The Hypercarnivore 30-Day Health Challenge
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The Hypercarnivore 30-Day Health Challenge is a 'revolutionary'  approach to eating, helping you restore lost vitality, and feel more as you are meant to feel ~ balanced, upbeat moods and blood sugar, clear and focused, relatively pain-free, with the energy and motivation you need to fuel your life, and realize your dreams.

You have permission to eat those foods your body needs and craves, but have been told for decades now that you should avoid.  Foods like steak, eggs and bacon, and even butter, heavy cream, and sour cream when consumed in appropriate doses can dramatically improve your health, and ability to lose body fat.

I know, it sounds crazy.  You really must experience it to be convinced.  It's only direct experience that can help you wade through the crazy confusing information overflow these days.

Isn't it time you reclaimed your power, and your vitality, more upbeat moods, and better health?

What's 30 days anyway in the big scheme of things?  Certainly you can 'make' yourself eat grilled steaks, chicken, fish, and eggs, along with some bacon and/or sausage to your satisfaction for 30 days, right?

The Hypercarnivore 30-Day Health Challenge is uber simple.  It is by far the most simple way of eating I have ever had the privilege to enjoy!  

Once you invest 30 days of your time, and eliminate many of the foods you consume on a regular basis that you may believe are benign, you will then be able to determine if they are in deed a good fit for you.  

The 30-Day Challenge as a major health re-boot.  You can finally simplify your diet, and more efficiently determine the foods that will best support and nourish your health.  

I have advocated eating lots of vegetables ~ especially dark leafy greens many consider 'super foods' ~ for most of my life ~ long before kale became a household word.   I followed a vegetarian diet off and on in my past, most recently consuming an entirely whole-foods, produce-rich, plant-based diet.   Despite consuming at least 1/2 bunch of kale, collards, or other greens, plus several cups of other vegetables daily,  I prematurely aged, became increasingly fatigued, my vision worsened, my motivation waned, and my brain often felt challenged to remain sharp, clear, and focused.  

Even though I was eating a fairly high-fiber diet, with whole grains and beans in addition to the greens, I continued to experience gastrointestinal distress ~ on and off constipation and irritable bowel, bloating, and distention.  I became pretty sick each winter, barely recovering before being hit with wretched allergy symptoms that lasted for at least two months.  I was especially prone to sinus problems, always congested, and full of phlegm.

After over five years, we finally called it quits, and switched back to a more paleo-esque diet, starting out by adding small amounts of meat, fish and eggs to our still produce-rich diet.  After a short time, we switched to a more low-carb, then even lower-carb, ketogenic approach.  

Something remarkable happened.  The less plant foods we ate, the better we felt!

It wasn't until we began to cut way back on all plant foods that Don's nearly life-long psoriasis began to finally heal, something he thought would happen while eating all those antioxidant-rich greens, fruits, and vegetables.  He made a video about it, with before and after pictures, six months into our low-carb, ketogenic/hypercarnivore diet, which you can watch below.

We've been told by 'experts' for decades now to cut back on red meat and saturated fats, and eat more fruits and vegetables.  There are meat-free days in schools and other institutions, and new plant-based processed foods are regularly appearing on the shelves, and in the deli cases and freezers of commercial stores everywhere.  

Many of our own clients no longer eat 'red meat' and opt for what they believe to be healthier alternatives ~ more carbohydrate-rich foods, and possibly some chicken and fish.  But are these changes improving people's health?  We are not seeing it at our clinic.  

Those same people that believe they are eating a 'clean,' 'healthy,' or 'balanced' diet are in our office because of a range of health conditions, some we know could be greatly improved by making changes to their diet.  However, the beliefs go deep, like long tap roots, and resistance is strong.

Even though I did not appear really overweight, the change to my body composition was clear.  The photo above on the left was taken May 1, 2017, at the end of five years of a whole-foods, plant-based diet.  The photo on the right was taken in July, after just a few months following a low-carb, ketogenic, hypercarnivore diet.

Whether or not you have excess fat to lose, there are many other potential health benefits to trying The Hypercarnivore 30-Day Health Challenge

Following The Hypercarnivore 30-Day Health Challenge ~  and beyond ~ you will begin to determine which foods best nourish your health.  Your tastes will morph and change.  You will be less interested in foods you once consumed regularly, and your palate will begin to appreciate simply prepared foods, with minimal seasoning.

Other benefits from discovering your ideal version of the hypercarnvore diet include:

  • Better moods
  • Improved cognitive functioning, including memory retention and recall
  • Better clarity and focus
  • Reduced fasting glucose and insulin ~ a key factor to determining health
  • More balanced blood sugar ~ Ability to go longer between meals 
  • Smoother skin; clearing up of many skin conditions
  • Less premature aging and graying of hair
  • Reduction in joint pain
  • Better sleep
  • Improved libido
  • Far easier to develop and maintain lean muscle, which further improves your ability to maintain your ideal body mass, and percentage of body fat for optimal health and sports performance


What is included in The Hypercarnivore 30-Day Challenge?

The Hypercarnivore 30-Day Health Challenge  highlights foods that provide the most bioavailable nutrients that are important for appropriate mental and physical development in childhood, while sustaining a healthy aging process through all life-cycles.  

Animal flesh foods and fats support lean muscle development, which in turn helps you remain more lean as you age, countering the trends of gaining 1.5 pounds per year once over the age of 40.  That adds up over time.

The Hypercarnivore 30-Day Health Challenge provides ample essential amino acids for growth and repair, and essential fatty acids, important for healthy nerves, hormone production, and so many other functions.

The Hypercarnivore 30-Day Health Challenge is a plants optional program.  

Many people claim eating mostly or solely just animal foods is "too extreme."  

Why is eating mostly or only meat so extreme?  

More aptly, why do we not question the regular prescribing of synthetic drugs, and invasive surgeries as being 'too extreme?'  Or eating foods purchased in boxes, with unidentifiable ingredients, then zapped in microwaves, along with consumption of lots of fast food, or dry hard, chips and crackers fried in unhealthful oils, and laden with food dyes too extreme?  These are not even real, fresh, nor whole foods!

The Hypercarnivore Diet is a low-carb diet that couldn't be easier to sustain. Eat what you desire of roasted meats, steaks, eggs, and other animal foods that you probably already love, but avoid because you were told they were bad for your health

Consider what some of your distant ancestors would have done prior to technology, the internet, and modern super markets, and medical care system.  

Even before scientific inquiry.  

They ate what was available, that provided the greatest return on their investment of energy ~ animal foods.  

During the long ice ages, animal foods would have formed the bulk of their entire diet out of necessity.  Some plants, berries, or bark would have been used in various manners to supplement what was brought home from the hunt.  

They certainly were not at all concerned with eating a 'balanced', or 'clean' diet!  

You can think of the Hypercarnivore 30-Day Health Challenge as a chance to harken back to a different time, while not having to work so hard for your daily meal!

Steak fajitas w/ sautéed onions, bell peppers & guacamole.

We view The Hypercarnivore 30-Day Health Challenge as a simple, rather than 'extreme' diet.  The simpler your diet, the easier it is to determine which foods you can easily digest and assimilate, and which foods may be causing digestive distress.  These same foods could be the same foods that are undermining your health in other ways as well.

Many people who undergo the Carnivore Diet Challenge, which does exclude ALL plant foods, unlike our Hypercarniovre Challenge have made remarkable recoveries to their health, often despite previously eating what they believed to be a 'healthy' diet.  Conditions marked by an underlying inflammatory component heal.  It can feel like a miracle to many who have been dealing with chronic dis-ease for many years!

In The Hypercarnivore 30-Day Health Challenge, we let you determine the level of plant foods you feel comfortable eating.  However, the more you are willing to go without most for the 30 days, the more easy it may be to uncover potential food triggers.  

During The 30-Day Challenge, and beyond, you can choose to include optional plant foods to your level of tolerance and enjoyment, or you can try to greatly minimize plant foods out of curiosity, to see how you feel when adding them back after a period of abstinence.  

For those with a lot of chronic health issues, this can be very empowering.

Knowing this is a potentially sustainable way to eat, and realize all of your nutritional needs can be very liberating as well!  

Of course, carefully chosen herbs, supplements, fruits and vegetables can round out the diet, and provide the balance of nutrients required for individual needs.


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While the overall plan outlined in The 30-Day Hypercarnivore Health Challenge could not be simpler, there are certain details that are important to be aware of, such as which types of foods should be included or avoided, and what if any types of supplements may be needed, depending on your current conditions, constitution, and health background.

For those desiring more information, and/or scientific research to help the mind feel more comfortable making a shift from what the mainstream population has now accepted as the norm, back to a diet that better approximates what humans have historically eaten with good health, you will want to read Don's book, The Hypercarnivore Diet. 

The Hypercarnivore Diet contains over 400 pages, with many references and foot notes!  

We are pretty sure that once you read his book, you will become convinced as to why The Hypercarnivore Diet is the most suitable diet for the majority of people.
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For those who desire more personal attention and support in adapting to an ideally planned hypercarnivore, or low-carb, ketogenic diet, I am available for private coaching, either in person, by phone, or via Skype.  Read more here.

For more information, and simple, delicious recipes, you can also receive an instant downloadable PDF E-Book of The Trust Your True Nature Low-Carb Lifestyle for a mere $5 donation, linked below. 

The E-Book and Kindle color versions include recipe photos.  If you prefer, it is also available in paperback on Amazon.

This book will be getting revised, with an updated title, The Hypercarnivore Diet Companion Guide in 2019.

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