Illuminating YOUR Personal Medicine for a More Empowered, Magical Life

"What IS Personal Medicine?" you are probably asking yourself.  And, more importantly, why does it matter to me?

Perhaps a good way to start is to contemplate the following questions.   Pay attention to both your immediate thoughts ~ and feelings in your body while reading.

Am I living in a manner that is harmonious to my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing, sharing my gifts ~ or personal medicine ~ in meaningful, satisfying, and enjoyable ways?  Or am I living according to certain beliefs I have 'inherited' about myself and the world, and how I need to show up?  

Am I engaged in activities that are uplifting, fun, and joyful, or am I doing things out of 'duty and obligation?'  

Do I often feel anxious and stressed?  What are my typical ways of coping with stress?  

Might I have some blind spots in my life where I am living in denial of my Truth, or acting in ways that are counter to my True Nature ~ driven by cravings, bad habits, and unfulfilling distractions?

Is it time to recover your personal medicine?

YOU have Personal Medicine, unique to YOU.  

You may be aware of some of your gifts, talents, and areas of expertise, and are in the process of manifesting your True, Core Heart's Desires, and Divine Purpose.

Or, if you are at all like me, you may have a good sense of your gifts and desires, but struggle to cope in a life that seems increasingly challenging to navigate.  You may, like me, feel like you've never fit into the societal structures that we have inherited.

A few of us may be quite 'gifted' and still feel inept as to how to best share our gifts in joyful ways, without feeling enslaved to the standard 'rules of marketing' which today requires endless time spent on potentially soul or time-sucking social media outlets that can trigger our hyper-sensitive and empathic natures, causing us to want to throw in the towel, and just withdraw from life all together.

Perhaps your true treasures ~ the sum of your greater resources, spiritual gifts, talents, and places you feel most alive, real, and empowered as your personal medicine ~ may lie buried beneath old, sunken battle ships, waiting to be discovered. 

Believe it or not, many of us are not very clear about our true nature, or personal medicine ~ who we really are, our true gifts, deepest longings, natural rhythms, ideal environments, and what makes us tick.

In fact, from a spiritual perspective, the Truth of Who We Are has been hijacked from us, replaced by a virus, or faulty operating system.  Similar to how an engineer  pulls a lever to steer a train down a different track, we have been 'steered' towards an entire operating system that is maligned, and far less optimal to our ability to thrive.

You may be wondering, like I often would, why at this point in our evolution, are we still collectively operating in ways that limit our ability to experience the vitality, joy, and greater potential that is part of our Divine Inheritance?  And why is it that many of us feel in the dark about Who We Really Are and our True/Core Desires?

There are many reasons.  Here are just a few:

  • Our life circumstances may have caused us to make choices based on what we thought we should do, in order to 'survive.'

  • We adopted the values and desires that were unwittingly imposed upon us by others, through external, cultural, or familial influences.

  • Part of our reason for existing is precisely to wake up, and re-member Who We Are, our True Source, and how we can best be of service to others.

Black Capped Night Heron, Scottsdale, AZ

Clarifying Personal Medicine 

A long time back, in 1990 actually, I was introduced to Medicine Cards, by Jamie Sams & David Carson.  These are, according to the authors, "a method of divination to assist each soul to find its personal pathway through the medicine of animals."

"To understand the concept of medicine in the Native American way, one must redefine "medicine."  The medicine referred to in this book is anything that improves one's connection to the Great Mystery and to all life.  This would include the healing of body, mind, and of spirit.  This medicine is also anything that brings personal power, strength, and understanding."

~Jamie Sams & David Carson, creators of Medicine Cards

Like the animals, we all have personal medicine.  We all have innate gifts, talents, and an affinity for certain environments, and ways of operating that are most harmonious to our True Authentic Selves.  When we operate from an awareness of our personal medicine, we are able to more consciously create a satisfying life.

Our personal medicine is less about our certifications and training, although they can contribute to our 'tool bag.' 

Our personal medicine is a big source of our personal power.  

No amount of money can buy you the joy and improved vitality you will experience from living a life in which you are mentally and emotionally freed from the faulty wiring, or virus of the mind, and able to share your personal medicine in valuable and rewarding ways ~ for yourself, family, friends, community, and beyond.

How can I reclaim my personal medicine, and share my gifts in valuable and
rewarding ways?

That was the question that burned on my heart for nearly my entire life!

It took going through a lot of physical and emotional challenges, trial and error, and learning to let go of what was not aligned with my authentic expression to finally illuminate my own personal medicine.  

I mean I spent years searching for something that resonated with me, or for the tools to help me better cope and overcome my past disappointments, losses, and regrets.

Thankfully, I came across Dr. Martin Hart's Holistic CORE Counseling program.  The CORE system provided me with the tools or MAP to better manage my emotional reactions, and more consciously navigate my life.

Over time, I finally realized ~ after decades of searching ~ that it is precisely my strong desire to heal and help clear the mental and emotional obstacles that keep our Truth, and personal medicine hidden ~  that is my personal medicine!  

It can take years for deep sea divers to find buried treasure.  The journey reveals many clues, and finally, with a patience, a good plan, and determination ~ similar to Alligator medicine ~ they ultimately reap their reward.

I now see my mission is to help others who, like me, are more driven to value freedom, and living a soul-satisfying life, than to have to 'make a living' in ways that are counter to our core values, and True Nature.

My services are designed to help illuminate your personal medicine, and consciously create the most harmonious, soul-satisfying, magical life for you.  

How do I know if your services can help me?

I know personally I typically prefer to work with a practitioner that I have either met, or have been referred to.  If I am deciding about working with someone online, I check out their website, and go according to my intuition.

I know many of you are probably the same!  

As such, prior to paying for and scheduling any of my special coaching packages, I recommend that we arrange a brief conversation, by phone or email, so we each have a chance to determine if we may be a good match.  

That being said, I have highlighted some common characteristics of those who may most benefit, below.

To find out if you would benefit from the Strong Spirit Woman (SSW) program for reclaiming your personal medicine, answer the following questions:

  • Do you find that you are not driven by making money ~ in and of itself ~ but seek a higher purpose?
  • Do you dislike work environments where you do not feel  valued for your contribution, or where your values are compromised?
  • Have always felt like a round peg trying to fit into a square hole, or like you don't fit into any particular 'tribe.'
  • Do you feel easily over stimulated, and/or hyper-sensitive to many situations that others seem to easily manage, like big crowds, bright lights, too many things happening at once, artificial lighting or disharmonious spaces, or other situations?
  • Do you feel that modern life is too taxing, or stress-inducing, and dislike long commutes, traffic jams, and having to adhere to the hectic pace modern urban life dictates.
  • Do you prefer to go through your day according to your own natural rhythms, without having to wake up with an alarm clock?
  • Would you prefer to work from home?
  • Do you need to spend regular time outdoors in Nature in order to remain centered, and more at ease?
  • Do you feel unclear about your purpose, or how to use your gifts in meaningful ways?
  • Do you feel like you are continually swimming upstream?

If you answered an emphatic 'YES!' to even ONE of the above statements, and especially three or more ~ you may be an ideal candidate for the SSW program to reclaim your personal medicine!

"May I have the courage today to live the life that I would love.  To postpone my dream no longer.  But do at least what I came here for and waste my heart on fear no more.

~John O'Donohue, author

The Strong Spirit  Self-Empowerment Plan

When you transmute the distorted energies and beliefs that block you from recovering and accessing your personal medicine, your  'divine blueprint' for a healthy and thriving life will be revealed, manifesting in full life harmony - expressed in the following ways:







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