Channeled Healing Messages

Channeled Healing Messages are a unique and uplifting reading ~ or spiritual message ~ that  can help you clarify your gifts, and feel more supported and connected with your own Higher Self, and personal guides.  The Channeled Healing Message may also include a brief Energy Scan & Re-Harmonizing Session at the beginning, as needed.  The messages are channeled, meaning I call in the highest source of guidance, light, love, insights, and wisdom (in tandem with your own Higher Self), to deliver the most pertinent information for you at the time of the reading.

Channeled Healing Messages take into account your unique needs, gifts, and temperament when recommendations are made, so that the suggestions are as easy to apply to your life as possible.  This is known (without our necessarily having previously met) via the presence of your Higher Self, the guides that 'speak' through me, and my innate ability to 'feel' energy, and 'sense' the 'tone' or 'vibration' of your spiritual essence.

What do I mean by the tone or vibration of your spiritual essence?

For me it's a felt sense of the resonance of Who You Are at your core ~ your personal fingerprint.  It's simpler than it sounds.  For example, you could have the tone or vibration of that of a healer.  This is regardless of whether or not you work/serve as a healer.  You may have an innate gift to heal or harmonize living or working environments, or tense situations, or you may unwittingly uplift those around you simply by your calm, kind, and/or grounded presence!  

You may be a natural teacher, organizer, artist, etc., and/or your primary gift may be that you hold space...a sacred gift that helps people to feel safe to express themselves, or make the transition to the other side at the end of life.  The Channeled Healing Messages typically focus on helping you best utilize your unique treasures ~ your gifts and natural inclinations ~ in easy, down-to-Earth ways.

The Energy Scan/Clearing & Re-Harmonizing Sessions will  help you to feel more clear from any 'noise' or disturbances mucking up your system, causing you to feel imbalanced, out of sorts, anxious, mentally unclear, overwhelmed, or emotionally weighed down.

Channeled Healing Message may combine some aspects of each if needed ~ a brief energy clearing and rebalancing, along with a guided and loving message that can help you feel more at ease mentally and emotionally about your present concerns and possible courses of action.

Divine Guidance & Nature Intelligence 

Each Channeled Healing Message is uniquely delivered ~ they range quite a bit in the tone, type of information, and style of communication.  These messages are a privilege to share as they are often quite cathartic for people.  The messages are healing in part because they are so loving and uplifting, and can help you feel sourced and connected in ways you may not have previously experienced.  It can be quite an amazing experience.

The tone of my voice, and words used in the Channeled Healing Messages are often not my typical vernacular.  There are a variety of guides that share in the delivery.  I always intend for the highest and greatest source of light, love, and truth to be delivered, always for your highest and greatest good.  

Many people may question the validity of channeling, yet we are all channeling Spirit during those timeless moments where the words,  art, music, or even meal you are preparing seem to flow effortlessly into form, with seemingly little of your own input.  

We are Divine Creator Beings ~ creating is a form of channeling.  You allow your being to be the conduit of Divine Expression, expressing through you, as you, in your unique ways.

Whether you have  confusion towards certain aspects of your life, or feel overwhelmed, fatigued, unclear, uninspired, lacking in motivation, or just plain stuck, a Channeled Healing Message may be the perfect antidote.  It's a nice gift to give to yourself, or others.  The loving and uplifting guidance, messages, insights, and/or healing will help you regain clarity, feel more grounded, and experience greater inner calm, confidence, grace and ease.

Channeled Healing Messages are channeled directly without the use of cards.  These messages are like  a balm to your Spirit, providing the most appropriate insights to help you at whatever juncture in life you find yourself.

A Channeled Healing Message is not a psychic reading offering predictions.  Sometimes a strong feeling with regards to a sense of timing can be relayed.  The messages focus on helping you to integrate your particular and unique body of knowledge and body of experience along with your special gifts and talents in a meaningful way, with the greatest grace and ease possible.  By doing so, you more easily manifest abundance, and can realize your full and Divine Potential.

These messages are always loving and uplifting.  You are seen for Who You Really Are, from a higher perspective.

Channeled Healing Messages are like a unique form of Spiritual and Life Coaching.  Clients check in periodically, and receive the latest message along with guidance for the best next steps to take on their journey to manifesting their greatest version of themselves.  Of course it is up to you to apply the guidance received, however, these messages really cut to the chase sharing the most pertinent and essential information for you at any particular time. 


The Channeled Healing Messages and Intuitive Readings ~ using the various themed oracle decks ~ bring in an archetypal energy, symbols, and affirming messages that provide help  when we  in need of guidance and support.

It is not meant to replace or supersede your own Spiritual beliefs and practices, nor the advice of your personal medical care team.

A Channeled Healing Message can especially remind you that you are not alone.  There is more to life than what meets the eye.  The path to overcoming limitations, and manifesting your true desires gets much easier when you learn to ask for help from these benevolent beings who are here to serve, and awaiting your request!

Receiving channeled healing and/or intuitive readings can help you learn to better work with these energies on your own, and in your own way, as you build confidence and familiarity with how it feels to be on the receiving end of their many blessings.  

We can all benefit from receiving the messages of encouragement that come through ~ especially during the Channeled Healing Messages!

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