Energy Clearing & Re-Harmonizing 

Energy Clearing & Re-Harmonizing is a unique form of energy healing that is very effective at helping untangle the 'knots' in your energy 'matrix' ~ your mental, emotional and physical energy bodies along with the energy field surrounding your body.  

As difficult as it may be to explain, the net result is what matters.  

Clients report feeling much lighter, more clear, and "like a weight has lifted off of their shoulders" after one of these special energy clearing sessions.

To continue to learn more about Tracy's unique Energy Clearing &         Re-Harmonizing Sessions, read below.

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The Energy Clearing & Re-Harmonizing style of energy healing ~ which is different then Reiki/Energy Healing sessions I do with local clients ~ came to me while working with clients remotely, by phone.  Clients would sometimes ask if I sensed anything going on with respect to a particular symptom, or area of the body.  I would 'tune in' and found that I could  mentally 'scan' the receiver's energy field, beginning with the top of their head, and working downward.  I would sense or feel energetic blockages, and/or pick up other  pertinent information that once shared would make sense to the client.  By bringing our attention to any potential stuck issue, it typically clears.  Some issues or blockages take longer than others.

Energetic blockages usually correspond to any of the main energy centers in your body.  They may be sourced in something going on currently, or it could relate to old, unresolved injuries, emotional issues, or traumas from the past that was never appropriately processed

I can't speak exactly to what is happening from a visual perspective as my main gift is in my ability to  feel, rather than really see the energy, however, all of life is comprised of energy.   All energy is a wave of varying densities, or rather, frequencies.  This is not as woo-woo as it sounds, it is just beyond our normal realm of vision.  

I am a very grounded person, and will never make claims that I can not verify, as I myself approach much of what I come across in various 'alternative' healing and especially new age circles with a huge degree of healthy skepticism.  

My intentions are always aligned with serving  the Greatest Good for each person ~ the Universal Spirit or God Force Energy, and Higher Self of each person handles the details.

As a reminder, the Energy Clearing sessions are not intended to be a substitute for counseling or other therapies, however, it can help take the edge off of anxious or charged emotional states, and help restore a sense of feeling more centered, balanced, and in control.  It is an ideal therapy for those who are otherwise sensitive to more invasive therapies, including acupuncture, and as an adjunct to other therapies.

A rare sighting at our (then) apartment compound of an entire flock of Turkey Vultures ~ Nature's Custodians, sometimes called 'Peace Eagles.' These stealth creatures scare some, however, they don't kill their own prey. but rather they provide an important role as Nature's clean-up crew.

While many consider turkey vultures ugly, these stealth birds which are related to the majestic condor provide a valuable service as Nature's custodians.

Likewise, I consider the Energy Clearing & Re-Harmonizing Sessions as serving an important function in 'cleaning up' discordant energies ~ within, through, and around our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual energy fields ~ that we may not see, but feel, and which can drag our energy down.  I believe this is a very needed skill right now on our planet!

Having incongruous  and disharmonious or 'dirty' energy fields negatively impacts  our moods, immune system, and energy levels, and can cause confusion, cloudy thinking, fatigue, poor sleep, and other  imbalances when left unchecked for too long.

I believe my ability to do the energetic scanning during the Energy Clearing & Re-Harmonizing sessions is a gift that came about from my years of doing a variety of energy balancing type therapies, including a traditional and 'transformative' Reiki, acupuncture, reflexology and massage.  

I have always been a very intuitive, perceptive, and energetically sensitive individual.   This was a challenge for me growing up, and caused many unnecessary insecurities.  You can read more of my story here.

It is my pleasure to now be able to use my sensitivities as a gift, and facilitate these energy clearing sessions for others who may be going through their own personal challenges.  

I know personally how difficult it is to experience ongoing anxiety, worry, sadness, depression, or lower mood states.  Our endocrine glands, especially in our brain, but even our digestive and immune systems take a hit when we are continually stressed and/or unhappy with our lives.  

We are living in very unnatural ways in our modern civilized society, so any type of therapy or lifestyle practice that helps you feel more grounded, relaxed, and centered is essential for maintaining a sense of equilibrium in our modern world.

The Energy Clearing & Re-Harmonizing is easily accomplished at a distance. 

We can arrange to do the entire session by phone together, or we can schedule a session, then I email the results afterwards.  Both are equally effective.  Once I email results, you may email back (or call) with questions.

The Energy Clearing & Re-Harmonizing sessions last as long as needed.  When enough has been cleared and re-harmonized, I will feel a shift, like an atmospheric shift in the energy currents that will suddenly feel light and free of any particular pull or issue.  It's like a valve simply shuts off, and everything gets quiet and still. 

I feel pretty confident in saying that what is ready to clear at any one time ~ will clear ~  in a manner that is appropriate at that time, for that person.

In other words, the Higher Self/Higher Wisdom of both client and myself work in tandem and will 'know' what the physical and emotional or personality aspects can safely handle and integrate at any one time.  The more we do this work together, the deeper and even more far reaching the issues may be that will be ready to be cleared.

It can take time for people to acclimate to feeling much lighter and more free, because even though it is a far more desirable state of being, people will rebound back to what is familiar, even if it is more uncomfortable.  

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Getting these sessions done on a regular basis is like the ultimate form of coaching plus healing as the body and your own Higher Self will be guiding you throughout, helping you receive important feedback about the outcomes of actions that have happened in the past, and how to self-correct.

The more one engages in receiving these types of sessions, the more advances can be made towards consciously creating desired realities, without excess heaviness weighing us down.  This in turn paves the way for positive and lasting transformation.

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