Your Health Coaching Session - 
What Is Included And Pricing

 What to expect during your Health Coaching Session:

  • Help clear up any confusion you may have around the evolution of human nutrition, why there is such conflicting information, and what may be triggering your symptoms
  • Create a vision of yourself experiencing your ideal weight and/or health; connect to your divine blueprint for health
  • Determination of which foods are best for you, based on your constitution, current condition, the region you live, the season, and what you most prefer and crave
  • Increased awareness and confidence in your ability to make better choices, based on 1) your current time and financial budget and constraints and 2) understanding the principles of balance (yin/yang theory), and the energetics of food, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach to eating that is never appropriate (not everyone will thrive on the same ratio of macronutrients and food selections)

A  Health Coaching Session will also:

  • Support you in clarifying your health goals, and keep you on track and accountable
  • Teach you new and simple ways to prepare a variety of super delicious and affordable foods
  • Teach you new cooking techniques, and help you to understand when and why various techniques are used as part of supporting your health
  • Inspire preparation of meals that have a balance of simply seasoned flavors, textures, and tastes which increase your enjoyment of the food
  • Help you improve your relationship with food
  • Help you reduce or eliminate unhealthful cravings and eating habits that sabotage your health
  • Help you feel more mentally, emotionally, and physically grounded, calm, energized and balanced
  • Help you better connect the dots between what you eat, your symptoms, and how you feel

There is no one-size-fits-all diet.  

Together, during your Health Coaching Session, we will determine the best diet for your needs based on ages old principles, applied in ways that are most conducive to helping you thrive and realize your health & life goals.

The most appropriate diet for you takes into account your personal needs, while looking at your current symptoms, and making choices that make the most sense to restore balance.

As an example, if you live in a hotter year-round climate, you may do better eating more raw vegetables and juicy fruits to maintain balance from the heat of the climate, especially if you are more yang, or active individual.

Contrarily, if you live in a cold northern climate, you may struggle to remain warm in the winter, or have ongoing fatigue and difficulty sleeping well ~ among other symptoms ~ if you are eating a lot of raw vegetables and fruits, icy cold drinks, and no animal foods.

In other words, the right diet for you isn't based on an ideology.  Our ancestors  ate what they hunted or  foraged.  Today many believe that only whole plants and raw foods, or low-fat diets are healthy, yet what is healthy for some is not necessarily healthy for others.  There are many toxins in plant foods that while they mostly get cooked out, could be triggering as of yet undetected health issues.

 A Health Coaching Session will help put to ease any doubts you have about eating a balanced, healthy low to moderate carb diet that will work best for your needs.

During your Health Coaching Session, we also consider your ancestry.  WE believe it is very important to have a reverence for your ancestral roots, no matter what you may think is true about their past history.  

More importantly, studies indicate that people may have genetic adaptations to certain diets that if ignored could create problems over time.

No matter whether you employ our health coaching services, someone else's, or you work independently, you will still have to go through the process of determining which foods best support your health.  We ALL have to.  

Most people have been unwittingly trained to go against their true nature.  We believe our role as health coaches is to help you identify and become more conscious of the right internal cues and signs that will better help you determine for yourself what is best for you, as no other person can feel and experience the reactions you have to the foods that you eat other than you!  

A health coaching session can help you motivate, feel supported, and keep you accountable and on track to realizing your health goals.  And, someone who has personal and direct experience and training in various health fields can help you focus your choices more efficiently by helping you understand the underlying causes to the symptoms you may be experiencing, streamlining your process, while helping you recognize when erroneous belief systems are getting in your way.  

In other words, when you believe such and such is true so adamantly, that you refuse to consider a potentially much better alternative, and fail to see how your thinking patterns are all that is in your way.

In our experience, this is where most people fail.  They are too attached to beliefs that they want to believe that they refuse to see how those very  beliefs are undermining their efforts.

Bone Broth Soup w/ Chicken & Sautéed Onions
Asian Marinated & Roasted Turkey Wing w/ Veggies & a Fruit Salad
Super Tender, Juicy, Perfectly Cooked Pork Loin Chop

Health Coaching Sessions can be done by phone, or email, with the possibility of using Skype or other social media live video.

Consultations are also currently available in person at our Scottsdale, AZ clinic.                

 CALL TO SCHEDULE:  602-954-8016

So what is the difference between our (Low-Carb Diet) Health Coaching Sessions and a Strong Spirit Woman Health Coaching Session?

A  Health Coaching Session, may include  looking at  other lifestyle practices, and personal life issues ~ in addition to your diet ~ that are potentially impacting your physical health.

Whether you desire weight loss, more energy, symptom relief, or a greater sense of control and balance in your relationship with food, stressful life situations can make achieving your desired health goals more challenging.

My Strong Spirit Woman Coaching Sessions are designed to provide a combination of services and tools that will best support your ability to realize your personal life goals, and improve the entirety of your life experience.  When we live our lives deliberately, create nurturing lifestyle practices, and live harmonious to our true nature, we experience more vibrant health.

During our  health coaching session, we will create a plan for you that is based on your needs, and the best strategy for you to recover a better sense of health and happiness in your life.

Recommendations vary according to whether or not you have a more yin (sensitive) or yang (robust) constitution, your current symptoms or condition, and the region you live, and are adjusted seasonally.

One of the ways that sets us apart from other health coaching services is that we are more adaptable and flexible in our recommendations to accommodate individual temperaments and time constraints.  

We empower you to discover what 'healthy living'  looks like for you, and help you with simple steps that are easy to incorporate to ensure your long-term success.

What else is unique about our Health Coaching Services?

  • We bring our expertise as Chinese medicine practitioners.  Tracy also has completed continuing education in Chinese dietetics and food therapy, along with macrobiotic counseling, while Don specializes in Western nutrition, and Chinese herbology.  Sometimes herbal tonics or therapies to clear excess heat, cold, or dampness can help expedite recovery from health issues, including digestive issues, poor appetite, and hormonal imbalances. We both also have experience cooking privately for a personal residence, or catering services.  Don was a live-in Macrobiotic Chef while living in Seattle, WA, and Tracy cooked healthy lunches for clients, while also employed with several catering businesses in Aspen, CO.
  • We also have training in other aspects of health coaching, including fitness and flexibility training, and mental, emotional, and spiritual coaching.  Tracy is a certified clinical hypnotherapist and energetic healer, while Don's passion is teaching strength and mobility, with experience and certification as a personal trainer.  Tracy is also a certified yoga teacher.
  • We may encourage you to consider your ancestry as a gauge to particular nuances when making  dietary selections, and for which  you may be more genetically adapted to based on current research.  
  • We aim to keep our plan for you as simple as possible.  Tracy has a knack for creating super simple meals, and working with what is on hand.  Both of them are very  good at distilling systems down to the essential basics.
  • Our recommendations are adaptable and flexible.  We offer what will be the simplest strategies and steps, paced comfortably, to ensure your success.
  • Most importantly, we walk our talk.  We are not afraid to make adjustments, admit to our mistakes, and help you accomplish your goals as simply, efficiently, and affordably as possible.  Actually it is because of our mistakes that we are better suited to help you avoid similar mistakes, as we have experimented with so many incarnations of 'healthy diets!'
  • We will recommend various supplements or products only when we feel they will greatly enhance your well-being. 
  • We always keep things very informational, yet down-to-earth!

During the Health Coaching Session, we may also make recommendations for particular healing remedies, and various lifestyle practices to help restore a better sense of vitality and balance.  

This can be something very simple and enjoyable like grounding (also called Earthing, which you can read more about here, and here)  by walking barefoot on the grass;  taking a real salt bath, or connecting with nature to get a little forest healing, also called Shinrin-yoku, or forest bathing.  Science supports the many health benefits of walking in the forest.  We can also help you get started with an appropriate fitness program that will fit into your schedule.  

Sometimes what is most needed is some organizing and decluttering, as a home that is cluttered and in disarray will increase your stress levels which will also impact your health!  For locals near our Scottsdale, Arizona clinic, arrangements can be made if you would like assistance in helping get more organized.

In our case, we can also recommend herbal medicine that may be very beneficial to take therapeutically for various conditions, such as acne, eczema, infections, and general fatigue and malaise from blood deficiency. 

Continued coaching packages can also include working on the core beliefs and programming that may be sabotaging your efforts, or any other personal stumbling blocks and resistances to achieving success in your life.  

Old unresolved emotional wounds, and negative thinking habits are experienced by all of us on some level.  That's what we are here to work on in our life school!  But, it is difficult to do everything on your own.  The biggest problem is that we sometimes need to get out of our own head!  An neutral outsider who understands how our 'parts' can trigger us into regressive emotional states will help us see our walls more readily.

Don and Tracy have proven effective strategies that can help you move past stumbling blocks, and attain more freedom, mentally, emotionally, and physically.  Testimonials can be found here, and here.

What does a Health Coaching Session Include and Cost?

Your Initial Health Coaching Session includes:

  • A questionnaire is filled out to determine your current condition, and current health goals
  • The Health Coaching Session is scheduled upon receipt of payment, and can either be by phone, e-mail, or in our Scottsdale office
  • A  copy of The Trust Your True Nature Diet Plan e-book is included (if you don't already have a copy) with any specific details and recommendations made during the coaching session included in a follow-up e-mail.
  • Ability to check-in via email or text with quick questions for the first 30 days

Initial Health Coaching Session: - 90 minutes - $97 

Follow up sessions:

60 min. - $75
45 min. - $55
30 min. - $45
15 min. - $25

Prices are in USD


I don't include what I call 'chit-chat' time, allowing for about 5 minutes extra here and there as part of getting settled, before beginning the session.

Locals can receive a $5 cash discount from the above prices.


Standard hourly rates: $75.00 per hour, $25.00 for every 15 minutes.  Any service can be scheduled individually.

Once you pay for your package, you will be routed to a page with links to download the intake form,  including instructions on how to submit the completed intake, and what else is needed to get started.  

You will also have access to my personal cell phone number which will be used for consultations, and messaging via texting.

Health Coaching Packages Includes:

  • Everything that is included in your initial coaching session
  • Brief follow-up sessions for checking in
  • Check-ins are to ensure you are able to establish and sustain new, healthy routines, and successfully implement the dietary recommendations
  • Any adjustments or tweaking needed that can help you make the process more efficient, enjoyable, and beneficial, or make changes according to what you are discovering about what works for you, and what doesn't
  • A more in-depth look at supporting lifestyle recommendations, or other therapies that could be a good match for your needs
  • Greater focus on and accountability to realizing your weight and health goals

One Month Goal Setting Silver Package:

This package is great for getting started, clarifying your goals, and ensuring you are comfortable with the dietary changes, & new menus.  

  • Initial Health Coaching Session
  • 3 - 30 min. Follow-Up Sessions to be completed within a four-six consecutive week time period
  • Price $212 (Save $20)

Three Month Goal Realization Gold Package:  

This package is great for those who are more motivated to clarify and realize specific health goals. Three months is enough to begin to see positive changes, and gain greater awareness of what works, and what may need tweaking.

  • Initial Health Coaching Session 
  • 6 - 15 minute check-ins (email. text or phone)
  • 2 - 30 min. longer  follow-up Sessions scheduled within the three month time period
  • Price $307 (Save $30)

Six Month Goal Manifestation Platinum Package:  

For the super motivated, especially those who feel that there are mental/emotional or energetic blocks to implementing and maintaining new positive changes, or for those with more chronic health issues, or challenges losing weight.

  • Initial Health Coaching Session
  • 6 - 15 minute check-ins (email, text or phone)
  • 1 - Guided Visualization Session focus on meeting your future self having already realized your goals
  • 1 - Energetic Scanning/Re-Harmonizing Session, focus on clearing any energetic blocks and unwanted 'junk' or debris including negative energies from outside influences that we often unwittingly pick up, and strengthening the internal energy centers and external energetic boundaries
  • Price $337 (Save $40)

On a budget?  Want a TYTN Health Consultation at a more affordable price?  Try an e-mail consultation:  (Total cost: $55.00)

  • Fill out the health survey intake form once you pay, and return as per the instructions.  This form will help us to evaluate your condition, time constraints, eating habits, health history, and health goals
  • Receive a diet and lifestyle recommendations booklet emailed back, completed as soon as possible, typically within 2-3 days, or up to one week
  • Other therapy recommendations may be included such as suggestions to try herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage, hypnotherapy, energy healing, or beginning or modifying a fitness routine
  • Additional by phone or quick e-mail follow-ups - $25/15 minutes 

We offer a variety of Trust Your True Nature (TYTN) Coaching Services which can focus on any aspect of the your life that you feel you need the greatest support:  diet; implementing more positive, self-nurturing lifestyle habits; energy and chakra clearing and re-balancing;  support with improving  personal relationships, finances, or job performance;  identifying your Right Livelihood & greatest gifts, or support transcending old emotional wounds and unhealthy mental thought patterns.  

All sessions are grounded in a holistic understanding of Who You Really Are, and your Spiritual Source.

A single consultation can be very beneficial, but often, only very determined individuals sustain the changes for any length of time with only an initial consultation.  Ongoing healthy living coaching services are recommended for helping you sustain positive changes.  

Learn more about all of our Services.

Questions?  Call our office at 602-954-8016

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