Strong Spirit Holistic Healing Services - Menu & Fees

Following is a menu of my holistic healing services, with a brief description of each, followed by the fees.

To learn more about each individual service, click on the provided links.

Strong Spirit Holistic Healing Services 

  • Holistic Health Coaching - I consider all that I do to be a form of holistic healing, or health coaching ~ addressing your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs as appropriate ~ including weight los, & overcoming unhealthful cravings and habits.

    Read more about our 'Meats & Sweets' Diet approach.  

  • Spiritual Mentoring -  Guidance and support involving  discussions, by phone, to help you discover your best possible path and Divine Purpose!  Experience incredible peace and healing in all areas of your life when you align with logos ~ the divine order for all life.  Read more.
  • Hypnotherapy - Use of guided visualizations and techniques to help reframe/rewire and/or replace negative thoughts with positive, self-affirming beliefs in accord with one's desired outcomes and Divine potential. 

  • Holistic CORE Counseling  - The ultimate holistic healing service, addressing your various 'parts' ~ including those with lesser and greater resources to  regain freedom from habituated emotional triggers that can keep you stuck.  The CORE system is like a MAP that can help you to more consciously and elegantly create your desired outcomes ~ the foundation of The Self-Empowerment Plan book, and all of my holistic healing services.  
    Read more.

  • TYTN Health Coaching - Our signature Trust Your True Nature Health Coaching focuses exclusively on helping you with your personal weight loss or health goals by implementing a simple, healthy, enjoyable and sustainable diet.
    Read more.

  • Energy Clearing & Re-Harmonizing - A unique process to help clear non-essential energies disturbing your energy field, while providing prayerful intentions to restore harmony as per your Divine Blueprint.  
    Read more.

  • CORE Energy ReAlignment - Unique to the Holistic CORE Counseling system, this powerful energetic clearing is a holistic and transformational experience, focusing more on releasing limiting beliefs, and planting new seeds of positive, self-affirming and loving intentions in their place.  

How to best utilize the Strong Spirit Holistic Healing Services 

Most of the Strong Spirit Holistic Healing Services are most effective when done in blocks of five sessions.  You will learn tools and strategies you can begin to apply on your own.    

A single Energy Clearing & ReHarmonizing Session can be very useful to help reduce stress, and restore clarity, balance, and a sense of peace.

Holistic Healing Services - Fees

Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Holistic Healing Services average $100+ per hour.  

My desire is to offer effective, quality services at affordable rates to ensure the best possible results. 

Fees for Holistic Healing Services:

60 Minutes - $70 / 45 Minutes - $55 /
Minutes - $40

 15 - 20 Minute 'Check-Ins' - $20 

Spiritual Mentoring Special Rate through August 31, 2019 - $45 per 60 Minute session or $40 per session when pre-pay for 12 sessions.  

Holistic Healing Pre-Paid Package Deals: 

  • Three 60 Minute Sessions - $195 (Save $15)
  • Five 60 Minute Sessions - $300 (Save $50)
  • Buy 4 Check-Ins, 5th is FREE! (by phone or email)

*Prices are for by phone services.  Local clients at our Barefoot Acupuncture Clinic in Scottsdale, AZ can receive an additional discount for cash payments. 

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