Energy Healing ~ My Perspective

Energy healing is among the safest, and most gentle forms of healing that exists, and has been practiced in various capacities by indigenous tribes and cultures throughout history.

Unfortunately, energy healing has been given a bad rap by some religious texts, something that bothers me greatly and I hope to address.

Energy healing may go by many names, whether Reiki, Healing Touch, or even using the power of prayer to bring about positive improvements to one's condiion.

As a 'highly sensitive' or empathic person who 'feels' energy, I had to develop my own language to describe what I can sense when I am conducting an energy healing, to help it be more approachable and understandable for my clients. 

It's similar to other scientific or mathematical fields of study having a unique jargon or language to discuss nuances specific to each field that are beyond the scope of our daily vernacular.

In this article, I'll do my best to share my perspective, or insights about energy healing.  You may also be interested in reading my perspective about holistic healing.

First off, I know when I'm discussing the topic of energy healing, there are essentially two different audiences.  One of which may have no previous understanding of what energy healing encompasses, and more or less prefer a more materially tangible, or scientifically oriented modality, or approach to life.  

If this is you, perhaps read this article with an open mind.  You never know what you may find useful or interesting.

The other audience is open to or already familiar with energy healing.  These folks often are familiar with many forms of holistic healing, or are highly sensitive types who respond well to the more subtle, non-invasive forms of therapy.

My awareness of a small percent of the population being considered more 'highly sensitive' is based on the research of Elaine Aron, PhD, which you can read about in her first book, The Highly Sensitive Person:  How To Thrive When the World Overwhelms You.  

(You can check out this and other books written by Aron, and others that I recommend at the end of this article.)

It may be possible with the right equipment to detect and measure changes to one's physiology, brain wave activity, neural function, and/or release of endorphins during an energy healing session, however, we mostly rely on the testimony of clients who typically feel much more relaxed, calm, and at peace afterwards.

Empaths are more prone to picking up the energy of others

Someone who has a gift of feeling energy more acutely than the average person is often referred to as being kinesthetic, or empathic.  

Empaths may be very nurturing types, always thinking about the needs of others.  Unfortunately, they can often feel the physical or emotional pain of those they care for as if it is their own.  This can get overwhelming, and difficult to know where you end, and another begins.  

I teach clients who are very sensitive how to maintain more clear energetic boundaries to avoid getting too drained!  

(For more on having good energy boundaries, check out Cyndi Dale's book, below.)

While being highly adept at 'feeling' energy can be a real challenge, leading to unpleasant sensations and insecurities, the sensitivity can be used as a gift to help detect discord, then strive to restore harmony.

Harmony and beauty are a result of being in alignment with logos, or Natural Law.  It is the way of Nature.

Nature is very grounding, and can purify your energy of unwelcome disturbances to your energy field. Being outdoors in beautiful settings restores a sense of calm, soothing the nervous system, and calming uneasy emotional states.

What is being detected during an energy healing session?

Before language, there were sounds.  Light, color, and sound are all wavelengths of varying frequencies.  Certain frequencies are just harder to detect with the naked eye.  

There is an energy field that surrounds your body, and the body of all animals, plants, trees, and really all of life.  

Even rocks and crystals have an energetic aura around them.  They are just usually less visible.  A rock may not appear to be living, but if you were to look at it microscopically, you would see atoms, and subatomic particles bouncing around.  The denser the object, the lower - or slower - the vibratory frequency.  

When I am doing an energy healing, I will 'tune in' or what I refer to as 'deep listening' to detect the currents surrounding the body, similar to the air currents a bird engages to help it fly. 

When there is an area of discord, the energy will feel different, as if to be emitting a signal indicating an area of imbalance.   

Something can feel hot, cold, stuck, dense, overly energetic, etc., which may be related to a physiological imbalance, or a 'stuck' emotion that was not fully expressed, such as grief, sadness, anger, or frustration.  

The emotions may be felt in areas that we commonly associate them, such as grief or sadness around the lungs and heart area, and anger, resentment, or frustration are typically associated with the liver/gallbladder paired organ systems, as per Five Element Theory in Traditional Chinese medicine, or TCM.  

Imagine for a moment burning your finger accidentally from something very hot.  The nerves in your finger communicate instantaneously to centers in the brain, which then shouts back, "Alert! Alert! Hot!  Meanwhile, your finger is throbbing, and for a few seconds, all your energy is focused on your burnt, throbbing finger.  

Perhaps you can now imagine that while your finger (or nervous system)  is projecting  "pain" it would be fairly easy for an outsider to tune into that frequency, and sense your discomfort.

Likewise, if someone has suffered a recent loss, the heaviness of grief is often easy to detect.

Many energy healers 'work with' various angels and guides that they call in before performing an energy healing.

As a result of better understanding why scriptures indicate that any healing should come directly from God, to avoid any potential unwanted, or lesser sources of Truth, I also now simply pray for healing directly to God, trusting the process.  

If 'logos' is the state of divine order and harmony, and/or if God's will is for you to heal, and experience this more natural state of wellbeing, than the Holy Spirit within, or God will help direct the energy healing in the manner appropriate for you at that particular time.  

It is beyond my scope to know what is best for each person, and I'd be suspect of anyone who claims otherwise. 

As I see it, we are here to provide a peaceful space to receive the powerfully healing and loving divine energy.  I simply pray for God's Divine Will to restore harmony as needed, while extending the positive intentions out to the entire family.

What is the source of people's discord?

There are many reasons one can experience discord, especially in the outer energy field.  

Often, the discord that one may be experiencing may be from an external source including others, or less desirable energies picked up from the environment throughout the day.  

Primarily, when living counter to logos ~ such as when we adopt unhealthful lifestyles ~ symptoms will inevitably occur, as a means to redirect one's actions to come into divine alignment, not because we are being 'punished.'

Having multiple sex partners without being in a loving, committed relationship, gambling, drinking, partying, and hanging out in clubs and bars, spending hours in front of a television, or eating lots of unhealthy foods are all examples of ways which will ultimately lead to a deterioration of one's vitality and spirit.  It's also an avenue which can open you up to unwanted, lower vibrational energies.

If you are highly sensitive or empathic, or have been over worked, over stressed, or just burnt out, disturbances in your energy field may linger for too long, causing you to feel very drained, fatigued, moody and out of balance.  

Many people complain of feeling cloudy, heavy, disjointed, extra sensitive, and/or out of sorts prior to a healing session.  Afterwards, they report feeling much more calm, clear, at peace, relaxed, integrated and even elated.  

Several clients often leave with much brighter and clearer eyes after an energy healing.

In TCM we say that the root of most issues, but especially pain is a lack of flow.  When there is flow, there is greater ease, and therefore less dis-ease.

I believe it is in our Divine blueprint to experience a more blissful state of being.  The energy session can help you get a taste of how that feels.

Energy healing can be done in person, or at a distance.  

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