Hypnosis & CORE Counseling to Illuminate Your Gifts,
Clear Your Blocks

Hypnosis & CORE Counseling can help illuminate YOUR best path to a happy, healthy, and satisfying life.  

Hi, my name is Tracy, and I am a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and Holistic CORE Counselor & Health Coach.  Welcome to my Strong Spirit Woman website.

Many people use hypnotherapy to better manage pain and stress, overcome fears and phobias, transcend self-negating thoughts and limiting beliefs, and more effectively realize various personal, professional, sports, health, and even fertility goals. 

Hypnosis & CORE Counseling combined are very empowering and liberating strategies to resolve old emotional wounds, and free oneself from conditioned reactions when triggered, taking us into unwitting 'trances' on a regular basis.  

Reacting emotionally, rather than responding mindfully to daily challenges can undermine your confidence.  Having the right tools can be incredibly empowering and liberating.

I use Hypnosis & CORE Counseling to help liberate what I have come to call your personal medicine ~ the sum of your unique blend of gifts, talents, strengths, knowledge, expertise, and greater resources.  

The first step is to clear and/or release what limits or blocks your personal medicine ~ and your most illuminated life path ~  from being, well, illuminated.  

The next step is to reclaim your gifts and power, and/or what may have been lost or taken, and create the right routines and environments (and possibly diet) to best nurture your ability to express your personal medicine in meaningful and rewarding ways.

In all my years of using these tools on myself and others, I have learned that coaching people to reach their goals (before actually clearing what is in the way) is far less necessary, or effective.  

What most people need is help to:

  • recognize and clear limiting beliefs & routines
  • reveal what is/was hidden
  • reclaim & reintegrate what was lost or taken
  • illuminate their personal medicine, and best coarse of action

The rest happens organically.  Once you show up, and are willing to do the work, the Universe ~ and the tools will you learn from the Hypnosis & CORE Counseling process ~ will conspire to help you fulfill your desires, and attract to you all that you need.

Imagine trying to sell your home.  Your job is to clean, de-clutter, fix or replace what is broken, and possibly add a fresh coat of paint.  The right buyer will be attracted to your home once it is clean and clutter-free.   

Sometimes what is most hidden is your own truth, as it was covered over by accepting the truth of others as your own!

I use my own intuition along with Hypnosis & CORE Counseling to help you clarify what is essential for you to consciously create your most satisfying, meaningful, and rewarding life.

Once I 'let go' of my long-held beliefs about what I considered 'healthy' ~ namely consuming lots of what I dubbed 'greens, grains & beans' ~ my body fat fell away, replaced by lean muscle. My body composition changed without a huge change to body weight. Photos: L - May 1, 2017; R - July 2017. From entirely plant-based, to nearly plant-free.

When you live in harmony with your true, authentic self ~ and empower your personal medicine ~ you liberate your Divine Blueprint for optimal health and wellbeing.

And when you do not live in harmony with your true nature, you struggle, and experience more stress, anxiety, worry, lack of flow, and dis-ease.  I know I did!  For way too many years!  

As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Holistic CORE Counselor and Health Coach, and as a highly empathic and intuitive energy healer ~ who has spent years searching for the most effective ways to heal myself (physically and mentally/emotionally), and experience lasting happiness ~ I have come to see that healing is a process of releasing, revealing, reclaiming, and re-membering ~ who and what we are, and are not

My own personal medicine is as a healer, but more specifically, I  help clients shed what is not in true alignment with their core, true, authentic self and greatest desires.  

I also help clients better clarify and empower their own personal medicine, so they can find the path that will help them live their healthiest, happiest, and most illuminated life.

If you are not happy with any area of your life ~ whether your health, finances, professional and creative expression, and/or personal relationships and sense of connection to something greater than yourself ~ it may be time to try Hypnosis & CORE Counseling to illuminate your best path and personal medicine!

To determine if you are in need of Hypnosis & CORE Counseling to help you clear what limits or blocks you from illuminating your best path & personal medicine, read the following

Signs you may be in need of Hypnosis & CORE Counseling to clear mental and emotional blocks to revealing your Divine Blueprint or Path for a happy, healthy life:

  • You have an ongoing inner angst or urgency to make changes to your life, without fully understanding what or why, OR...
  • You to feel a sense of discontent with where you are, and what you have already created, OR...
  • You have a strong feeling that you are here for a particular reason or mission, and believe you are off course.
  • You have always felt like a round peg trying to fit into a square hole, or like you don't fit into any particular 'tribe' 
  • You are not motivated solely by making money, but struggle to forge a more meaningful path aligned with your needs and values
  • You often feel over-stimulatedungrounded, anxious, stressed, or hyper-sensitive ~ and have developed unhealthy habits trying to cope.
  • You feel like you are continually swimming upstream

Alternatively, or additionally, you may be experiencing the following:

  • No matter how 'healthy' you believe your diet to be, you struggle to realize your ideal weight and body composition
  • You lack energy & overall vitality
  • You have low motivation, and/or poor focus
  • You lack clarity about your health and life
  • You struggle to overcome addictions ~ whether to food or substances such as smoking 
  • You are continually focused on managing pain, or feeling good enough to get through your days
  • You experience off and on depression or moodiness

If you answered a strong YES to any one of these statements listed above, and especially if you answered yes to three or more, you may benefit from Hypnosis & CORE Counseling, and/or any of my other holistic health coaching services.

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The Inspiration Behind Creating my Discover YOUR Personal Medicine Special Coaching Package

After decades of spending a lot of time, energy and resources trying to feel better physically, and to learn how to better manage my emotions ~ especially as an introvert and highly sensitive person, or HSP ~ I thankfully came across Dr. Martin Hart's Holistic CORE Counseling program.  

The CORE system provided me with the tools or MAP to better manage my emotional reactions, and more consciously navigate my life.  

Over time, and endless soul searching, I finally realized  that it is precisely my strong desire to heal and help clear the mental and emotional obstacles that keep our Truth, and personal medicine hidden ~  that is my personal medicine!  

I experienced many losses, regrets, and disappointments that caused me to lose confidence.  It took all I had to reclaim it back!

I now combine Hypnosis & CORE Counseling for the most effective process I have found to help myself and others make positive changes and transform their lives ~ naturally, and without spending countless years and dollars in more conventional, and often less effective therapies!

The Strong Spirit  Self-Empowerment Plan

Please enjoy the content that I am continually publishing on this site, and stay tuned for future forums and/or memberships.  

If you are interested in starting any of my coaching package special offers, and/or other services, I suggest we arrange a brief complementary conversation by phone to help answer any questions, and determine if we would be a good match to work together.

Email me at tracy@strongspiritwoman.com to let me know you are interested, or to answer any questions.  To arrange for a by phone introduction, be sure to include your phone number, and what time zone you live in so that we can schedule a time together.

It can take years for deep sea divers to find buried treasure.  The journey reveals many clues, and finally, with a patience, a good plan, and determination ~ similar to Alligator medicine ~ they ultimately reap their reward.

"May I have the courage today to live the life that I would love.  To postpone my dream no longer.  But do at least what I came here for and waste my heart on fear no more.

~John O'Donohue, author

Hypnosis & CORE Counseling can help you transmute the distorted energies and beliefs that block you from emboldening your personal medicine, your  'divine blueprint' for a healthy and thriving life will be revealed, manifesting in full life harmony - expressed in the following ways:







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