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Strong Spirit Woman (SSW) provides personal development coaching, low-carb health coaching, energy healing and intuitive services to help you live a life that is most harmonious to who you really are, and your true calling. Enjoy the content, e-books, and guided visualization audio files as they become available, or contact me for more information about my services.

Nov 07, 2018

Energy Clearing & Re-Harmonizing

An Energy Clearing & Re-Harmonizing Session can help you feel lighter, and more clear and at peace. These affordable sessions are available by phone or our Scottsdale clinic.

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Nov 07, 2018

Strong Spirit Special Offers

Check out the Strong Spirit Woman Special Offers for distant energy healing and intuitive readings, and Tea, Reiki and Tarot Thursdays in Scottsdale, AZ.

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Nov 06, 2018

Intuitive Oracle Readings

Intuitive Oracle Readings help you gain clarity about your current direction or situation. I offer a variety of readings by phone or email.

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Nov 04, 2018

The Strong Spirit Path

The Strong Spirit Path is an integrated approach to actualizing true inner and outer strength, and personal sovereignty.

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Oct 20, 2018

Healthy Coffee Alternatives

These healthy coffee alternatives are unbelievably good! You'll want to check them out!

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Oct 07, 2018

The Hypercarnivore 30-Day Health Challenge Free E-Book

Receive a FREE copy of The Hypercarnivore 30-Day Health Challenge E-Book and discover which foods help best nourish your health!

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Oct 02, 2018

The Hypercarnivore Diet NOW AVAILABLE!!!

The Hypercarnivore Diet, by Don Matesz, is an incredibly thorough, well-researched, must-read book on human health and nutrition! This 475 page book is packed with information, references & is a well-written, first-of-it's-kind book!

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Oct 02, 2018

Take The Hypercarnivore 30-Day Health Challenge!

Take The Hypercarnivore 30-Day Health Challenge to help you discover which foods are helping you thrive, and which foods may be triggering symptoms. This nutrient-rich diet can help you improve your vitality & health. This is a FREE E-BOOK. Subscribe for your copy!

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Aug 28, 2018

CURRENT SPECIAL ~ 'Tea, Reiki & Tarot Tuesdays & Thursdays'

Join me in our Scottsdale clinic on Thursday afternoons, from 3-6:00pm, or by phone on Tuesdays from 3-6:00pm (AZ time) for an insightful Intuitive Reading, or Energy Scan, Clearing & Re-Harmonizing ~ or both! One half hour that can change your life! 15 Minute Readings OR Energy Clearing $25 EACH, OR ONLY $35 FOR BOTH! TO SCHEDULE, TEXT: 480-323-5272. DETAILS, OR TO SCHEDULE A DIFFERENT TIME, SEE THE FEES & SERVICES PAGE.

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Jul 05, 2018

Our Low-Carb Diet Is A Hyper-Carnivore Keto-Diet With Plants Optional

Our Trust Your True Nature low-carb diet is a hyper-carnivore, ketogenic-diet using veggies like condiments. Learn to trust your instincts.

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Jun 06, 2018

TYTN Health Coaching

Learn how to trust your true nature, and get needed support with our affordable TYTN Health Coaching, available in our Scottsdale clinic, or remotely by phone or Skype.

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Mar 31, 2018

How A Strong Woman Lives

What constitutes a Strong Woman, and why does understanding this matter?

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Mar 26, 2018

Raw Fish Is Simple To Prepare And Great For Your Brain

Incorporate more raw fish ~ or cooked ~ with these simple recipes to take advantage of the many numerous health benefits including protection from heart disease and cognitive decline. A look at research with the recipes.

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Mar 24, 2018

Enjoy Raw Liver A True Superfood

Raw liver is considered by many to be the most nourishing and sacred food, and the seat of the soul in Traditional Chinese medicine.

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Mar 22, 2018

Eating Raw Meat

Many believe raw meat and fish are healthier than cooked. Here are a few recipes and suggestions for trying raw meat or fish.

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Feb 11, 2018

Official URL changing

The URL for the site will be getting moved from, to Once some site improvements and updates are complete, I will begin to send out a newsletter. If you have subscribed to Trust Your True Nature, make sure to update your feed to continue to be subscribed, and alerted to new content.

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Oct 25, 2017

What People Are Saying

Read what others have to say about our many Coaching & Holistic Health Services.

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Oct 24, 2017

Organize And Declutter Your Home To Transform Your Life In 15 Minutes A Day

Learn how to organize and declutter your home, even if you are a right-brain, creative or harmonizer type. My adventures in organizing and book reviews.

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Oct 22, 2017

Real Life Organizing: Clean And Clutter-Free In 15 Minutes A Day Book Review

My review of Real Life Organizing: Clean And Clutter-Free in 15 Minutes A Day, by Cassandra Aarssen, my all-time favorite new book on organizing.

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Oct 05, 2017

Simple Low-Carb Healthy Snacks or Mini Meals

Here are some of my favorite simple low-carb healthy snacks that pack well to take to go.

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Sep 28, 2017

Low-Carb Stuffed Peppers With Grass-Fed Ground Beef

These Low-Carb Stuffed Peppers made using grass-fed ground beef are simple, healthy, and delicious!

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