Strong Spirit Woman ~ Be Strong, Be Well, Be Wise & BE FREE!

Strong Spirit Woman is designed to help both women (and men) live a more authentically aligned, productive, and meaningful life for greater health and happiness.

Strong Spirit Woman is also about cultivating true inner and outer strength ~ strength of  body, mind, and heart.

While the Strong Spirit Woman site is intended to provide information about health, fitness,   and becoming more self-reliant, it is in part dedicated to assisting those ready to break free from what I have come to call 'alien' belief systems ~ ideologies that have been indoctrinated into our psyche for much of our lives that we accept without question.  Upon deeper scrutinization, we find that much of what we have been led to believe ~ about our health, our history, and much more ~  actually  runs contrary to reality, and the ability for humans to actually succeed and thrive.  

Women ~ both young and old ~  have been especially taken off course from the traditional ways in which our natural strengths were best applied, and for which we found a sense of meaning and purposefulness.  

I believe that in modern civilization, we women often overlook  our true source of power, strength, and  personal fulfillment while chasing a nebulous identity  that runs counter to our natural wiring.

A growing number of women are on anti-depressants, or are riddled with anxiety, insomnia, digestive issues, and/or hormonal imbalances.  The rise in 'feminism' has not been found to have helped women experience  greater joy, meaning, or health.  

In fact, the opposite  may be true.(1),(2) 

Strong Spirit Woman encourages all those interested in realizing their full and divine potential to strengthen their body and mind and harmonize their inner and outer lives.  

In order to uplift others, and restore healthy relations between men and women, we must first uplift ourselves.

Healing is an integral process that involves unraveling what is not authentic,  so the true light within can shine.  The right food, fitness  and lifestyle habits will help strengthen our body, but we need to heal our fractured mind and spirit as well.

When we are living harmonious to our true nature ~ with care, integrity, and mindfulness in all we do ~ we will experience greater joy, freedom, and more vibrant health.

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"The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself." ~ Mark Twain

Strong Spirit Woman sees the natural and archetypal role of the divine feminine expression ~ to birth, nurture, and promote life ~ as a sacred gift.  Women are the natural nurse and doctor, nurturer and teacher helping support the development of the young into healthy, and fully functioning adults.

Unfortunately, during the previous decades when women's lib was on the rise, many women with traditional values began to be the target of much scorn and conflict from women who opted to seek professional careers rather than be 'stuck home with the children.'  

The role of the stay-at-home-mom was being usurped by institutional pressures, subliminal indoctrination, and economic demands.  

Women developed erroneous beliefs that maintaining a safe, welcoming home and raising children was somehow less valued, especially when compared to going to a university to obtain a degree, and start a career.  

While many women are forgoing motherhood, it does not change the fundamental wiring of who we are.  We are still the primary caregivers, and can use our divine gifts to nurture life (including ourselves), promote healthy ideals, and create inspiring works of beauty that uplifts humanity.

However, the  innate and natural feminine desire to care for others ~ when not expressed in the natural and rightfully aligned ways ~ can easily  be misplaced upon those less deserving of our care.  

Perhaps it is an unconscious attempt to fill a void, however, true healing only comes when we are properly aligned in all aspects of our lives, including expressing our skills to organize and support people and systems that promote the betterment of the whole.

Spouting seemingly virtuous sentiments stemming from the cross-wired, alien belief systems  that run counter to what is both natural and  backed by evidence, and is discordant to the personal and collective human organism can have far-reaching and damaging consequences.

Below is a video of an interview with Russel Means from 2013,      prior to his passing, as he and his beloved Pearl discuss their cultural belief about the gender roles.

Trying to live beyond one's means or maintain some erroneous ideal also led to increased stress, as women attempted to fulfill their natural roles,  and live the lifestyles purported to be necessary for 'our health and happiness' by the alien belief systems.  These systems profit from our endless materialism, consumerism, and mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual sickness and dis-ease.

As a result, we have lost our connection to the most sacred expression of our Divine Feminine power, and we along with our children, families, communities, and extended tribes have suffered the consequences.

We have conflated being a Strong Woman with being outspoken bullies against  any true and natural Divine Masculine expression to support and protect.

On a greater level, most of us are suffering because our spirit is fractured.  We are rootless and disconnected, creating a 'void' in our hearts.  We have been severed from our past, or worse, deemed unworthy of having one, made to believe our history is irrelevant.

Every people has a unique, varied history.  Shunning one's cultural heritage or being prevented for various reasons from learning the Truth about your ancestry is like cutting out the roots of an ancient, majestic, and mighty oak tree.  How can it continue to stand, in all it's majesty, reaching into the heavens without it's roots? 

It can not, and sadly, it will become diseased and fall.

"The man who does not value himself, cannot value anything or anyone." ~ Ayn Rand, The Virtue of Selfishness

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There can be incalculable pleasure derived from both learning about and honoring ones roots,  fostering new life, and eating and living in harmony with our True Nature.  

When this is clearly understood, bypassing beliefs to the contrary that we have sadly inherited, it can feel like a light bulb goes on, and something primal and vital awakens within.

Strong Spirit Woman synthesizes the wisdom, values and traditional diet and lifestyle practices  of our ancestors with modern fitness training, and application of the healing arts towards helping people harmonize their lives, and become fully integrated, unified, sovereign beings. This includes education of a life-supporting philosophy to provide a compass with which to orient one's life.

The Food, Fitness, & Philosophy of Strong Spirit Woman also inspires:

  • Creating nurturing, efficient & organized  home environments that are harmonious to one's needs
  • Cultivating greater self-reliance
  • Coaching & support for  anyone ~ male or female ~ who is earnestly ready to focus on becoming more self-confident, self-empowered, free-thinking individuals ready to break-free, and realize their full and divine potential

I am especially passionate about coaching younger men and women who feel lost, or lack appropriate direction, yet are ready to experience better mental, physical, and emotional health and spiritual alignment.

As a holistic health practitioner, and one who has worked to transform my own life, I have spent years learning what it takes to manifest our dreams, and realize our ideal visions for ourselves, and our lives.

What each of us needs to most focus on will vary depending on our life experiences and training, however in order to become a truly sovereign being, there are certain steps that are involved to free ourselves from limiting and alien belief systems that hold us back, and old emotional wounds that keep us stuck.  

We also must learn to eat right and take care of both our physical health, our mental thoughts and emotional triggers, and our home spaces.

Our modern, unnatural diets are destroying our mental, physical, and reproductive health, creating far diminished, devolved, and prematurely degenerating versions of ourselves.

Strong Spirit Woman invokes a Spirit of Strength, Fortitude & Right Alignment as a means of elevating the quality of our lives, and the quality of our relationships ~ with our partners, children, parents, and extended family & tribe

Rather than getting hooked into materialism and consumerism, we favor simplicity, resourcefulness,  industriousness, self-reliance, and Right Living. 

We reject degeneracy, seeing it for the cancer that it is to the whole system. 

We value life, and understand that Nature is the Ultimate form of Justice. Maintaining Order happens naturally in traditional societies.

When you live within your means, and learn useful skills, you can better free yourself from the current debt-slave system currently  in place. 

Strong Spirit Woman encourages  learning to TRUST your TRUE Nature.  

This can take time as we have all been taught to trust the experts, while dismissing our own instinctual knowing, and direct experiences.  

We often cling to beliefs we have become attached to, despite those beliefs causing us to think and act in ways that are harmful to our health.

I have an intimate understanding of the profound  pain we can experience when we are living disharmoniously to our True Nature, for whatever reasons.   

I especially hope to help the younger generation  avoid my mistakes, while offering access to the tools, support, wisdom and guidance  needed to cultivate true inner and outer strength, something that was missing for me in my earlier life. 

This includes eating the foods that actually best support human health ~ which is a stark contrast to what you are taught!  It also involves getting physically fit, taking care of one's personal environments, healing old emotional wounds, and harmonizing all aspects of one's life.  

Women of all ages, especially the younger generations will need to adopt a spirit of willingness and dedication to do what is necessary to become sovereign, including radical self-reflection  and exploration of all beliefs and attachments.

It is only by doing so that one can become truly free, and hopefully make choices that best align with one's authentic Self.  In this way, living with regrets and remorse later in life can hopefully be avoided.  

"When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world" ~ John Muir

The Strong Spirit Woman website, new and upcoming books, and  coaching sessions are designed to help you fulfill your Divine Destiny to live a happy, great, virtuous, and meaningful life, with focus on the themes to:  Be Strong, Be Well, Be Wise & BE FREE 

Here is an outline of the SSW Site Map

BE STRONG (Body & Mind)

In order to really be free and thrive, you must take good care of your body, and your mind!  

To Be Strong will help you:

  • Reach your ideal weight 
  • Improve your body composition
  • Avoid dependency on Western pharmaceuticals
  • Age more gracefully
  • Experience greater vitality
  • Improve self-confidence, self-motivation, self-care, self-respect, & self-worth
  • Increase clarity, focus & determination
  • Feel more connected to your body
  • Expand your horizons as you are able to engage in much more in life when you are strong, healthy and fit!


  • Learn how to fully integrate your Self, your life, & all your varied parts
  • Discover how to be more in-tune with your own instinctual guidance system
  • Understand how the lower ego parts, triggers & trances can take control of 'the drivers seat' 
  • Become more questioning & discerning
  • Uproot old, limiting and alien beliefs that sabotage your goals
  • Re-wire negative habitual mental  patterns
  • Learn how to feel, not  just think your way through life

Recognize  where your inner victim, martyr, inner bully or other parts are hijacking your life

Read more:

My perspective on Holistic Healing 

My perspective on  Energy Healing


  • Healthy Living
  • Self-Care
  • Stress Management
  • Relaxation Techniques
  • Meditation  Techniques to Manage Anxiety 
  • Create  harmonious & welcoming living spaces
  • Clean w/ non-toxic chemicals
  • Organize & de-clutter
  • Become more resourceful & self-reliant

Your home is like an extra layersurrounding your skin ~     it provides immunity from the outer world.  

Creating a home sanctuary is essential to nurture your physical body, and realize your dreams.  

Cultivating lifestyle practices that are harmonious to your needs will help you:

  • Live more efficiently
  • Be more organized & productive
  • Establish healthy, supportive routines that create the foundation for feeling well
  • Cultivate better personal & energetic boundaries
  • Improve self-confidence
  • Cultivate a sense of pride in your home space
  • Help you better facilitate realization of your dreams

Even if you choose to live in a tiny home, or turn a van into a living space, make it an inviting space for you!


  • Using guided therapeutic imagery to help you realize your goals & improve your life 
  • Meditation & Mindfulness
  • Connect with  your own Higher Self, True Nature & hearts desires
  • Apply the raw materials ~ will, focus,  imagination & desire to name a few ~ to manifest your dreams
  • Let your true inner essential Self shine!  FREE YOUR (TRUE) SELF!
  • Awaken to your true ancestral heritage & history
  • Unplug from predominant narratives that are anti-nature, and anti-life
  • Learn about Natural Laws governing the physical universe

To make positive changes, you will want to learn to connect w/ your greater (versus lesser) resources ~ Nature, the Divine (as defined by your spiritual belief systems) and your own future self along w/ your family, ancestors & other kindred spirits

Strong Spirit Woman emphasizes the importance of learning to trust our true nature, and eating an ancestral/primal low-carb diet for health and longevity.

Equally important are training our bodies and minds, connecting with our roots, living simply and within our means, cultivating greater self-reliance and resourcefulness, and creating nurturing and inviting home spaces ~ all as components of a path that best help us to live a whole-y integrated, meaningful & satisfying life.

A Strong Spirit  Woman will recognize her true nature is sacred, and to be revered.  

When you break free of the current trends and impressions that dictate what a woman 'should' be, do, have, or look like, and allow your most primal and true heart-felt desires to be illumined, it can be the most enlightening and empowering act you take in your entire life.

The most satisfied and happy women I have ever met are those who are most aligned with the Truth of Who They Really ARE.  They are an exalted expression of what a Strong Spirit Woman exemplifies.  

More often then not, they are wives and moms.

A Strong Spirit Woman is true to her self, and does not try to be like someone or something she is not.  

She expresses her most authentic, divinely designed version of herself ~ with all her imperfections, vulnerabilities and challenges ~ doing everyday activities from the right place of alignment.  

"Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are." ~ Marilyn Monroe

Please enjoy the information on this, and my husband's companion site as we continue to expand and add written, audio, and video content!   

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"May I have the courage today to live the life that I would love.  To postpone my dream no longer.  But do at least what I came here for and waste my heart on fear no more. ~John O'Donohue, author

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(1) Gains in women's rights have not made women happier.  Why is that?, Anna Petherick, The Guardian -

(2) Five ways feminism has made women more miserable

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