Bee and Alligator, Collaboration and Planning Lead to Attainment

Bee and Alligator are the animal medicine messengers for Sunday, March 3, 2006.  As we near a New Moon, on March 6th, it's a great time to focus on what you really desire to create in your life.  This New Moon is especially potent for both letting go of what is no longer working for you, and stepping fully into your personal medicine!  

How can you more fully embrace your most authentic true nature, and manifest your core desires in your life right now?

Bee and Alligator are here to help!  Bees remind us to collaborate with others.   Alligator represents methodical, careful planning.  These two are quite a complementary pair to have pulled together as we head towards a new moon, and fresh starts.

Bee and Alligator teach us that patience, planning, and determination net great rewards!

Everyone knows about the 'Busy Bee.'  Bee and Alligator may seem an unlikely combo to pull together, however, both offer traits that are beneficial for making progress in life.

Bees create honey.  They can represent fertility, and rebirth.  They are symbolic of fire, the energy of the Sun, and air.  According to Trish Phillips, On PureSpirit, "The bee symbolizes community, brightness, and personal power."  

Alligators are ancient and primordial.  They live on the edge of Earth and Water.  

Both Bee and Alligator can teach us that hard work pays off, yet being methodical and balanced is also key.  Bees buzz about, Alligators patiently wait.  Both end up with a sweet reward for their efforts!

How Can You Employ Bee and Alligator Medicine?

According to Spiritsong Tarot, by Paulina Cassidy, Honeybee is the 3 of Crystals, similar to pentacles in traditional tarot.  Crystals are representative of manifestation, and creativity.

Honeybee uses ingenuity and a clear plan of action to master his craft.  Teamwork is the name of day.  We often feel like we have to 'go it alone' yet perhaps there is at least one person you can partner up with to help you accomplish a goal, or confide in for greater support?  

Try This:

Imagine you have a team that you create (in your mind), and that you can invite whomever you believe would provide you valuable and unconditional support to be part of your team.  These can be guides, deities, ancestors who have passed on, or others you respect admire.  Better still, invite your own Future Self already having what it is you desire, and your Higher Self ~ the spiritual aspect of you that knows you more than anyone!

Imagine having a conference, and asking each member what your next best steps would be towards realizing your goals.  Ask your team what they perceive is your personal medicine, and how to use your gifts in meaningful ways.

Bee encourages you to plan, be(e) productive, seek wise counsel (or collaboration with others), and stay determined.  You will succeed.  (BEE-lieve it!)

Honeybee will help you not only be successful, but to ensure you enjoy the sweet nectar of your efforts.

Alligator is the 10 of Crystals.  Alligator medicine also teaches that hard work will be rewarded.  

Bee and Alligator both can boost your tenacity, and help you to have unshakeable certainty that you will arrive at your destination ~ providing you work their medicine into your own personal medicine tool bag.  

Through staying the course, careful planning, and being methodical ~ greater security and prosperity will be yours!  Think of that sweet pot of honey waiting for you at the other end of your personal bridge to your most illuminated life.

Ancient Alligator asks, What is brewing beneath the surface that needs to see the light of day?

According to Animal Allies, by Jessica Swift, Alligator is also about integration, and initiation.  She represents ancient energy, patience, timing, birth, and mothering.  

"Consider all sides before making a judgment or decision.  Honor how far you've come and any rites of passage not fully acknowledged.  How are you (or are you not) mothering yourself?  What lives inside you, beneath the surface, that is waiting to be born with your love and attention?"

Bee and Alligator are great allies as you ponder what you are ready to birth with this upcoming New Moon, or anytime you feel at a crossroads, and ready for change.  

They can also help whenever you are feeling stuck, or unsure about how to either finish a project, or manifest your own personal honey pot of gold!

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