Holistic Health Coaching Special Offer

My Holistic Health Coaching Special Offer incorporates methods for working on both body and mind to aid in weight loss (fat loss), overcome unhealthful addictions, and improve energy and health.  

Many holistic health coaching programs emphasize doing cleanses and/or calorie-restricted, or 'detoxifying'  diets as a means to jumpstart weight loss, often without addressing other aspects of one's mental, emotional, and even physical health.  

Recommendations often include consuming apple cider vinegar in the morning, then eating lots of greens, vegetables, soups and possibly fruits throughout the day, possibly with small amounts of lean protein, and/or plant-based protein.

Is this really effective, and if so, how long do the results last?

What if what you are seeking help with is something other than weight loss, such as replacing negative thoughts, lifestyle habits and/or addictions ~ such as self-doubt, sugar addictions, or smoking ~with positive, self-affirming alternatives?

Most health coaches are not trained to help deal with the emotional triggers that underly, and/or can sabotage any attempts to overcome cravings and unhealthful addictions, and make more empowered choices to more effectively achieve one's goals.

Keep reading to learn about my special Holistic Health Coaching Package.  

Scroll towards the end to view my limited time special low-carb, keto/hypercarnivore Heath Coaching hourly rates, or click here.

As a certified clinical hypnotherapist, I know that achieving any health goal requires more than just a change of diet, and consuming tons of greens.  

The most effective holistic health coaching will provide the appropriate information to empower healthy daily lifestyle choices, AND address any mental and emotional blocks, while providing a spiritual blueprint ~ or MAP ~ for helping ensure your success.  

Green smoothies, cider vinegar, and Kombucha drinks are not necessary, nor will they provide the nutrients you really need to lose excess fat, maintain lean muscle, and restore vitality and health.  

No matter what your health goal, your brain requires certain nutrients to aid in your ability to FEEL and BE your BEST ~ mentally/emotionally and physically.  And one of those nutrients is cholesterol!

You can starve yourself, and chug down all that green stuff if you like, however, my guess is that IF your goal is weight loss, you  want to lose excess FAT, not lean muscle mass.  And you want to nurture the right conditions to help you transcend any addictive habits.

Ideally, the goal is to FREE yourself from dis-ease ~ which includes excess fat weight, limited mobility, physical symptoms, mental/emotional stress or anxiety, and/or unhealthy addictions.

You can improve your health ~ and overcome addictions ~  by eating the most nutrient dense foods.  When you consume adequate amounts of essential nutrients, your body and brain will be less likely to remain addicted to unhealthful substances.  You don't have to starve yourself to improve your health! 

My goal is to help you keep your diet as simple and affordable as is best for your needs.  The less time you have to spend shopping for, storing, prepping, and preparing your meals, the more time you have to spend on other activities you enjoy.  

For those who desire habit changes, such as smoking cessation or overcoming food addictions, the holistic health coaching special will focus on ensuring nutritional needs are met, while addressing underlying stress and emotional discord pertaining to your particular goals.

The simpler your routines, the more likely you will be able to sustain your choices ~ as easily and effortlessly as possible ~ through the rest of your life!  

The focus is always on what is being added ~ such as the right foods, thoughts, and/or lifestyle practices ~ rather than on what is being eliminated.  

When you create the right conditions, unhealthy cravings will cease, with far less effort and deprivation.

Whether you want to lose excess fat (weight), develop more lean muscle, improve your digestion, energy, sleep, moods, and overall sense of balance and well being, OR you are wanting to replace unhealthy habits or addictions (including smoking cessation, overcoming sugar addiction, etc.) with more self-affirming lifestyle practices, my Holistic Health Coaching Special Offer may be for you!

The Holistic Health Coaching Special is especially beneficial for anyone who:

  • Desires to lose excess fat without losing lean muscle
  • Struggles with overcoming sugar, carbohydrate, or other unhealthful addictions and cravings
  • Has tried a plant-based, vegan or vegetarian diet but experienced low moods, lost vitality, premature aging, digestive disorders, skin breakouts, or other symptoms
  • Wants to improve athletic performance
  • Is ready to give up drinking or smoking
  • Wants to experience greater mental/emotional health, balance, and personal freedom 
  • Wants to improve their relationship with food
  • Desires to make more empowered choices, and learn how to better trust their true nature and instincts

What is included in the health coaching special?

The revised standard rates for my Holistic Health Coaching Services (hypnotherapy and Holistic CORE Counselingare as follows:

  • First / 60 Minute Sessions = $70 
  • Follow-Up / 45 Minute Sessions = $55 
  • Check-Ins - 15 Minutes - $20
  • Block of 4:  Includes 1- 60 Minute Session, and 3 - 45 Minute Sessions, pre-paid - $212 (Reg. $235 - A savings of $23) - to be completed within a 4-6 week time period

The Holistic Health Coaching Special Offer Includes:

  • Block of 4 - Hypnotherapy /Holistic CORE Counseling, by phone or possibly Skype (as outlined above) - (Reg. $212) ~  to be completed within 3 months
  • Emails with suggestions, exercises, and/or questions for which the responses can be emailed or discussed 
  • A 30+ minute clearing and re-harmonizing guided meditation in the form of a movie in which you will be guided to clear obstacles and limiting beliefs. 're-set' your neurochemistry, and meet your future self either having what it is you want to bring in (more vibrant health, and positive flow), or release (excess fat/weight, and/or unhealthful habits) ~ designed to do daily if possible ($20)
  • Three FULL Months of my being available via email, text, or by phone with additional questions/concerns as needed ~ This is usually done in 15 minute increments (Reg. $20 per) ~ up to 4 - 15 minute check-ins per month for a total of up to 3 additional hours, or 1 hour per month 
  • Newsletters with information and special offers that may not be available elsewhere ~ you can opt to remain on our mailing list, or unsubscribe
  • Save an additional $10 on any additional Holistic Health Coaching Services during the 3 months - ($60 per 1 hour/$45 per 45 min.) 
  • Save an additional $5 per 15 minute check-in ($15 per 15 minutes) ~ above the 
  • An electronic PDF file of The Trust Your True Nature, Low-Carb Lifestyle, (Reg. $5) and The 30-Day Hypercarnivore Health Challenge (FREE) for those who do not already have a copy 


For less than the cost of the pre-paid Block of 4 Sessions (Reg. $212), you receive ALL of this ~ valued at up to $477 ~ ALL FOR ONLY $197!


  • Pre-paid Block of 4 (Reg. $212) ~ completed in 3 months
  • Available via email, text, or by phone an additional 1 hour per month for each of the three months typically done in 15 minute increments @ $20 per 15 minutes 
  • Clear, ReHarmonize & Meet Your Future Self Guided Meditation in video format (Reg. $20)
  • The Trust Your True Nature Low-Carb Lifestyle (REG. $5) and The 30-Day Hypercarnivore Challenge e-books, both FREE
  • An additional savings on all of my services for the 3 month duration
  • Emails with extra information, suggestions, surveys etc.
  • Option to continue to receive a Newsletter after the 3 months, with special content and offers not available elsewhere


  • A print copy of The Strong Spirit Self-Empowerment Plan, shipped +$25 (includes shipping) autographed upon request
  • A print copy of The Trust Your True Nature Low-Carb Lifestyle, shipped +$15 
  • An Experience Pack of 10 Pruvit Ketones,+ Special Oil blend, Keto Kreme, and/or Keto Broth, shipped + $75* (see below)

*I HIGHLY suggest adding on the Ketones for their amazing benefits, especially for those desiring to lose fat, reduce inflammation, overcome cravings, suppress appetite, improve moods, mental clarity, focus, and energy ~ It's the ideal jumpstart to improving your health and energy

Learn more here, or at https://tracyminton.pruvitnow.com 

You may also be interested in my Holistic Health Coaching Special hourly rate, outlined below, or on my Special Offers Page.

*The Experience Pack will include 10 ketone drinks in a variety of flavors which are added to water, sparkling water, hot water, tea, or other beverage, plus a Keto Bone Broth (with collagen), Keto Kreme, and/or Special oil blend formulated by Dr. Mary Newport to help optimize brain functioning ~ all depending on availability

Why am I offering this great Holistic Health Coaching Special?

Basically, I'm offering my Holistic Health Coaching Services at a discounted rate as a special, limited time offer because:

  • My desire is to help people get results.  I know how frustrating, time consuming, and costly it can be to overcome obstacles, and create the most ideal version of ourselves.

  • I need your help to provide testimonials, before and afters, and to help me tweak my services and offerings to be as mutually beneficial, effective, and rewarding as possible!

  • I often had to live on a tight budget, and have a budget-minded sensibility for others as well, despite the standard advice given to charge more to attract a wealthier client base.  I'm not here to give myself away, and neither do I desire to gouge people.  I want to help the everyday person who sincerely desires to improve their health and their life.

  • I am planning to offer this special rate for the first 12 people who sign up for this offer, and the first 12 people signed up for my Strong Spirit Personal Medicine Coaching Special Offer ~ which you may want to peruse as well!

  • For a lucky few, I am offering to do this on a by donation basis ~ for a limited time.  I have outlined the offer, what you will receive, and what I would like in return, which you can read here.  Please contact me on the email given if interested.

For those who are interested in receiving straight-forward, no-nonsense low-carb, keto-hypercarnivore health coaching without the rest of the Hypnotherapy and Holistic CORE Counseling, special Guided Meditation, Newsletters, and the rest, I am also currently offering these Health Coaching Specials:

  • $47 PER HOUR!
  • Just have a question or two?  I'll email answers, by donation.

Here is one testimony taken with permission from The Hypercarnivore Diet Facebook group.

Special rates or custom packages for clients visiting our local Scottsdale, Arizona clinic can be discussed.

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