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Strong Spirit Woman is designed to help both women (and men) live a more authentically aligned, productive, and meaningful life for greater health and happiness.

The goal of the Strong Spirit Woman site, and my varied coaching and intuitive services, is to share tools that I have found to be very effective at helping both myself and clients to more consciously create successful lives, while learning how to respond rather than react to challenges as they arise.

Having a strong spirit defines a path, or MAP to greater personal freedom and sovereignty while also cultivating true inner and outer strength ~ strength of  body, mind, and heart.

Strong Spirit Woman encourages all those interested in realizing their full and divine potential to strengthen their body and mind, and harmonize their inner and outer lives.

Healing is an integral process that involves unraveling what is not authentically aligned with our true nature ~ including all of our deeply rooted, limiting belief systems ~  to make room for the true light within to shine.  

The right food, fitness  and lifestyle habits will help strengthen our body, but we need to heal our fractured mind and spirit as well.

When we are living harmoniously aligned with our true nature ~ with care, integrity, and mindfulness in all we do ~ we will experience greater joy, freedom, and more vibrant health.

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"The worst loneliness is to not be comfortable with yourself." ~ Mark Twain

Tell Me More About What I will find on the Strong Spirit Woman Website

The Strong Spirit Woman website is first and foremost for women and men!

While I am available for a variety of coaching, energy healing,  spiritual and intuitive counseling and celebrant/ordination services, the content of the website also covers food, fitness, and other aspects of self (and home) improvement!

Read more about me, here.

Strong Spirit Woman synthesizes the wisdom, values and traditional diet and lifestyle practices  of our ancestors with modern fitness training, and application of the healing arts towards helping people harmonize their lives, and become fully integrated, unified, sovereign beings. 

The Food, Fitness, & Philosophy of Strong Spirit Woman also inspires:

  • Creating nurturing, efficient & organized  home environments that are harmonious to one's needs
  • Cultivating greater self-reliance
  • Connecting with Nature and Grounding
  • Crafting the most ideal, nutrient-dense diet, and learning to 'trust your true nature' to choose the foods your body most craves and will thrive on
  • Consciously choosing the right livelihood, partners, and lifestyles that best align with your skills, gifts, values, and even to an extent your ancestral heritage will help you to live your most joy-filled, meaningful and desirable life
  • Getting the intuitive spiritual guidance or personal development coaching as needed to support your journey, and help you transcend the limiting beliefs and old, unhealed emotional states that hold you back
  • Mastery of one's mind, body, emotions, and life!

I offer Personal Development Coaching, Reiki Energy Healing, Channeled Healing Messages, and Intuitive Oracle Readings at a distance, from the comfort of your own home.

I enjoy working with anyone ~ male or female ~ who is earnestly ready to focus on becoming more self-confident, self-empowered, free-thinking individuals ready to break-free, and realize their full and divine potential ~ just as I have strived to do personally my entire life.

I am especially passionate about coaching younger men and women who feel lost, or lack appropriate direction, who are looking for a mentor, and are ready to experience better mental, physical, and emotional health and spiritual alignment.

As a holistic health practitioner, and one who has worked to transform my own life, I have spent years learning what it takes to manifest our dreams, and realize our ideal visions for ourselves, and our lives.

What each of us needs to most focus on will vary depending on our life experiences and training, however  there are certain tools that can be taught that are effective at helping to free ourselves from limiting and alien belief systems that hold us back, and old emotional wounds that keep us stuck.  

The Strong Spirit Path is about developing a Spirit of Strength, Fortitude & Right Alignment as a means of elevating the quality of our lives, and the quality of our relationships ~ with our partners, children, parents, and extended family & tribe ~ and ultimately our world tribe!

A great place for most of us to start is to begin to TRUST your TRUE Nature.  

This can take time as we have all been taught to trust the experts, while dismissing our own instinctual knowing, and direct experiences.  

We are continually receiving messages from our own sensory organs, and multi sensory, higher knowing or intuition.  These show up as physical symptoms, internal hunger and thirst cues, taste preferences, our intuitive knowing and hunches, and our level of energy, focus, and sense of internal balance.  

I have an intimate understanding of the profound  pain we can experience when we are living disharmoniously to our True Nature, for whatever reasons.   

I especially hope to help the younger generation  avoid my mistakes, while offering access to the tools, support, wisdom and guidance  needed to cultivate true inner and outer strength, something that was missing for me in my earlier life. 

This includes eating the foods that actually best support human health ~ which is a stark contrast to what you are taught!  

It also involves getting physically fit, taking care of one's personal environments, healing old emotional wounds, and harmonizing all aspects of one's life.  

"When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world" ~ John Muir

Be Strong, Be Well, Be Wise & BE FREE! 

Please enjoy the information on this, and my husband's companion site as we continue to expand and add written, audio, and video content!   

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"May I have the courage today to live the life that I would love.  To postpone my dream no longer.  But do at least what I came here for and waste my heart on fear no more.

~John O'Donohue, author

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