Tips For Healthy Living

Healthy living involves being a good steward ~ of your body, mind, and your living environments.  

Just as your physical body is the vehicle for your spirit to express itself, your home is your vehicle for your body to rest, rejuvenate, and recuperate from your daily life.  Your will also want to clear the clutter (negative chatter) in your mind if you want to maintain a positive mindset, and use your imagination to help manifest (versus sabotage) your desired outcomes.

When you create a home sanctuary, that is welcoming, and efficiently organized, it can help you maintain healthy lifestyle habits.

Having a healthy physical body and 'home-body' will help you feel better, safer, and more inspired to realize your dreams.  

The following tips can help you create a healthier, more content and flourishing life.  Some suggestions support our physical health, some are for are inner world, and a few are for managing our living environment.

Here are a few tips for healthy living

  • Take the time to prepare simple, nutrient-dense foods ~ having good physical health lays the foundation for having a productive and good quality of life.  We recommend a healthy low-carb diet.
  • Maintain a healthy mindset ~ positive affirmations can help!  Be alert to repetitive negative self-talk. Whatever you continually bemoan about yourself, what is lacking, what you are not good at, turn those around into positive affirmations.  Read these, or at least a few choice ones each morning.
  • Use non-toxic body care  and home cleaning products.
  • Maintain a (relatively) clean and organized home
  • Spend time Connecting with Nature ~ the Ultimate healing balm ~  & do some daily or regular grounding.  Early morning is a great time to get the safe and healing sun's rays while walking or sitting with your bare feet on the Earth for the greatest benefits.
  • Maintain healthy connections ~ with supportive friends, relationships, and other kindred spirits of your extended family and tribe of origin, &/or a spiritual community.
  • Balance work with recreation, personal and down time with social, and productive busy time.  
  • Maintain healthy boundaries.  "NO" should mean "NO!"
  • Be true to your word!  Very important to keep to your commitments, especially to yourself.  Don't commit to anything you are not sure you can follow through on!
  • Practice having  gratitude for all you are and all you have ~ being content for what we have versus discontent for what we do not have will reduce stress, and lead to a greater sense of fulfillment. It's okay to recognize that you desire something more or different, but accept where you are at too.

  • Get adequate sun exposure for your skin tone for absorption of some of the Vitamin D complex.  Most people need between 15-30 minutes of exposure (as much of your body exposed as able) during the early or late peak sun hours.
  • Gazing towards the sun during the early sunrise has been found beneficial for helping balance hormones, and improve sleep.  Get your early sun and ground by walking barefoot at the same time. 
  • Take time to journal or meditate, especially if you have a lot of over-thinking, or personal challenges.  Writing in a stream of consciousness format every morning as Julie Cameron, author of The Artists Way suggests can help clear your mind of ongoing obsessive thinking habits.
  • Make sure to budget time for activities you enjoy, as often as your schedule allows!  Little steps taken frequently towards increasing your joy factor will add up over time!  Creating a joy-filled life requires our giving ourselves permission to spend as much of our time as possible doing what we love!
  • Strive to discover your Right Livelihood, or a working environment that best supports your values and needs for self-expression, and sharing your talents.
  • Live within your means!  Cultivate good habits around simplifying spending, saving money, and managing finances.

This is just a sample of tips that promote good habits.  Perhaps you have many of your own suggestions?

In the past, children were raised learning the skills they needed ~ whether male or female ~ to live a successful and productive life.  The elders of a family or tribe were revered for their wisdom and leadership skills.  They helped ensure the successful cultivation of each individual to help them better contribute to the well being of the whole.  

The weak of mind and body would have caused a greater strain on resources.  Back then, the importance was placed more on the collective than the individual, as this was paramount for survival.

These days, healthy living does not always appear to be a priority!  Instead, being weak, overweight, out of shape, unhealthy, or worse, utterly degenerate has seemingly become the norm.  

This coddling of an unhealthy populace taxes the collective, and puts extra strain on resources.  And it weakens the nation. 

Why is healthy living not a priority in most people's lives?

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Actually,  there are many people these days, especially among the younger generations who are living very active, healthy lives.  We see them making great contributions through their resourcefulness and ingenuity.  

Some have chosen to avoid being straddled by debt and have built or acquired less resource consumptive alternative or tiny homes off the grid, while others have been able to become more self-reliant through economically viable online businesses, or other cottage businesses helping them regain sovereignty in their lives.

If you stop and think about it, healthy living is in direct conflict with the economic interests that stand to gain by us being un-healthy, and totally reliant on government hand outs, big corporations, consumerism, prescription drugs, and living on the grid.

For example, most people in modern times are very confused about which foods are the healthiest foods to eat.  You would think we would have this figured out by now!  

However,  traditional populations from around the world all instinctively knew what and how to eat to support nutrition at all stages of development ~ whether as a child, to support fertility for both men and women, for healthy reproduction and lactation, and for immunity from disease.

Even as recently as 100 years ago, our great ancestors consumed a simple diet centered around animal foods.  

They either raised the animals, or obtained them from someone else in their community.  Their rates of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease were much lower.  

In those days, there were locally produced goods, locally owned mom and pop stores, little to no 'commute' to 'work' and multiple generations tended to live together in one household.

Since the Industrial Revolution, refined foods and big, corporate owned super stores have replaced the mom and pop, local neighborhood markets.

The aisles of these stores are filled with refined and processed foods.

Since the introduction of these nutrient-deficient  foods ~ that most associate with the 'Western diet' ~  our physical and mental health have suffered.

Corporations looking to expand profits have thrust these refined empty calorie products onto the global marketplace, which has led to world-wide spread of disease among all populations consuming their nutrient-poor foods.  Many once healthy indigenous populations are under threat, or are suffering greatly from poor health and disease. 

Weston A. Price, DDS, observed that the healthiest and strongest Native populations that he studied from all around the world consumed  diets that centered around land and sea animals and plants.

The longest lived populations also have in common a built-in social network from living among their own tribe, a greater sense of belonging and purpose, spiritual practices, more physically active lifestyles, more time spent outdoors, and more rural coastal, mountainous, or inland living environments.

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While eating the right foods is essential for healthy living, cultivating mindfulness is equally important.  

Mindfulness involves learning how to keep the lower ego in check, and being able to respond in the moment to situations that arise, without getting triggered and acting out emotionally, from a regressed state.  In other words, the adult you maintains the keys to the car!

Unhealed wounds can be resolved with the right therapy and support.  It helps to learn how to reframe earlier experiences perceived as negative in a more positive light.  As long as you continue to be haunted by past events, they remain like shackles around your ankle.  You can only evolve as much as your least evolved parts.  

I help clients to regain control of their automatic triggers, and overcome old mental and emotional patterns that prevent forward movement in their lives, which improves confidence, and restores a greater sense of empowerment and control of their destiny.  Learn more about the Holistic C.O.R.E. Counseling System and Personal Development Coaching Process here.

It takes practice to cultivate positive thinking habits, just as it takes practice to learn to play the flute, or master anything in life we desire to become more proficient at.

What we think can also have a great impact on our posture and our health!  

A healthy body and mind are your greatest allies for manifesting your  dreams.

Healthy living requires dedication and effort.  It sometimes requires a lot of courage as well to live according to YOUR TRUE (Divine) Nature, even if it means going against the tide.  

Healthy Living is more than just an absence from dis-ease.

It's having plenty of energy to fuel your dreams, and participate in activities that bring you joy.

A positive attitude + will power + self-determination are essential tools for your journey to realizing your Divine purpose and potential, and creating a life that is harmonious to your needs.

When you are living healthy, it is reflected in the outcomes in your life.  

The time and effort you spend taking care of yourself and your belongings, preparing delicious, simple, healthy meals, and maintaining a reasonably clean, cutter-free home, will impact your life in kind.

Taking time to meditate or tune in, and shut down the brain, exercise, get grounded, and decluttering your home are all important aspects of healthy living.

In other words, the degree of dedication and commitment you put in to healthy living will be reflected in the rewards you receive of

  • greater clarity
  • more peace of mind
  • increased flow & abundance
  • a more meaningful and thriving life

Despite our best intentions to live healthy lives, challenges can set us back, whether from unexpected losses, career changes, or issues with family.  On these occasions, it may be helpful to receive a more spiritual and intuitive reading, coaching session, or Reiki/Energetic Healing Session to help you clarify your options, better understand your current situation, receive validation, and/or to regroup.  

These sessions are available in person or by phone from a distance.

Read my perspective on Holistic Healing, and my explanation of energy healing.  

Click here for more information about my services, including  Personal Development Coaching and  Holistic C.O.R.E. Counseling education and support sessions designed to help you envision and manifest your most desirable outcomes, and overcome mental blocks that keep you stuck.

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