Healthy Living For A Healthy Physical Body, Mind, &

Healthy living involves being a good steward ~ of your body, predominant thoughts, and your home.  

Just as your physical body is the vehicle for your spirit to express itself, your home is your vehicle for your body to rest, rejuvenate, and recuperate from your daily life.  

When you create a home sanctuary, that is welcoming, and efficiently organized, it can help you maintain healthy lifestyle habits.

 Having a healthy physical body and home-body will help you feel better, safer, and more inspired to realize your dreams.

Healthy living involves:

  • Taking the time to prepare healthy, nutrient-dense foods
  • Good self-care, and use of non-toxic body care products
  • Having a healthy mindset 
  • Maintaining a clean home, with non-toxic cleaning products
  • Maintaining healthy connections ~ with Nature, spiritual practices, friends, relationships, and other kindred spirits of our extended family and tribe.

In the past, children were raised learning the skills they needed ~ whether male or female ~ to live a successful and productive life.  The elders of a family or tribe were revered for their wisdom and leadership skills.  They helped ensure the successful cultivation of each individual to help them better contribute to the well being of the whole.  

The weak of mind and body would have caused a greater strain on resources.  Back then, the importance was placed more on the collective than the individual, as this was paramount for survival.

These days, healthy living does not always appear to be a priority!  Instead, being weak, overweight, out of shape, unhealthy, or worse, utterly degenerate has seemingly become the norm.  This coddling of an unhealthy populace taxes the collective, and puts extra strain on resources.  And it weakens the nation. 

Why is healthy living not a priority in most people's lives?

To be clear, there are many people these days, especially among the younger generations who are living very active, healthy lives.  We see them making great contributions through their resourcefulness and ingenuity.  

Some have chosen to avoid being straddled by debt and have built or acquired less resource consumptive alternative or tiny homes off the grid, while others have been able to become more self-reliant through economically viable online businesses, or other cottage businesses helping them regain sovereignty in their lives.

If you stop and think about it, living healthy is in direct conflict with the economic interests that stand to gain by us being un-healthy, and totally reliant on government hand outs, big corporations, consumerism, prescription drugs, and living on the grid.

Most people are very confused about which foods are the healthiest foods to eat.  

There are many reasons for this.  Since the first food pyramid was developed several decades ago, the government has promoted a carbohydrate-rich, low-fat diet.  However, there was never adequate justification for these recommendations.  

In fact, many studies indicate that those who eat fewer carbohydrates, and more saturated fats are less likely to die prematurely.


We have experimented with several dietary styles, and have found that a low-carbohydrate, higher protein and fat diet has been far more beneficial for improving our ability to lose excess fat, and over come many nagging health issues that were never fully rectified no matter how 'healthy' a diet we believed we were eating.  

Although we consumed MANY  servings a day of dark leafy greens, and land and sea vegetables, along with 'healthy' complex carbohydrates ~ whole grains and beans ~ while abstaining from all the 'forbidden' foods ~ saturated fats, eggs, red meat, and dairy products ~  we never realized our desired health outcomes.

As a result of having consumed a whole foods, plant-based, produce-rich diet for over five years, and ending up feeling very fatigued, with many other signs of poor health, we decided to try a low-carbohydrate, high-fat, and moderate to high protein diet as an experiment.  It paid off, and we are very pleased with our results. 

I have chronicled my fat loss, body recomposition, and health recovery journey on my  Living Your True Nature blog, and created the Trust Your True Nature Diet Plan as a result of our success, and Don's epiphany that catapulted us into this new, yet old dietary frontier.

I've included a few photos of my own progress, from May thru August 2017, below.

Below are photos taken between May and the beginning of September, 2017 ~ four months on our Trust Your True Nature Diet Plan.  

A big difference in body composition in a short time, especially for being a petite, over fifty female!  

Progression from chubby thighs and excess belly fat, to much leaner, lower % body fat ~ May-Aug 2017, low-carb, high-fat/protein, trust your true nature diet plan!
Waist size was 26 inches when I began the 30-Day Challenge in May (top photo.) Bottom photo is beg. of Sept. 2017 after just 4 months VLCHF diet, waist 25 inches. One inch reduction in 4 months!

Eating the right foods is essential for healthy living.  Exercise is also important, but it's crucial to eliminate unhealthful foods, and incorporate the most nutrient-dense foods first to better support your efforts.  For those who are either really over weight, or have limited mobility, the diet is the key place to begin.

Healthy living involves mindfulness.  Keeping the lower ego in check, and over coming obstacles while re-wiring negative thought patterns and habits is also important.  What we think has a great impact on our posture and our health!

Below are the main components that Strong Spirit Woman (SSW) emphasizes as part of healthy living.  Each of these are then broken down into their own categories.   Follow the links to learn more, and bookmark, or subscribe as more articles, e-books, guided visualization audio files and videos continue to be added as the site continues to get revised and built up.

Feel free to browse around, and read what is most appealing.  

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The Home Arts

  • Cooking
  • Cleaning
  • Decluttering
  • Non-Toxic Products
  • Gardening
  • Making things from scratch
  • Decorating & Intuitive Feng Shui

The Lower Mind

  • Our parts & mental chatter
  • The inner victim, saboteur, martyr, and bully
  • Healing old emotional wounds
  • Tools to upgrading your mental habits
  • Services

The Higher Mind

  • Our greater power & resources
  • Inner guidance
  • Angels, Guides, Nature Devas, & our Ancestral Deities ~ archetypes or real helpers?
  • The power of the imagination to heal
  • Tools & Services

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Eat right, feel great!

Eating a healthy diet, consisting of whole, natural foods that humans have consumed for thousands of years is just one step to healthy living, but it is a crucial step if you want to experience thriving health, and a high quality of life.

A healthy body and mind are your greatest allies for manifesting your greatest dreams.

Living healthy  requires dedication and effort.  It sometimes requires a lot of courage as well to live according to YOUR TRUE (Divine) Nature, even if it means going against the tide.  

You may go through a sort of initiation as life experiences will challenge your commitment to your Self, and all that you most value.  

Stay strong.  

Never give in to the doubting voices, whether in your own mind, or from external sources.

Healthy living also requires will power, especially when first trying to make positive changes in your life.  We are surrounded by many temptations that distract us, and divert our attention from our goals.  

You may need super human focus at first to keep from allowing your attention to get hooked into energy draining situations.  

You may also need to adopt much stronger boundaries, and take a tough love stance towards people in your life that are draining your energy as well.

Living healthy is more than just an absence from dis-ease.

It's having plenty of energy to fuel your dreams, and participate in activities that bring you joy.

We all have strengths and weaknesses.  Some people are quick to master taking care of their physical well-being.  Many many others are not, which is evident.  

Observe people the next time you are in a mall, at all-you-can-eat buffet, or wherever you are among a crowd.   People are no longer reflecting the image and ideal of the Greek Gods and Goddesses we once aspired to emulate.  

We don't learn proper alignment, how to walk or stand appropriately, nor how to care for our physical vehicle.  We take better care of our cars than our own health!

A few may scoff at this as they have fooled themselves into believing that their misshapen identity is an expression of reclaiming their power.  

Well, sorry, but I beg to differ.  

Being overweight puts you at higher risk of several diseases, including diabetes.  Making yourself look scary, or radically different with crazy chopped up and colored hair, and tons of body piercings is often just defensive posturing,  more a sign of internal weakness versus strength.  

To me that is not a sign of healthy living, but rather it reflects inner turmoil, insecurities, and unresolved issues, and posturing of the ego.  

It also reflects a desire to distance oneself from what is perceived of as the 'norm' for which perhaps they feel they don't fit in.  

If we return to the ways that our  ancestors and native populations once lived, this show of defiance would not have been tolerated.  

Cooperation was key to successful survival of the individual, family, tribe, and species.

To be clear, whether you choose to maintain your natural hair color, or dye your hair black, blonde, or purple is a personal choice, and not in and of itself what I am referring to here.  

Healthy living is a complete package of a positive attitude + will power + self-determination that inspires  a select few to desire to realize their full potential ~ steadily in pursuit of living healthier, more purposeful and meaningful lives.  

It is this type of person that we desire to help support, educate, enlighten and inspire ~ and take with us on our own quest for a great, healthy life!

Many people have 'good intentions' to live healthier lives, but need external support to help them overcome  the mental obstacles that keep them stuck.  

I work with many clients in this category.  I help people identify the many 'parts' that are operating, representing various aspects of themselves that have unhealed wounds, or unresolved issues that are frozen in time.  

These parts can get easily triggered by seemingly random events, without one being aware of what is happening, thereby causing people to feel 'out of control' with their emotions.  

While healthy living definitely requires effort, and a willingness to endure discomforts, the possibility for transformation and rewards are great ~ far greater in the end then succumbing to  the seduction of  the negative ego, and its lure towards materialism, mediocrity or degeneracy.  

Healthy living incorporates lifestyles that are harmonious with Nature.

We want to remain mindful to take only what we need while minimizing our energetic footprint.  We are blessed with such natural abundance, however we are neglecting our responsibilities as stewards of the Earth.    

At the end of our lives, we want to look back and see that we gave more than we took ~ including giving carbon back to the soils!  

Lets aim to leave a legacy for future generations.  Our willingness to commit to healthy living now will help inspire future generations.

Photo of my sister, my mom, and myself. Photo courtesy of Barbara Pederson, my sister and excellent photographer!

When you are living healthy, it is reflected in the outcomes in your life.  

The time and effort you spend taking care of yourself and your belongings, preparing delicious, simple, healthy meals, and maintaining a reasonably clean, cutter-free home, will impact your life in kind.

In other words, the degree of dedication and commitment you put in to healthy living will be reflected in the rewards you receive of

  • greater clarity
  • more peace of mind
  • increased flow & abundance
  • a more meaningful and thriving life

Despite our best intentions to live healthy lives, challenges can set us back, whether from unexpected losses, career changes, or issues with family.  On these occasions, it may be helpful to receive a more spiritual and intuitive reading, coaching session, or energetic balancing session to help you clarify your options, better understand your current situation, receive validation, and/or to regroup.  

These sessions are available in person or by phone from a distance.

Read my perspective on Holistic Healing, and my explanation of energy healing.  

Click here for more information about my services, including  Hypnotherapy, and  Holistic C.O.R.E. counseling education and support sessions designed to help you envision and manifest your most desirable outcomes, and overcome mental blocks that keep you stuck.

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