Grounding For Better Health

Grounding is the quintessentially important missing link to improving your physical, mental, and emotional health.  

Connecting to Nature is a spiritual imperative as well.  

We are part of Nature, with a physiology that has not changed that much since ancient times, when we lived in more continual and direct contact with the Earth.


The Earth is a storehouse of electrons, which have a negative charge.  When we make contact with the Earth, soil, or wet sand at a beach  with our bare feet or skin ~ a process called 'grounding' or 'Earthing' ~  we get replenished with the Earth's  feel-good (negative) electrons.  It's similar to how good, or 'charged up' many notice feeling after a good rainstorm.

Artificial lighting, and any electronic device carries a (positive) charge.  Positive in this sense refers to the electrical frequency.  Having a positive charge actually is not a positive, as it can lead to increased inflammation, and diminished health.

Modern humans have become increasingly disconnected from Nature.  Even when we are outdoors, we are wearing shoes that contain rubber or plastic that insulates us from connecting with the healing energy of the Earth.  

While being in natural settings, as I discussed here, still has healing benefits, why not kick your shoes off, and get the full monty?

Grounding has been shown to reduce stress and inflammation.  Stress and inflammation are at the root of many health issues, including pain conditions.

 Being barefoot outdoors on a consistent basis will definitely help you feel more centered, and can improve your health.   And it's free!

Watch the short video below to learn more, or check out any of the provided links.

Don and I have been getting outside in the early morning, shortly after sunrise, every day for at least a month, since early March, 2017.   We do some of our fitness training outdoors.   We both have enjoyed and benefited from this experience.

We also use the Tlyson Plush Grounding Pad (see below) which we sleep on, then take with us to our office.  It's a plush, portable pad that is connected to a wire that gets plugged into the ground in your electric socket, essentially allowing you to get the benefits of connecting to the Earth while you sleep, and sit at your desk.

During the warmer months, we began using the patch cord instead.  It's very affordable.  The patch can go onto the center of the sole of your foot, or wherever you like.  The cord is interchangeable with the Pad, and the patches can be reused until they no longer stick.  I've actually extended their life by taping the patch on with scotch tape.  I never notice it.  The cord is plenty long, and the effect of grounding by having the cord attached is very worth it.  We have both experienced several benefits from using the pad or patch, which I share below.  

I believe in this so much, I set up an affiliate account with Earthing, to help distribute their grounding products, and educational materials.  

I highly encourage you to check out the short video above if you haven't already, then watch  Grounded, a one hour long documentary by a film maker who works for the National Geographic.

Want to learn more?  Don cites some scientific studies on the health benefits of  Grounding at  

Tylson Plush Grounding Pad ~ Easy to carry with you to work, and so nice and soft!

So how has Earthing, benefited us so far?

Don and I live in an upstairs apartment unit, which is certainly not very grounding.  There are times when we are awoken by noise.  Other times when we are dealing with a lot of pollen on the tree right outside our window.  

Then there is this issue with our 4-legged companion, Jasper, who insists on sleeping RIGHT up against me.

Needless to say, we often sadly do not get a chance to sleep soundly through the night.

We also both have, or had, various aches in our shoulders or hips that would cause us to toss and turn through the night, also waking us up.  

Given that background, here is what we have noticed since sleeping with the plush Tylson pad on our pillow or underneath our body ~ or the patches ~  and getting our bare feet on the cool dewey grass in the mornings:

  • Sleep more soundly through the night
  • Less tossing and turning
  • Fall back asleep much more easily when woken up
  • Our day goes MUCH better
  • We feel happier, more at peace, and more centered and calm throughout our day
  • Less body aches, especially noticed with less need to toss and turn because of them

As a therapist working with clients that have old unresolved traumas, I know that many people are not very grounded at all.  Some are in a near constant state of fight, flight or freeze, without being very aware of it other than feeling a high level of anxiety.  This anxiety creates a lot of cortisol in the system, a stress-induced hormone that can increase weight gain, and cause other health problems.

Fight or flight creates a cascade of events through the body.  One thing effected is a shutting down of our higher brain center.  Who needs higher reasoning when in an emergency?  Emergencies require quick responsive actions, not higher thinking.  Over time, we can really begin to change our mental capacity if we do not get help to better manage anxiety and stress. 

Don uses the patch cord mentioned above at our clinic.    Clients have been very impressed with how easily they rest or even nap during the acupuncture session while plugged in with the grounding cord.

Animals in the wild instinctively know how to 'shake off' the cascade of hormones triggered during the fight, flight, freeze, such as a gazelle running from a lion.  Once the lion has the gazelle in its jaws, the animal goes limp, triggering the freeze after the flight.  The lion, believing it dead, may put it down for later, and continue the chase for more.  The gazelle then will jump up, kick its legs a bit, shaking off the hormones that froze mid-flight, and prance off like nothing happened.  

Read more about this in Waking The Tiger, Healing Trauma, by Peter A. Levine.

Earthing ~ getting your bare feet on the Earth ~ is very alkalizing to the system.  We need to be fully embodied to be able to function and think clearly.  When I work with clients, I always help them to at least have a mental experience of grounding through guided healing visualizations.  

Look for guided healing meditations to be available as an audio download here soon!

Being grounded allows our nervous system to calm down.  It helps us 'trust' that everything is okay, and that the Earth has our back, as she literally does, if we would just allow her.  The Earth provides ALL of our sustenance.

It's time to feel better!  Start today by walking outside on the grass, or wet sand or concrete (not asphalt).  The Earth's healing energy is here for us to restore and rejuvenate, and it's FREE! 

Spend at least 10, if not 30 minutes a day sitting or walking outdoors in bare feet, and soon you will notice feeling much more calm, centered, and at peace.

Sleep Deeper and Wake Feeling Refreshed

Bring the power of the Earth indoors with any of the products below, or check out the Earthing site.  Any purchases made from clicking through our links is GREATLY appreciated!

The Earthing Site also has bracelets that can be worn, and patches (mentioned above) that you can stick on the sole of the foot, or elsewhere on the body.  It comes with a long cord, and can be used at anytime, including while sleeping.

We use these patches/pads on our clients simultaneous to receiving an acupuncture treatment. They nearly all have noticed how much more deep of a rest they get.  A few actually now sleep through the treatment where they had not previous to being hooked up to the pads.


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