However, I also enjoy doing a Life Path Reading using the Angel Tarot deck as well, pictured above.  

I also offer a 'Double' Life Path  Reading, pulling the same spread using both decks.  This enables a cross-referencing.  I find it beneficial to use more than one deck at a time to further validate what  your own Higher/Greater Self and guides want to emphasize to you through the 'coincidentally' similar meaning cards..

In addition to a Life Path Reading, you may also be interested in these other specialized oracle readings.  I offer themed readings from a wide variety of decks.  Whether you resonate more with Animals, Birds, and Earth-based energies; Angels, Archangels, Goddesses, and Ascended Masters;  Mythical Spirits; or the ancient Runes as a form of divination, I can customize a reading to suit your needs.

Mythical Reading:

If you are feeling really adventurous, I highly recommend a Mythical Reading, which will provides a powerful, spiritual understanding of what you are currently experiencing.  

A Mythical Reading primarily uses two main decks which are created by Cholette Baron-Reid.  The Wisdom of Avalon, and the Wisdom (and many guides) of the Unseen Realms.

I absolutely love the symbolism and imagery on these decks.  I feel their power when I consult the decks.  These decks are not to be trifled with!

A Mythical Reading is different than  a Life Path Reading, in that I typically pull 6 cards, or three from each deck.  You will receive great insights as to your current situation, it is just less structured than the Celtic Cross spread used for a Life Path Reading.  

Despite being less structured, they leave a lasting impression, and provide a more ancestral, mythical, or metaphysical  link to our more mundane material reality.

The Runes:

The Runes are an ages old method of divination used by the ancient Nordic, Germanic, and Celtic people. 

The Celts used a system of divination based on the Ogham alphabets.  Runes and oghams were traditionally carved on bark or wood.  Symbols are the first language.  Symbols have a powerful impact on our subconscious mind, which perceives life though symbols, metaphors and images. 

The Runes offer insight into where you are in your path, and what your current circumstances are trying to show you. 

Personal Medicine Reading:

A Personal Medicine Reading is designed to help you make a deeper connection to Nature, and the natural world.

I pull from each of three main decks: The Birds, The Animal Medicine Deck, and the Earth deck.  These each have a particular 'medicine' that you can call upon to integrate into your own life for healing, boosting your confidence or increasing your courage, power, awareness, playfulness, or anything else you may need to restore balance, or to make changes.


A Life Path Reading is my Go To Reading whenever I am seeking greater insights into my current situation, or whenever I want to know what types of themes are in store for me.  

I typically do these readings around my birthday, at the end of the year as a 'year in review' and the beginning of the year to see what the upcoming year looks like.  

Anytime I am feeling a bit confused, overwhelmed, or I am having a difficult time choosing among various options, I consult my oracle decks.

The Life Path Reading:

The Life Path Reading is typically a traditional Celtic Cross spread.  I use the above deck most of the time, but I also have a separate Angel Tarot (by Doreen Virtue) that is also excellent for doing this spread.

As an alternative, a good spread to do to see what may be coming up for the year is a Month by Month Spread.  This involves pulling a card for every month of the upcoming year.  The year could be from the beginning of the calendar year, or a one year, month by month Life Path Reading beginning with your birth month.

The above Osho Zen cards divide the four suits as follows:

  • The suit of rainbows, representing the physical
  • The red suit of fire, an action oriented suit
  • The blue suit of the emotions
  • The grey suit of the clouds.  It is the suit of the clouds that is the most incisive at helping us break down our false illusions and self-denial.  

Usually, we are all that stand in the way of realizing our dreams.  The Life Path Reading using the Osho Zen deck will cut to the chase, and let you know where you are aligned, and where your thoughts or emotions may be all that is getting in your way!

I have always enjoyed  giving readings using the various oracle decks that I have collected over several decades.  While I am not trained in traditional tarot, I have a close connection with each of my decks, and I am a highly intuitive empath.  Every consultation is done with the purest of intent.  

I know life can be a challenge.  I also know that somewhere within us, we do have the answers, however we question what we know.  My desire is to help bring about the most appropriate insights or messages for you during our time together, while helping you realize you are more connected than your conscious mind realizes, and have access to a wealth of greater resources that can help you better manifest an abundant and joyful life.  

 They energies, or 'medicine' contained within the archtypal images of the various cards are here as aids to assist us on our journey through life.  Doing a reading can aid in your process of growth, healing, and self-discovery.

I see the decks and their respective messages as an extension of ourselves.  We all have a higher/greater self that is infinitely wise, and beyond the constraints of physical life on the material plane of existence.  Whether or not one 'believes' in Goddesses, or Ascended Masters, for example, is less relevant.  The messages will resonate at a deeper level.  They represent universal archetypal energies, and are presented in a way that we can receive that may be beyond our ordinary senses, or intellect.

To schedule any of my Intuitive  Readings, or for further questions, contact Tracy at 480-323-5272.

Give yourself the gift of an Intuitive Oracle Reading, or a Channeled Healing Message.  Enjoy receiving the messages and assistance from the many energies and guides here to help you.  Trust what your own Spirit is guiding you to know during the magic of the present moment.

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