Books We Recommend 

Here are books we recommend for personal development and spiritual growth. 

I created an Amazon store of the books we recommend because many people ask us for suggestions.  This is a short list, but a good place to get started.  There are books about spiritual issues, along with books that provide tools for those who are more introverted or highly sensitive.  

I will continue to add to the store, and if it is popular and grows, I'll create separate categories for various topics to make it easier to search.  If this is helpful, or you would like to know what books we recommend about other topics, please feel free to fill out the contact form, or leave a comment below.

Any purchases made from our store are greatly appreciated.  Every little bit helps to support the time it takes to develop informational, content-driven websites.

It's important to continue to feed your mind ~ and not just your body ~ with empowering, inspiring, and educational material.  

We will be continuing to add to our book store, so be sure to bookmark this page.  Any purchases made through our links is greatly appreciated.  

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