Intuitive Oracle Readings 

Intuitive Oracle Readings are an excellent way to gain greater insights into your current situation, or help you better choose among various options you may be considering.  They can be very uplifting, yet direct, alerting you to any potential obstacles or blind spots.  

A  reading will also clarify the many influences acting upon your issue or situation in question.

Receiving an Intuitive Oracle Reading can help validate your own inner knowing, and give you the confidence you need to move forward with a particular direction.  Or, the cards may reveal that your project or idea needs a bit more time to incubate, before  coming to fruition.

There are a variety of ways to draw  the cards to bring in the most clear insights.  Much of it is based on each individual readers' personal methods, and the intent or definition given to each card drawn.  An example would be to pull three cards in response to a particular query, which could look like this:

  • Card 1 - The present situation
  • Card 2 - The action recommended
  • Card 3 - The potential outcome ~ which of course depends on the actions you decide to take.  

Alternatively, the three-card spread could more general, and represent your past, present, and most likely future outcome ~ as per the currents trending in your life at the moment.  

Remember, your future is not written in stone!  There are always multiple potential future realities!

If you want to align yourself on YOUR most illuminated path, it will help if you keep your intent centered on doing so, then take the appropriate action steps needed.  This could include a change of diet, receiving  physical and/or energetic and spiritual healing therapies, and/or coaching or mentoring to help you become more fully integrated within your own self to ensure the best possible outcomes.  

The Strong Spirit Self-Empowerment Coaching & Healing Services ~ including the Intuitive Oracle Readings ~  are all geared to helping you become the best version of you possible.

One of the best Intuitive Oracle Readings to get to help  illuminate your present life situation, aside from The Basic Intuitive Oracle Reading, outlined below,  is the Celtic Cross Spread, or  Life Path Reading, or a month by month Year in Review.

Despite ones background, the decks offer universal insights, and archetypal patterns that can help us with just the right message at the time of the drawing.  

In addition to my signature, Basic Intuitive Oracle Reading, you may also be interested in these other specialized readings, outlined below. 

Whether you resonate more with Animals, Birds, Trees, and Earth-based energies; Angels, Archangels, Goddesses, and Ascended Masters;  Mythical Spirits; or the ancient Runes as a form of divination, I can customize a reading to suit your needs.

A Mini Intuitive Oracle Reading - The most common 'spread' is using three cards, as mentioned above, in answer to your query or question about a current issue or situation that needs clarifying.   

I typically consult 2-3+ decks when doing the majority of my readings.  I look for the overlapping patterns.  

When you order a Mini Intuitive Oracle Reading, you will have an opportunity to share your specific question, or topic that you are inquiring about, and/or current trends.   I will email you a summary of what the cards (including pictures of the cards chosen) are indicating as follows:

  • Card 1 - The theme of the issue, or question
  • Card 2 - The recommended course of action
  • Card 3 - The potential outcome, if the course of action is applied as per your discretion

The Basic Intuitive Oracle Reading - This is a personal custom spread that I use for  deeper clarification of your particular issue, and bringing in the needed qualities to help you through your situation.

As mentioned above, I consult several decks, which I choose from intuitively.  I then note the patterns, which I summarize for you as follows: 

  • Card 1 - The particular influences from your past that are most influencing your present situation/issue
  • Card 2 - The primary theme or focus of your present moment, especially with regards to your main concern
  • Card 3 - The most likely future outcome, based on if the trends continue, and no particular changes are made 
  • Card 4 - A recommended course of action ~ this could also relate to an alternative choice if trying to choose between two different options
  • Card 5 - The potential future outcome ~ based on the second choice, or if taking the recommended action
  • Card 6 - An animal Spirit/guide that can help you call in a particular quality or energy that can help boost your own power to better handle the currents of your current situation, and/or empower your choices

You may also be interested in any of the other special Intuitive Oracle Readings offered, outlined below.

Personal Medicine Reading:  A Personal Medicine Reading empowers you with the spirit and special qualities of the various animals ~ of  land, sea, and flight!  

The spirit, or 'overnighting consciousness' of each animal or bird is here to help guide you, and provide their unique gifts in loving service.  

Examples could be helping boost your confidence, courage, focus, playfulness, and personal boundaries, or helping you to 'see' what may be hidden from you, including someone you are dealing with who may have hidden agendas. 

A Personal Medicine Reading will also reflect back to you your own special gifts and medicines you are here to share with the world.

Mythical Reading:  If you are feeling really adventurous, I highly recommend a Mythical Reading.

A Mythical Reading primarily uses two main decks which are created by Cholette Baron-Reid.  The Wisdom of Avalon, and the Wisdom (and many guides) of the Unseen Realms, along with the Forest Faery oracle deck, by Lucy Cavendish.

I absolutely love the symbolism and subtle power of these decks.  Let the animals and otherworldly beings of the mythical decks help restore your power as allies on your life journey.

The Life Path Reading:  The Life Path Reading is typically a traditional Celtic Cross spread, or, as an alternative, we can take a month by month look at the main themes for you in the upcoming 12 month cycle.   The year could be from the beginning of the calendar year, or a one year, month by month Life Path Reading beginning with your birth month, or beginning right now with the current month.

Usually, we are all that stand in the way of realizing our dreams.  The Life Path Reading using the Osho Zen deck will cut to the chase, and let you know where you are aligned, and where your thoughts or emotions may be all that is getting in your way!

The Runes:

The Runes are an ages old method of divination used by the ancient Nordic, Germanic, and Celtic people. 

The Celts used a system of divination based on the Ogham alphabets.  Runes and oghams were traditionally carved on bark or wood.  Symbols are the first language.  Symbols have a powerful impact on our subconscious mind, which perceives life though symbols, metaphors and images. 

The Runes offer insight into where you are in your path, and what your current circumstances are trying to show you. 

When you order a reading, I typically tune in first, then choose the appropriate deck, or combination of decks that I intuitively perceive will be the most appropriate.

The symbols and messages on the cards (or runes)  can be viewed as archetypal energies that speak to the many factions of our everyday lives, and address the memories and beliefs stored in our subconscious minds.  

The imagery further helps facilitate transmission of messages.  As a 'reader' I act as a conduit to help  you clarify the meaning of those messages, typically validating that which some aspect of you already knows.

The Celts, and other early European cultures, among many others including the ancient Egyptians, and varied populations among the Americas have long consulted oracles for divination, whether using Treescoins (click here for a free IChing reading online),  sticks, rocks, cards or other objects. 

Basic Intuitive Oracle Reading provides insights into your current situation, or particular area of concern.  It can also be used to determine the different potential outcomes of two different choices you may be considering. 

Intuitive Oracle Readings are great to do anytime you are feeling confused, overwhelmed, or  having a difficult time choosing among various options.  They are also excellent when you feel like you need extra support, validation, motivation, inspiration, encouragement, or to boost your personal power, such as with the help of the animal spirits.

I have always enjoyed  giving readings using the various oracle decks that I have collected over several decades.  While I am not trained in traditional tarot, I have a close connection with each of my decks, and I am a highly intuitive empath.  Every consultation is done with the purest of intent.  

I know life can be a challenge.  I also know that somewhere within us, we do have the answers, however we question what we know, and our minds get in our way.

My desire is to help bring about the most appropriate insights or messages for you during our time together, while helping you realize you are more connected than your conscious mind realizes, and have access to a wealth of greater resources that can help you better manifest an abundant and joyful life.  

I see the decks and their respective messages as an extension of ourselves.  We all have a higher/greater self that is infinitely wise, and beyond the constraints of physical life on the material plane of existence.  

Whether or not one 'believes' in Goddesses, or Ascended Masters, for example, is less relevant.  The messages will resonate at a deeper level.  They represent universal archetypal energies, and are presented in a way that we can receive that may be beyond our ordinary senses, or intellect.

To schedule any of my Intuitive  Readings, or for further questions, contact Tracy at 480-323-5272.


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Give yourself the gift of an Intuitive Oracle Reading, or a Channeled Healing Message.  Enjoy receiving the messages and assistance from the many energies and guides here to help you.  Trust what your own Spirit is guiding you to know during the magic of the present moment.

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