Energy Healing ~ My Perspective

Energy healing may be considered a new, or even 'woo woo' modality, however some form of working with people energetically to bring about a healing has been practiced by indigenous healers of many different tribes and cultures throughout history.

I have a lot of training in what would be considered energetic arts, including as a traditional Usui Reiki Master,  a 'Transformational' Reiki Master, along with acupuncture, and in my more distant past, as a massage therapist.  (There are more esoteric systems I have learned that I will share in separate articles.)

I have come to develop my own language to describe what it is I can sense when I am conducting an energy healing, as there needs to be some type of language to help make it more approachable and understandable to the laymen, as well as my clients.

It's similar to other scientific or mathematical fields of study having a unique jargon or language to discuss nuances specific to each field that are beyond the scope of our daily vernacular.

In this article, I'll do my best to share my perspective, or insights about energy healing.  I'll be writing more in-depth about this and other topics in the healing arts in future articles.  

Stay with me, as I believe you will find this interesting, and insightful!

First off, I know when I'm discussing the topic of energy healing, there are essentially two different audiences.  One of which may have no previous understanding of what energy healing encompasses, and more or less prefer a more materially tangible, or scientifically oriented modality, or approach to life.  

If this is you, perhaps read this article with an open mind.  You never know what you may find useful or interesting.

The other audience is open to or already familiar with energy healing.  These folks often are familiar with many forms of holistic healing, or are highly sensitive types who respond well to the more subtle, non-invasive forms of therapy.

You can read about my perspective on holistic healing here.  I'll be writing about my experiences treating highly sensitive persons (HSPs), and ways I've personally learned to cope as an HSP myself.

 My awareness of a small percent of the population being considered more 'highly sensitive' is based on the research of Elaine Aron, PhD, which you can read about in her first book, The Highly Sensitive Person:  How To Thrive When the World Overwhelms You.  

(You can check out this and other books written by Aron, and others that I recommend at the end of this article.  It may become your new bible if you are an HSP!)

Explaining the nuances of energy healing in a down-to-earth manner can be a little challenging, however it is a topic I am very passionate about.  

Having always been empathic, or highly sensitive to energies, I have felt drawn for some time to share what I have learned over the last two+ decades of experience  as a harmonizer of energy.

While only a small percentage of the population may identify as being 'psychic' we all potentially have the ability to tap into a higher knowing using some aspect of our inner, or higher sensory organs.  Some may 'see' visions, others 'hear' voices, some have a 'knowing' without knowing why, and still others 'feel' energy.  

Being able to feel energy, sometimes called clairsentience, is something that comes naturally to me.  I also sometimes have a knowing in the form of impressions, and even on occasion have very vivid, colorful, lucid visions when I'm in a deeply relaxed state.

The ability to feel energy is the gift I use the most when doing an energy healing.  Being feeling oriented is a tactile experience, also referred to as being kinesthetic, or empathic.  

People who are kinesthetic are often beginning sentences with "I feel...."  It more often refers to having a hunch, not just an actual feeling ~ in the manner that most people refer to feelings ~ however even that is a topic I'll explain further in another article.

Empaths are often ~ wittingly or unwittingly ~ tuning into the painful emotional states of others nearby.  This can get overwhelming, and difficult to know where you end, and another begins.  Having good energetic  boundaries is key to managing one's personal energy when empathic!  (For more on having good energy boundaries, check out Cyndi Dale's book, below.)

I often wished I could hear voices, like my mom, as being a 'feeler' of energy has often felt like a curse in my life.  Of course, my mom has felt the same about hearing voices, as she only ever heard a very clear voice speak to her when someone she knew was in danger.   Sometimes, it could be a famous person, such as Michael Jackson, as she 'heard' that he was going to pass probably about a year prior to his passing.  More often it was about a loved one, including me on more than one occasion!

Nature is very grounding, and can purify your energy of unwelcome disturbances to your energy field.  Being outdoors in beautiful settings restores a sense of calm, soothing the nervous system, and calming uneasy emotional states.

All photos are copyright of Tracy Minton, unless otherwise noted.

Once I embraced my sensitivities to energy as a gift, I began to apply it more profoundly when working with clients.  

I see what I do as being a harmonizer of energy.  

There are layers of energy surrounding your body, and the body of all animals, plants, trees, and really all of life.  Even rocks and crystals have an energetic aura around them.  They are just usually less visible.  

Everything is energy.  A rock may not appear to be living, but if you were to look at it microscopically, you would see atoms, and subatomic particles bouncing around.  The denser the object, the lower - or slower - the vibratory frequency.  

Vibration is just like a sound wave.  Before language, there were sounds.  Light, color, sound are all wavelengths of varying frequencies.  Certain frequencies are just harder to detect with the naked eye.  While these vibratory waves are a form of energy, to me they are also carrying bits, or perhaps many bits of information.  We just need the right equipment ~ psychically or scientifically ~ to be able to 'read' the information.

When I am doing an energy healing, I am 'tuning in' to the energy frequencies surrounding, and coming off of the body.  I 'feel' these frequencies like movements.  The 'information' provides  cues as to the sources of discord within or around a person.  Something can feel hot, cold, stuck, dense, etc., however, I often get a 'knowing' (I call it an 'intuitive hit') of an unresolved emotion that is still lingering in their energy field, impacting how they feel physically as well.

Imagine for a moment burning your finger accidentally from something very hot.  Your nervous system immediately sends out lots of information to various centers, of your brain, and nervous and immune systems shouting, "Alert! Alert!  hot!  burn! Get the soldiers of the immune system out of bed, NOW!"  Meanwhile, your finger is throbbing.  And for a few seconds, all your energy is focused on your burnt, throbbing finger.  Perhaps you can now imagine that while your finger (or nervous system)  is projecting  "pain" it would be fairly easy for an outsider to tune into that frequency, and sense your discomfort.

Often, the discord that one may be experiencing is actually  from an external source such as the less desirable energies picked up from the environment throughout the day.  Empathic people are especially prone to picking up the energies of others,  like a big satellite dish that has filled up with debris after a storm.  Instead of having clear reception, there is static.  Many people complain of feeling cloudy, heavy, emotionally sensitive, and/or out of sorts prior to a healing session.

Clear, at peace, relaxed, and even more elated is usually how they feel afterwards.  

Several clients often leave with much brighter and clearer eyes after an energy healing or hypnotherapy session, which also has an element of energy clearing to it.

Photo courtesy of
Pratt Pier, Chicago, IL Photo copyright of Tracy Minton

So what happens during the energy healing?  Is it magic?

I would explain it as a re-wiring of your electrical system.  I help people get their circuitry harmonized and cleared.  The outer energy layers are like your first line of defense, beyond the skin.  You could say it's like an extension of your immune system.  

The actual healing is happening by a group of energies in the unseen realms, including your own Higher Self.  To me, it's all an aspect of God, or the life force.   I am more like a conductor of a symphony.  As I like to describe it, it's like I am dancing with the felt energy frequencies vibrating around the client's body, helping clear out what is in discord, smooth out the kinks, and  harmonize the energy centers within the body, and the energy fields surrounding the body.  

Your Higher Self is ultimately in charge of assisting you with what level of healing you are able to appropriately receive at any particular time.  

How much 'work' I need to do to help clear out someone's energy field is contingent on how out of sorts and mirky the person has been feeling.  People who come for frequent energy healing sessions begin to feel more and more clear, as if working through layers of an onion.

Once the energy field is cleared, it feels very calm and peaceful.  The best way I can describe the contrast between the before and after is how turbulent it is when jumping out of an airplane without a glider or parachute.  Once the glider, or chute is pulled, the distorted, turbulent energy suddenly ceases, and all becomes more quiet, peaceful and still as you continue to glide back down to earth.  In deed, by the end of the session, it feels to me like the person's consciousness is floating in a sea of bliss.  When the session is over, I help guide their spirit back down fully into their body.

When  disturbances in your energy field linger for too long, you begin to feel very drained, fatigued, moody and out of balance.  Symptoms become physical only after they've first navigated through these outer layers.  Energy moves from the the less dense, higher frequency, outer layers ~ sometimes referred to as the un-manifest or unconscious realms ~ in towards the more physical, denser, material plane.

Actually, energy can move in both directions.  Your internal energy centers align with the major glands of your endocrine system.  These are like antenna as they help pick up signals, or what I consider 'data' or information from your environment.  But they can send out signals as well.  

Sometimes we can help prevent a symptom from manifesting by restoring harmony to the outer energy field.  The thing about that is you will never know what you may have prevented by receiving the healing energy.

Actually, you may never really know what all could have been altered by doing energy healing sessions, as the transformations can be subtle, yet powerful.  Changes can continue to bear out over time.

Think of it as having the ability to pluck out some old, deep-rooted, nasty weeds that were blocking the growth of something else trying to bloom.  Once an old paradigm, or  outmoded thought pattern, or spiritual contract or agreement has been cleared, you will experience greater internal lightness, peace, and freedom.  That is always our ultimate goal!  

Greater flow = greater ease, less dis-ease.  I believe it is in our Divine blueprint to experience a more blissful state of being.  The energy session can help you get a taste of how that feels.

Learn more about what to expect during an energy healing session in my follow-up article.  

Energy healing can be done in person, or at a distance.  Sometimes the energy healing sessions are done during a simultaneous phone call.  Other times they are conducted at a certain time, and the results or information that I received (or felt) is translated via a phone call or email.  

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