Declutter Your Photos!

Here is a way to declutter your photos, and let go of the past!  

Get rid of those stacks of boxes with loose photos you rarely ever look at.  

Free up your energy, and your life!

Declutter your photos?  Gasp!  Who does that?  Isn't it sacrilege?

Actually, I have been undertaking an ongoing project to declutter my life, including my photos.  

It may be something that needs to be done in phases.  For me, I get a strong sense or pull towards an area of my home, or various items that I can sense really need some sorting and decluttering.

A while back, I was desperate to organize our main living space, but had to make changes without spending money to do so.  Rather than purchase shelves or organizing paraphernalia, I was on a mission to let go of things I had, and free up some space.  

There were a couple shelves that were an eyesore, immediately upon entering our one-bedroom apartment with few closet and storage space.   The shelves contained many items, among them some boxes of photos I needed to declutter.

This wicker rack was repurposed as a spice rack in the kitchen

The wicker rack on the right was repurposed as a spice rack in the kitchen, & the silver rack was moved to the adjacent wall for office use.

The silver rack was moved to put the printer on the lower shelf. I have changed the top shelves since this photo, now containing pretty amethyst crystals, a plant, and nice ceramic bowls for fruit.
I did take video footage of the before & after, but don't have that available at the moment. Just the after photo for now.

The white shelf below is where the 2 racks in the left photo were.

While I did also unload many CDs, getting the music I want onto my computer to donate or sell more is on the to-do list!

To declutter your photos may seem time consuming, but it can be a very worthwhile endeavor, helping you let go of the aspects of your past that no longer serve you.  

It can be like letting go of a huge weight.

This may be a hold out from the days prior to digital photos, so perhaps I'm showing my age, but many people have boxes of photos that never get organized into albums.  They get buried, and perhaps once every decade or so, they get pulled out to look at.

Learning to declutter your photos can be very liberating!  

While it can seem like a daunting task  ~ whether you have tons of photos in boxes or albums that you never open  ~ once it is done, you will feel lighter.

One of the boxes of photos that were tossed after taking photos.  

Sometimes old emotions may get stirred as you declutter your photos.   I find this process is a way of deciding which photos really bring you good memories, that are worth keeping.  They should be uplifting, or rekindle fond memories.

Saving only a fraction of your photos will help you better treasure those you decide to save.

I know from experience that letting go is much more liberating than hanging on.  The freedom we experience from cleaning and organizing in general ~ but especially when we declutter photos ~ may be subtle, but it can also be very transformative.   It's something that may pay you in dividends over time.  

It's all part of the Strong Spirt Woman total life over haul ~ a great project to do if needing to increase flow, or attract a new partner.  Nothing like holding on to pictures of old relationships to hinder opening to a new one!

Even all those pictures sent to you from friends and family over the years add up, and take up space.  A good way to deal with this is to spread them all out, and make a short video of your collection of photos.  Or instead, make a collage of your favorites, then trash the rest.  

As you declutter your photos, consider creating something you can look at every day, like a vision board or collage.

Or take a couple digital photos of your old print photos laid out, then make a print of that and hang it up.

Here are some tips to help you declutter  your photos:

  • Display and enjoy, or let it go!  
  • Make sure you stay well fueled.  It may help to have some healthy, quick convenience foods on hand that you can easily prepare without taking your focus off your project.
  • Allow yourself at least a couple hours for this project.  I think it is easier to do it all at once, but break it down into smaller tasks if needed.  For instance, I actually went through several photo albums that were still packed in storage at my mothers house, and was able to get rid of old, thick photo albums that had been packed away for years.
  • Have a friend help.  Share a meal or glass of wine together, then have at your photos.  A friend can be more relentless about helping you decide which photos are not worth saving.
  • Allow yourself the freedom to feel and process any emotions that arise.  Just feel, don't judge, and they will move on through, like water under a bridge.
  • Lay out your photos and make a video, or take pictures of them.

For those who may not be as ready to be so ruthless, and prefer preserving the photos of the past, has  tips for archiving, and decluttering photos.  I feel better knowing that even Minimalist Mom, who was in her mid-30's when she wrote about how to deal with boxes of photos...meaning I'm not that old after all!  (Okay okay, I know, it's just a number.  Let it go....!)

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