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After being on a whole foods, carefully planned plant-based diet for over five years, I finally admitted defeat.  I had tried all and nearly all raw, predominantly fruits and vegetables, and very carefully planned whole foods, plant-based diets filled with what I believed to be the most 'nutrient-dense' foods ~ dark leafy greens, sea veggies, beans and legumes, and some nuts, seeds, and whole grains.  No matter which way I sliced and diced my vegetables, which I ate a ton of, my health suffered, pain increased, injuries didn't heal, and I aged ~ rapidly.

I finally surrendered, and snapped out of my plant-based delusional haze.

I with my husband returned to do more research.  We looked for answers as we licked our wounds, and regretted our errors in thinking.  We aligned with several plant-based doctors with whom we trusted.  We read all of their books, and watched all the documentaries ~ including Forks Over Knives which clinched our decision to give up meat in the first place.

If eating higher levels of meat potentially was putting us at higher risks for certain cancers, then our own current potential pre-cancerous symptoms could hopefully reverse if we eliminated meat all together, right?  Or so that was what started us on our journey away from a Paleo diet, into full on plant-based agenda-driven 'heaven' in 2011.  

You can read more of my journey throughout my many books, all now available as a FREE E-Book download.  

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Why am I giving away my first four books about eating a whole foods, plant-based diet away as free e-books?

Well, first let me say, I was quite proud of these books!  I had always loved to write.  And I worked hard, and for years to complete these four....yes FOUR books that I have since unpublished on Amazon, but am making available here exclusively for you as a Free E-Book.

As I mentioned here, I vowed to be transparent with respect to my teachings and personal practices that I promote and mentor others to incorporate.  Since some of what I wrote turned out to be based on research that I now see was either cherry picked (I didn't want to believe the various plant-based docs would be negligent and so biased), misleading, false, or too limited to have based my own decisions upon.

I have since come to understand food much differently.

Animal foods are the most nutrient-dense foods.  They contain many important fat soluble vitamins and minerals that are far less bio available in plant form.  In fact, phytates, fibers and other 'anti-nutrients' block absorption of these very minerals which I undoubtedly became quite deficient in over time, leading to the many nutritional deficiency symptoms outlined here.

You can read more about our low-carb, hypercarnivore diet, or check out The Trust Your True Nature Low-Carb Lifestyle, available in paperback, Kindle, and for a minimal donation as an e-book.  (Kindle and e-book versions have food pictures, the paperback version does not.)

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After all of my years of experimenting with a wide variety of diets, there was one common denominator throughout ~ the emphasis on tons of produce ~ aka fruits, vegetables, and greens.  I was pushing dark leafy greens among peers and clients long before kale became a household name.  I would eat the parsley garnish on my plate at restaurants ~ and that of everyone else with me ~ because not too long ago, restaurants never served up enough veggies with their entrees for my tastes.  

That has all changed. Veggies are 'in' and animal foods ~ especially red meats and eggs deemed too high in cholesterol ~ are 'out' as people adopt more and more 'clean' and 'plant-centered' diets.

My best advice that I can offer you:  Experiment.  Step away from the common narratives and 'beliefs' about what is healthy, and what is not.  Find out for yourself.  There is NO substitute for DIRECT EXPERIENCE!

You will NEVER know just how much any food is impacting your health, until you eliminate it long enough, then reintroduce it a little at a time.  

Since very few people suspect ~ or accept ~ the possibility that plants are potentially harmful to their health, no one considers NOT eating plant foods for any extended period of time.  So, without experimenting, HOW DO YOU REALLY KNOW IF PLANT FOODS ARE SUPPORTING YOUR HEALTH LIKE YOU BELIEVE?



You can then create a satisfying diet for you, based on empowered choices, with as many ~ or few ~ plant foods as you feel good eating.  This is about supporting your biology, not your ideologies! Especially if they are in conflict with one another!  

A person divided can not be whole...nor strong, nor fully aligned, nor truly FREE!

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Here are the free e-books ~ my first four books about eating a whole-foods, produce-rich and/or grain and legume-based macrobiotic diet.  

While I no longer support nor encourage anyone to consume a high-carb, low-fat diet because they are not sustainable nor healthy long-term, I do believe there is still great information and recipes in all of my books.  

I leave it for you to enjoy, using as you see fit.  I do highly recommend doing your own full research and experimentation ~ including taking The Hypercarnivore 30-Day Challenge, above.

You will never fully realize the impact of eating a plant-rich diet until you experiment with going without!

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I recognize the universal energies of giving and receiving helps keep flow circulating for all, and shows appreciation for the gift you will be receiving.  I have always shared my nurturing nature through providing healthy food.  I believed at one point that plant foods were nature's most healthy food sources, but I now stand corrected.

That being said, enjoy the free e-books, and thanks again for any who make a donation.  If every person who has viewed the books donated even one dollar, it would make a huge difference!

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Please also do consider reading The Trust Your True Nature Low-Carb Lifestyle which reflects our updated research and recommendations.

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