The Strong Spirit Path Illuminates Your Map to A Healthy Happy Life

The Strong Spirit Path defines a way of living that seeks to activate one's personal and divine blueprint for optimal health and happiness.

It is a path of Self-Realization ~ learning to trust your true nature to create your ideal life, and express your Soul's Divine Purpose.  

My name is Tracy, and I am the creator of The Strong Spirit Path.  I am also a certified Holistic CORE Counselor & Clinical Hypnotherapist with a deep love of Nature and a passion for fitness, & creating simple, healthy and harmonious, spaces, routines and lifestyles ~ in alignment with our true nature.

The original name for this site, Strong Spirit Woman (which is still the name of my YouTube channel), came about as a reflection of my own journey towards breaking free, and learning to reveal, trust, and live more in harmony with my true nature.  This required letting go of all that was disharmonious to my true nature.

I learned that 'walking' the strong spirit path required more than just trying to improve my physical health through diet and strength and mobility training.  

The greatest reflection of true inner strength is how well we are able to control our mind and emotions ~ no matter what challenges we may be experiencing ~ and to manifest our dreams.

What exactly is The Strong Spirit Path?

The Strong Spirit Path became my moniker for a common-sense orientation to life that is gravely lacking in our modern post-industrialized, and materially-oriented world.  It is centered around an understanding of Logos, Greek for reason, and the universal principles which govern Nature, and all life.   Knowing this can help us better understand our own true nature, and the divine plan for our lives. 

Rather than give over your power to the 'experts' to tell you what to eat, and how to live, The Strong Spirit Path approach inspires learning how to:

  • Reclaim your power
  • Tap into your inner wisdom
  • Collect data from your sensory cues, and current symptoms
  • Discern between your intuitive hunches from mental chatter and ideologies
  • Learn how to trust your direct experience to forge your own path, even if it goes against popular opinion
  • Go within, and be accountable to what shows up in your life
  • Be authentic and strong, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually

There is a saying applied to Chinese medicine that says, 'where there is flow, there is no pain.  Where there is pain, there is no flow.'   

Pain can be any form of dis-ease or lack of flow in our lives, whether physical, mental/emotional, financial, or otherwise.

The aim of The Strong Spirit Path is to live in harmony to our true nature ~ as best as possible so we have the best chance at experiencing optimal health and happiness.  

In this manner, everything that shows up in our lives ~ our symptoms, repetitive patters, and whether or not we are experiencing lack versus flow ~ is viewed as a message, so we can choose to self-correct and make changes in order to improve what is showing up.

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I have learned over the years that the root cause of what ails us is usually a lack of alignment with our true nature ~ or the Divine Plan for our lives.  The challenge at least initially is facing our truth, and learning to recognize all the ways we may be acting against ourselves, and sabotaging our lives.

How will you know if you are living in alignment with your true nature?

You will experience:

  • More cheery moods
  • Increased energy, vitality and flow
  • Greater ease, grace, and inner peace
  • Spontaneous joy
  • Increased abundance, and personal and professional success
  • More satisfying relationships
  • Greater control of one's thoughts and emotions
  • Better health
  • More synchronicities, support and resources as you hone in on your divine mission, especially if it is to be of service in some manner

Black Capped Night Heron, Scottsdale, AZ

Many people are not connecting the dots between their distress, anxiety, and dis-ease with the realization that they are living counter to their true nature, adhering to what their mind believes, rather than trusting their higher wisdom.  The greatest challenge to following The Strong Spirit Path is to learn to connect the dots, and re-wire limiting beliefs.

Becoming aware of what is disharmonious to your true nature  ~ whether  your diet, mindset, attitude, choices, daily routines, home location, level of cleanliness and organization, personal relationships, and livelihood ~ takes courage, fortitude, discernment, honesty, integrity, and, well, a strong spirit! 

My Strong Spirit Coaching & Mentoring services focuses on helping you shed what is disharmonious to your true nature to free and illuminate  your truest and greatest self.  

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I offer a variety of services, including Health Coaching & Holistic CORE Counseling to empower you to harmonize your health, home and life so you can best thrive.

I also offer Spiritual Mentoring to help create a MAP customized for your unique adventure along The Strong Spirit Path!

  • Health coaching can help with support for creating a super simple, enjoyable, and health-promoting diet to lose weight, improve energy, sleep, and overall health, or to overcome addictions to sweets, or unhealthful substances.  Health Coaching will also emphasize creating a healthy, clean, organized and decluttered home environment, and more natural and harmonious lifestyle practices.

  • Holistic CORE Counseling provides tools to get unstuck, help manage stress, and update mental operating systems to rewire and reframe habitual over-thinking / over-worry, and   self-negating beliefs, including beliefs of not feeling worthy or good enough.  This will help you build confidence, and puts you in the drivers seat of your life.

  • Spiritual Mentoring will help you grow and feel supported on your path, and live more in harmony with Logos, strengthening your true source of power, wisdom, and knowing of what is best for you through a genuine, personal, heart-felt connection to God to better realize your right livelihood, your gifts, and your Divine Purpose.

The Strong Spirit Path Coaching & Mentoring process will help you release what is not of your right alignment, allowing the rest to flow more organically and effortlessly into place.

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"May I have the courage today to live the life that I would love.  To postpone my dream no longer.  But do at least what I came here for and waste my heart on fear no more.

~John O'Donohue, author