Liberate Your True Power And Divine Potential

HI!  Welcome to my Strong Spirit Woman website!

I have been on a life-long mission to realize my divine blueprint for a healthy, thriving and successful life.  I mean, I have really been on a mission ~ as for some reason, it continually eluded me.  

I had a lot of limiting beliefs I had to rewire, and a lifetime of emotional challenges and difficult experiences that took a toll on me over the years.  And, on top of that, I imagined myself to be a health-oriented person, but I was continually plagued with blood sugar issues, dizzy spells, fatigue, digestive problems, skin break outs, and more.  

I believed that eating a whole foods, plant-based diet, heavy on the dark leafy greens and other vegetables, would provide relief, and afford me the radiant health I sought.  Or at least help me feel prepared to be out in the world, something that was quite a challenge.  

Over the years, my highly sensitive, empathic, and introverted tendencies caused me to pull in more and more.  I had a growing litany of seeming set backs, and to top it off, after fiver years on the produce-rich, plant-based diet, I felt much worse!  My hair was falling out, I was more unmotivated than ever, and wrinkling in front of my eyes!  Despite all the fiber I consumed, I had on and off constipation, and more likely irritable bowel.  My blood sugar issues were a problem, and I became a slave to my feeding times.  My mind often felt heavy, like sludge, and my vision quickly worsened.

This was unexpected to say the least!  I had fully invested myself into being a vegan for life!  I took T. Colin Campbell's Plant Based Nutrition Certification, I trained to be a Macrobiotic Counselor, and I wrote FOUR books on the subject!

In the spring of 2017, my husband Don and I added small amounts of animal foods back into our diet.  I felt immediate relief.  By May 2017, we began our low-carb adventure, and spent the next year plus weeding plant foods out of our diet.  

To our surprise, our health improved.  My hair is more lustrous than ever, the graying has almost seemed to have reversed, and my fitness results are far better than they ever were eating tons of carbs, and minimal fat.  If anything, I was skinny fat in some areas.

Once our diet became more hypercarnivore, or 70%+ total calories from animal foods, Don's psoriasis also began to heal.  And, remarkably, I quit feeling so insecure.  It was like what I believed to be my natural optimism returned.  I began to feel more empowered, and more aligned with my True Nature, despite this going against the tides of our culture and decades long indoctrination.

I have had a major awakening on many levels over the last several years.  I had to let go of thoughts, beliefs, people, and other things that were not serving my greatest good.  It was not an easy process, but it was needed in order to fully liberate myself to realize my full potential, and true inner power to create a successful, meaningful life.  

I am still a work in progress, but all my challenges have put me on a path to learn whatever I could in order to reclaim dominion of my life.  I did not like being a slave to my emotions, beliefs, and the opinions of others, nor did I feel good feeling so marginal.

Yes, I've accomplished some amazing feats!  I've done some intense mountain biking, I've hiked several of our '14ers', I've jumped out of an airplane (tandem only), and more.  

I will be 56 in March, 2019.  I can still do backbends, front splits, and several consecutive chin-ups.  I finally feel like I'm eating what nurtures me and what I find enjoyable, and I am maintaining a healthy weight, and have not been to a doctor in years.  No meds either.  And I plan to keep it that way!

My question of you is, are you ready to liberate your true power and divine potential?  

If you desire to break free from limiting beliefs, and liberate your most radiant, illuminated Self,  then once again, I welcome you!  Please enjoy the content that I am steadily working to edit and refine at this time, January 2019.  I also have two blogs you may be interested in,, and

I have since written two more books as well.

After years of trying a variety of therapies ~ and diets ~  I began to finally trust my own true nature, and find simple, yet effective tools that finally helped me begin to transform my life, and the lives of my clients.  And I can help you too!

My mission is to continue to liberate my true power and divine potential, while helping others do the same. Together we can help light up the world, one individual life at a time.

You can read my long, crazy life story, here. 

To learn more about The Strong Spirit Path, keep reading.  Or, click here to review the Strong Spirit Woman overview of Coaching & Self-Empowerment Services.

"May I have the courage today to live the life that I would love.  To postpone my dream no longer.  But do at least what I came here for and waste my heart on fear no more.

~John O'Donohue, author

Once upon a time, life forced our ancestors to tap into their inner resources in order to survive, and pass on their best to their posterity ~ us!

Modern technology has made our lives much easier and more comfortable, but it has come at a cost.  

Nowadays, you have to take deliberate steps to liberate your true power and divine potential.  It takes work, but it is so worth it!

Not that long ago, the conditions of life helped people cultivate their true power, and those virtues that were pertinent to survival.  People learned to be resourceful, cooperative, and self-reliant.  They ate locally available foods, and made the best of their environment and resources ~ using what they needed while ensuring future availability.  They were tested and stretched to be their best, often enduring extreme challenges, and harsh climates.

Imagine surviving several ice ages, and extremely cold and snowy temperatures.  The ability to overcome great odds ~ especially those with ancestry who hail from the harsher Northern climates ~ is hard-wired in our DNA!  We inherited greatness!  Yet, we have become soft and weak.

Most people are sick, in pain, depressed, on drugs, or addicted to something ~ t.v., gambling, alcohol, porn, and worse.  

Look around.  We are a mere shadow of what we once were, and what we could be.  

So now, it is up to each one of us to liberate our true inner power, and reclaim our Divine Blueprint to thrive and live a  happy, healthy and prosperous life!  

What exactly is The Strong Spirit Path?

The innate drive to be your best is a powerful energy that can catapult you out of the mundane, illusory world of effects.  Those who strive to realize their full potential are walking what I call The Strong Spirit Path.

Being on the Strong Spirit Path requires dedication, and a willingness to dig deep, conjure up lots of courage, and go against cultural narratives that threaten what is Right.

You will have to become your own authority, and learn how to trust your Self, while letting go of what is not actually serving your greatest good.

When you finally release all that was maligned and disharmonious to your authentic, genuine, Divine Nature ~ your true inner power and sparkling radiant self ~ can finally be liberated.

The Strong Spirit  Self-Empowerment Plan

To help you realize your most empowered and  illuminated life, I have been creating content for you to enjoy,  books you can read, and services you can try ~ all according to where you are, and what best fits your needs.

As I outline in The Strong Spirit Self-Empowerment Plan, it's all about getting from Point A, where you are now, to Point B, where you really desire to see yourself.  

In order to most effectively reach your desired destination, there are several things you may need to do, which may include any or all of the following, depending on your current needs and situation:

  • A simple change of diet
  • Letting go of any mental, physical, and/or emotional 'clutter'
  • Cultivating a more positive mindset
  • Creating more supportive and harmonious home environments, lifestyle habits, personal connections, and professional expression to bring all of who you are into integrity ~ or wholeness with your Divine Blueprint for a healthy, meaningful ~ and illuminated ~ life.

Read more about The SS Self-Empowerment Plan.

When you liberate your true power and divine potential, you can finally reveal 
your 'divine blueprint' for a healthy and thriving life, which will manifest in each of the following categories:







To liberate your true power and divine potential  requires a foundation of good physical health to start, however it is much more than being in good physical health.  

Having the right mental frame of mind, clarity of feelings, harmonious living environments, appropriate livelihood and self-expression, empowering lifestyle habits, and supportive relationships are all pillars of having true inner and outer health ~ the stepping stones to an empowered, more elegant, joyful life.

Exactly where you need to begin your journey towards liberating your true power and divine potential will depend upon what area or issues in your life are the most challenging.

You don't need to have super model looks, nor weight lifter strength, yogi flexibility, or marathoner endurance.  

Having a Strong Spirit is simply a willingness and commitment to be your best ~ and express YOUR TRUE Nature, no matter what life throws your way.  

Isn't it time to stop apologizing for who you really are?  

Eat what helps you heal and thrive.  

Liberate your true inner power and divine potential to successfully navigate your life in meaningful, and joyful ways.  

Start now!  Why wait?  Step into your greatness.  You have more power than you realize!

Perhaps you may want to read more, or connect with me for one on one services, available remotely, and at our local Scottsdale, AZ clinic.

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