Channeled Healing and Readings are Available by Phone or Email

Channeled Healing Messages, and Intuitive Readings~ including the Intuitive Oracle Reading, or Personal Medicine Reading ~ can provide greater clarity and insights about a current situation or life direction, and help you feel more connected with your own Higher Self, and greater resources.

Reiki/Energy Healing Sessions  help you to feel more clear from any 'noise' or disturbances mucking up your system, causing you to feel imbalanced, out of sorts, anxious, mentally unclear, overwhelmed, or emotionally weighed down.

Channeled Healing Message combines some aspects of each ~ a brief energy clearing and rebalancing, along with a guided and loving message that can help you feel more at ease mentally and emotionally about your present concerns and possible courses of action.

Each of the Intuitive Readings and Energy Healing Sessions are available remotely ~ and equally effective ~  from the comfort of your home, as well as locally ~ currently at our Scottsdale, Arizona clinic.

When receiving a Channeled Healing Message,  Reiki Energy Healing, or any of the variety of Intuitive Oracle Readings, I work with your Higher Self, and the Divine  Nature Intelligence ~ the most neutral and benevolent creative forces that  best 'knows' what will best serve your needs.  

This Higher Intelligence will work with and through you to help facilitate restoration of a more harmonious, flowing and 'whole' or healed state ~ in a manner that is most appropriate for you at any given time.

It's Nature's Way.  Like water, Nature seeks a harmonious balance ~ via the path of least resistance ~  but will destroy/cause to degenerate that which goes against her Laws.

In other words, when we eat the right foods, adopt supportive lifestyle practices, and strive to connect with our deepest longings, creating a life that reflects our True Nature, we experience greater harmony, ease, and grace in our lives.  

When we ignore the warnings, felt as nagging physical symptoms, and chronic anxiety, stress, diminished vitality, and low mood states, we will continue to 'degenerate' or experience ill-ease as a sign that we are not on the right path.

Nature is the Ultimate Form of Justice, and the Ultimate Healer.  Nature is neutral and dispassionate.  When we experience greater flow, we retain more of our youthful vitality.  When we live in ways that are disharmonious and contrary to our needs, our True Nature and greatest soul desires, we facilitate our ultimate decline and degeneration.  People try to make it more complicated, but it is really quite simple.  It's all about flow.

What exactly is this flow?

It's a felt sense.  When you are in it, you feel different.  Life becomes more miraculous and effortless.  People you are thinking about suddenly show up or call. Something you think you would like to have easily materializes.  Opportunities present themselves, seeming through uncanny synchronicities, and you act on them without hesitation.  It feels as if your every move and thought are being channeled from a higher source, in far greater ways than you could have personally orchestrated your self.

Flow relates to qi or life force energy, along with the blood and nutrients that flow through your veins, providing nourishment and the right lubrication and essence to experience vitality and clarity of mind.

Flow also relates to the many invisible channels that we can open to for receiving the Divine resources and love trying to reach us, providing we let go of our limiting beliefs or false identities that block our flow.  When we go against Nature, we are going against the flow.

When we are in the flow, we feel more inspired and at peace.  Physically, greater flow equals less pain and dis-ease.

Whether you have a resistance or confusion towards certain aspects of your life, or feel overwhelmed, fatigued, unclear, uninspired, or lacking in motivation, this can be seen as stagnation, or blockage of this Life Force moving through you.  You may feel stuck, or paralyzed to make a decision.  

A Channeled Healing Message, Intuitive Oracle ReadingPersonal Medicine Reading, or Energy Healing can help hold space for you to receive the loving and uplifting guidance, messages, insights, and/or healing to help you regain clarity, feel more grounded, live more freely, and experience greater inner calm, confidence, grace and ease.

We all have times where we feel confused, overwhelmed, or out of balance, and can benefit from outside help.  

I feel very humbled and blessed to hold space for people in such an intimate manner while providing the channel for receiving greater connection, inspiration, and the healing energies of your own Higher/Greater Wisdom, the Universal Life Force or 'Qi', and your guides.  

My passion is to see as many people as possible, including myself, align with the most illuminated pathway available to each of us at any given juncture of our lives.  The most illuminated path is the path of the greatest divine alignment ~ where we express our True Nature, and Divine Purpose as elegantly and joyfully as possible.

I am equally grateful for all those who assisted me in times of need on my own journey, bringing in greater clarity when I was feeling anxious and confused about my own path.

Channeled Healing & Readings

Menu of Services

  • Reiki/Energy Healing Sessions - Hit the RESET button and regroup with an energy healing!  An Energy Healing Session will help you feel much lighter, more balanced, clear, grounded, and centered.  

    The electromagnetic energy field surrounding the body ~ also referred to as the aura  ~ has been found in studies to be impacted by the energy or thoughts being projected onto us by others, whether positive or negative. 

    It is essential, especially for those who are highly sensitive or empathic, to keep your outer energy field fortified, as this will help prevent the negative influences of others and external events from penetrating your core self.

    Anyone who has experienced a recent loss can greatly benefit from an energy healing session, as the energy healing will help take the edge off of the grieving process, while restoring an internal sense of strength.  Grief may continue on and off throughout your life, but you will better handle the waves.

    In some situations, a connection to a recently deceased is palpably felt during the session, bringing another layer of healing to your mind, body, and spirit.

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  • Channeled Healing Messages - Receive an uplifting and inspiring message channeled directly without the use of cards.  These messages are like  a balm to your Spirit, providing the most appropriate insights to help you at whatever juncture in life you find yourself.

    A Channeled Healing Message is not a psychic reading offering predictions.  Sometimes a strong feeling with regards to a sense of timing can be relayed.  The messages focus on helping you to integrate your particular and unique body of knowledge and body of experience along with your special gifts and talents in a meaningful way, with the greatest grace and ease possible.  By doing so, you more easily manifest abundance, and can realize your full and Divine Potential.

    The Channeled Healing Messages also include a mini energy scanning and healing, as needed.  These messages are always loving and uplifting.  You are seen for Who You Really Are, from a higher perspective.

    Channeled Healing Messages are like a unique form of Spiritual and Life Coaching.  Clients check in periodically, and receive the latest message along with guidance for the best next steps to take on their journey to manifesting their greatest version of themselves.  Of course it is up to you to apply the guidance received, however, these messages really cut to the chase sharing the most pertinent and essential information for you at any particular time. 


  • Intuitive Oracle Readings - I offer a variety of Intuitive Readings using a variety of oracle decks designed to  help you to receive insights,  make more clear decisions, and/or better understand your current life lessons and experiences.   The readings focus on your particular queries, whether about career path, relationships, personal growth, a possible change of location, or an analysis of what the upcoming season or year has in store for you.

    The Types of Intuitive Oracle Readings offered are listed below.

A Personal Medicine Reading  can help you determine which bird, animal, and earth-based elements would best bring balance into your life at this time.  The animals each have their own  'medicine.'  They act as teachers and can provide guidance and support in many areas of our lives, including bringing in greater strength, courage, playfulness, stealth, and protection. 

A Personal Medicine Reading is an excellent reminder about the connectedness of all life, and the importance of becoming more grounded, centered, and 'whole' in order to improve your life and realize your dreams.  

Shamans of many different cultures believe we have an animal guardian spirit (or two) that comes to us when we are born.  They may not stick around if we fail to acknowledge their presence or deny their help.  However, we can invite them, or other animal spirit guides into our lives for assistance during challenging times, and for guidance on our life journey.

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For inquiries about important issues that require  thoughtful consideration, or to help you better understand the currents that are running through your life, I recommend a Life Path/Celtic Cross Reading.

Celtic Cross/Life Path and other Intuitive Oracle Readings are excellent to do whenever at a crossroads in life, during major life transitions, or as a seasonal or yearly review of what to anticipate during the upcoming year.  

I always do a major Life Path Intuitive Reading for myself on my birthday, at the end and beginning of a year, and when in doubt about a major decision or direction I am considering.  The primary oracle deck I use for Life Path Intuitive Readings provides very clear and direct insights into your current life themes.  

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For those interested in receiving a traditional Nordic form of divination, the Runes also impart their own special power.  

Symbols were used before a written language.  The subconscious mind understands the power of symbolism, even though the conscious mind may not.  

Symbols are used all the time by marketers.  Once you realize just how powerful certain basic symbols are, you will start to see them everywhere.

I also offer a Mythical Reading and Intuitive Oracle Readings which are either a specific 5-card spread investigating the potential outcome and influences acting upon a specific area of your life, or in answer to a particular query, OR a 5-6 card spread pulling from 2-3 of the various oracle decks.  

A Mini Intuitive Oracle Readings is a 3-card spread from one of the decks ~ unless requested otherwise.

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The Channeled Healing Messages and Intuitive Readings ~ using the various themed oracle decks ~ bring in an archetypal energy, symbols, and affirming messages that can help us when we are in need of guidance and support. It is not meant to replace or supersede your own Spiritual beliefs and practices, nor the advice of your personal medical care team.

Your subconscious mind is a warehouse of stored memories.  The Goddesses, Ascended Masters, Archangels, and many earthly guides, including the animals, birds, Nature energies, the Celtic Tree Oracle, and those of the 'unseen' realms, or mythological past deliver messages to you in a way that your subconscious mind can accept, assisting  your current evolution.  

The Channeled Healing Messages especially remind us that we are not alone.  There is more to life than what meets the eye.  The path to overcoming limitations, and manifesting your true desires gets much easier when you learn to ask for help from these benevolent beings who are here to serve, and awaiting your request!

Receiving channeled healing and/or intuitive readings can help you learn to better work with these energies on your own, and in your own way, as you build confidence and familiarity with how it feels to be on the receiving end of their many blessings.  

We can all benefit from receiving the messages of encouragement that come through ~ especially during the Channeled Healing Messages!

Despite ones background, the decks offer universal insights, and archetypal patterns that can help us with just the right message at the time of the drawing.  

Whether you resonate more with any of the earth based decks, or with the fairies, Goddesses, Ascended Masters, Archangels, or other mythical creatures, the Intuitive Oracle Readings speak directly to your spirit, and always take into account your greatest good.  They can be customized upon request.

Channeled Healing Messages and Intuitive Oracle Readings are always delivered with the greatest purity of interpretation possible.  They are also presented in the most uplifting and helpful manner possible, often reminding us that we are doing better than we realize, and that we are not really ever alone.

Interested in investing in your own oracle decks?  Below are some of my own favorites.

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