Fees & Scheduling for Strong Spirit Woman Services

Below are fees and scheduling, including special package deals, and special offers.

SSW Holistic Health Services Fee Structure

All my services are set up by the session, rather than by the minute or hour. I find that this type of work has a natural intrinsic timing, which can vary from time to time and person to person, depending on what comes up during each session.  I do not feel comfortable cutting someone off just as a potentially needed, yet unexpected cathartic moment arises.  

Everyone of us needs a safe space to unload our deepest, most reserved or unexpressed emotions from time to time.  Suppression of our charged emotions left unchecked can lead to physical symptoms over time.

My single session prices are below the average prices charged for similar services.  However, I believe the most effective way to make positive and lasting changes is to stick to a program once started long enough to go through the many initiations that commence while striving to improve one's health and life.


There are many unpredictable experiences and emotions that arise, which is part of the process.  We have several 'committee members' ~ voices in our head, or more aptly, triggered parts that clamor for our attention once we make the choice to align with our True Soul Path, and greatest desires.

Some of these 'parts' will resist the work, and find many excuses to drop out.  I have seen this happen time and again.  Just as someone is on the verge of a break through, they drop out.  

Fear can paralyze us and keep us from going for our dreams.  Many fear success.  Plus, these parts have a very real reason they get freaked out when we shoot for the moon ~ something you will learn during the SSW Hypnotherapy & Coaching Sessions, that integrates the Holistic C.O.R.E.  Counseling system  as well.

It is far more rewarding, for both the client and the practitioner to see the client though these potential setbacks, and experience  powerful break throughs.

Sessions & Fees - Single Session Prices



Primary Sessions include:

  • SSW Coaching & Hypnotherapy (which integrates the C.O.R.E. Counseling system)
  • Channeled Healing Messages
  • TYTN Health Coaching

Shorter Sessions include:

  • Reiki Energy Healing, Clearing, & Re-harmonizing  (Try a Mini Energy Healing Session ~ Special Offer ~ see below)
  • TYTN Health Coaching  (These can be the primary or shorter sessions, or a customized mix, priced separately.)


  • Pre-pay for 4-6 sessions, receive a $5.00 discount per session
  • Pre-pay for 7-9 sessions, receive a $10.00 discount per session
  • Pre-pay for 10+ sessions, receive a $20.00 discount per session (BEST VALUE!)

I am working on creating a self-study type program and membership that would allow ongoing support at a super affordable rate. 

Stay tuned, and either bookmark this page, or subscribe to be on the mailing list to receive notice when that is made available.

Intuitive Oracle Readings Fees and Scheduling:

  • Personal Medicine Reading - 6 card spread
  • A specific 5-6 Card Spread used when investigating the potential outcome of a particular query
  • Intuitive Oracle Reading  ~ messages from a blend of oracle decks, including Goddess, Ascended Masters, Angels, Fairies, or others
  • A 'Mythical Spread' of 6 cards drawn from the Wisdom of  Avalon, and the Unseen / Hidden Realms
  • Life Path Reading (traditional Celtic Cross using 10 cards)
  • A Mini Intuitive Oracle Reading 3-card spread 
  • A Rune Divination
  • Personal Medicine Reading, and all 5-6 card Intuitive Oracle Readings - $27
  • Life Path Reading - $52
  • Double Life Path Reading, or Year in Review - $77
  • 3-card Mini Intuitive Oracle Readings and Rune Divination - $17 (see below)

Package Deals:

  • Pre-pay for 3 readings, receive a $2.00 discount per reading - to be used within a 6 month time period:
  • 3 (pre-paid) 5-6 card Intuitive Oracle Readings - $75
  • 3 (pre-paid) Life Path Readings - $150
  • 3 (pre-paid) 3-card readings/Rune divination - $45

To Schedule, please contact me at 480-323-5272.


Want to try a Mini Energy Healing?  Have a question you are pondering and would like some insights?

I am offering a special Reduced Rate Mini Reiki Energy Healing Session, or Mini Intuitive Oracle Reading for those on a very tight budget.  It is also a good way to sample working with me, or when  just wanting to receive a quick insight or energy healing tune-up.  

This can be done in person, by phone, or even by email.

The Mini Reiki Energy Healing Session or Intuitive Oracle Reading will typically  be around 25-35 minutes.  

Once you contact me and make your payment, we will arrange a time for the session.  

All readings and energy healing sessions are available in person at our local Scottsdale clinic, or by phone from the comfort of your home.  

The sessions are equally enjoyable and powerful from a distance, sometimes even more so.

I am offering these sessions for $50 (credit card payment), or $45 for local clients when paying cash.



As an experiment, I will be looking for up to 12 individuals who are ready to commit to a Life Changing Package Deal of 12 Sessions.  

Okay, our lives are always changing, but what is it that you would really like to change in your life?  Are you sick and tired of feeling crummy?  Have a weight loss goal?  Tired of letting fear paralyze you?  Are you feeling a lack of clarity or inspiration around your life path?  Do you want help discovering your life purpose?  Would you just like to reduce anxiety and stress?  Are you hoping to find your ideal life partner, or right livelihood?

No matter what you desire ~ weight loss, spiritual guidance, healing, or greater clarity ~ there are steps that are part of the process of awakening, reclaiming our gifts, and becoming who we are meant to be.  This package is especially for those who want to stretch their boundaries, overcome obstacles, break free, and full awaken their inner strong spirit man or woman.

This special program will be geared towards helping you make a very positive shift to transform your life.  It will be a basic process that is suitable for all, while also being a personal, customized approach, each with a unique blending of the  services that will best suit your needs.  

What you will receive:

  • The initial session will be a Primary Session, some of which will be spent  discussing  your needs, and determining a strategy
  • The remaining sessions will be the Shorter Sessions, however, at least one of those can include a Channeled Healing Message, which is typically closer to one hour, or a bit more ~ typically considered a Primary Session
  • You can receive Reiki Energy Healing, Hypnotherapy with C.O.R.E. Counseling, Intuitive Oracle Readings, The TYTN Health Coaching, or Spiritual or Life Path Coaching ~ whatever combination is most appealing, or we together believe will work best for YOU!
  • I will be available  to answer quick questions, via text, email, or by phone for the duration of the program
  • A place to gather as a group for posting information, affirmations, and/or meditations may be arranged ~ to be determined ~ either a Password Protected area here, or via social media, with option for a group live guided visualization

I am offering this at a SUPER BUDGET RATE!  This will only be for a LIMITED TIME.

The sessions can be weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly, ideally to be completed within 7-10 months, but no longer than 12.

In one year ~ or much less, depending on your pace ~ you could be making great strides towards getting more aligned, improving your health, and/or realizing a major goal, or even one of your most treasured dreams!

The cost for each session paid for individually (2 Primary Sessions & 10 Shorter Sessions) is valued at: $950.00.

The cost for 2 Primary Sessions ($200) + 10 Shorter Sessions at a $20 discount per session ($550) is valued at $750.00.

I am offering this for a super discounted rate of only  $550.00 (+ a $15 processing fee) for a total of only $565!

That is essentially the most discounted rate on each of the 10 Shorter Sessions ~ and 2 FREE PRIMARY SESSIONS + my being available for brief questions throughout the process.  That is a smoking deal!  

TYTN Health Coaching, SSW Coaching & Hypnotherapy,  and  Energy Healing sessions can be done from the comfort of your home, or locally in our Scottsdale, AZ clinic.  If you are in the Scottsdale or Phoenix area, you can also join us for affordable acupuncture, custom Chinese herbs, and nutritional/dietary consultations. 

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Read testimonials for my services here.  Testimonials from Barefoot Acupuncture clients on Yelp here.   We have a few reviews on Facebook, and you can also watch a short video of our Google Reviews, below.

For questions about our services, or to schedule:  602-954-8016, or use the contact form below for my cell phone number, and e-mail.  

Once we arrange to begin working together, payments can be made safely via PayPal, or by phone.  (If there are no PayPal buttons, I can send an invoice.)

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To schedule or inquire further about any of our online or in person holistic health services, call our Barefoot Acupuncture Scottsdale office at 602-954-8016.

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