Affordable Health Coaching Special Offer

Affordable Health Coaching is NOW available!  Receive the support and motivation you need to help you realize your health and weight goals.

If you are interested in implementing a personalized, healthy, low-carb / hypercarnivore diet, and/or you need help overcoming sugar cravings, or other unhealthful addictions, receiving affordable health coaching can provide you with the needed support.

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Interested in receiving support implementing an appropriately balanced, customized Low-Carb Diet Plan?

I am currently offering super affordable Health Coaching, for those who are ready to commit to 6 or more one hour sessions, to be completed within a 6-7 month time period.

I will be available via email for quick questions between sessions for an entire year once you begin.  

Try one session for just $47 (regularly $70 per hour.)  If you decide to continue to receive this super affordable health coaching special, we can determine the best timing for your schedule  ~ weekly, bi-monthly, or once per month.

Payment can be set up to be billed automatically.  

If you decide to pre-pay for 6 or more sessions, I'll send an e-book version of The Trust Your True Nature Low-Carb Lifestyle.  I'll even give you a further discount of $2 off per session, saving an additional $12+ from the already affordable health coaching rates.

Alternatively, I offer brief Check-Ins, where people can contact me via email or by phone, for $20 per 15-20 Minutes, or pre-pay for 4 Check-Ins and get a 5th FREE.  

Once I have a newsletter started, I'll  be sending special content for subscribers only as well, with the bigger picture goal of creating an online forum.  Until then, you can join our private FB group, The Hypercarnivore Diet.  Simply answer the 3 questions and let us know you found us through my website!

Is Affordable Health Coaching for you?

  • Do you desire help, yet are on a tight budget?
  • Are you less likely to be as committed to realizing your health goals if you are not held accountable by someone outside of yourself?
  • Do you have questions about the nuances of implementing a healthy, low-carbohydrate diet, customized for your needs?
  • Do you want help determining the appropriate types and quantities of foods and supplements that will be best tolerated and supportive for your condition and health goals?
  • Do you want help creating simple meal plans?

If you answer YES to any of these questions, perhaps receiving affordable health coaching will fit your budget, and motivate you to make positive improvements to your health!

Need extra support?

What if the biggest stumbling block to achieving better health, and improving all areas of your life is self-negating beliefs, poor habits, old unhealed emotional wounds, and/or living out of alignment with logos?  

I am also offering Spiritual Mentoring at the same low rate as the affordable health coaching special.

Spiritual Mentoring combined with Holistic CORE Counseling will boost the effectiveness of implementing the right diet, and overcoming unsustainable, self-negating lifestyle habits. 

The ultimate goal for offering affordable health coaching, and spiritual mentoring is to help people align with their divine blueprint for health, and a happy, successful and meaningful life.

This is NOT just about changing your diet.  It's a lifestyle makeover!  

I focus on what is being added ~ such as the right foods, affirmations and intentions, and/or lifestyle practices ~ rather than on what is being eliminated.  

When you create the right conditions, unhealthy cravings cease, with far less effort and deprivation.  When you align with logos, everything else falls into place.

Why am I offering such affordable health coaching and spiritual mentoring?

Basically, I'm offering affordable Health Coaching and Spiritual Mentoring Services  because:

  • My desire is to help people get results.  I know how frustrating, time consuming, and costly it can be to overcome obstacles, and create the most ideal version of ourselves.

  • I often longed for some type of guidance or mentoring to help me navigate my life.  I would have spared myself a lot of money and regrets.  I also often had to live on a tight budget, so I developed a budget-minded sensibility for others as well.

  • I disagree with all the standard advice, that you should charge higher rates to attract a wealthier client base.  I want to serve those who sincerely desire to improve their health and their lives, who just happen to need to be more budget conscious. 

  • I desire to be of service.   We teach what we most needed to learn.  By being an example of living in alignment with logos, my heartfelt prayer is that I will inspire others to do the same, and simultaneously create a rewarding life.  As we all serve God's Will for us individually, we have a greater reach of who we can serve collectively.

  • I need your help to provide testimonials, before and afters, and to help me tweak my services and offerings to be as mutually beneficial, effective, and rewarding as possible!

  • If you are super motivated and eager to get started, but are experiencing extra contraints financially, I am offering to do this on a by donation basis ~ for a limited number of people, for a limited time.   Read the parameters for this super special offer, here.  Once you have read that, contact me if interested.

My Holistic Health Coaching Special provides you with the appropriate information and tools - essentially providing you with a MAP to help you get from Point A, where you are, to Point B, where you desire to be.

I am so passionate about helping those motivated to realize their goals - and Divine Blueprint for a thriving, healthy, and happy life - that I will remain available, for as long as needed  and DO MY BESTto ensure your success!  


Here is one testimony taken with permission from The Hypercarnivore Diet Facebook group.

Local Scottsdale, Arizona clients can visit us at:
or call us at 602-954-8016

New location in Southern Michigan  area coming fall 2019!

Online scheduling available soon too!

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